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  1. Wow that's crazy. Yea sorry I've been really busy with work lately. That and I can never seem to get out of training mode lol. I'll invite you next time I see you on. What days do you guys play most often? PMed my num, text me if you're ever setting up a room.

  2. Hey, if you want people to play player matches with you could play with me and my friends next time. I saw your post in the Carl thread. I never see you on anymore :P Also apparently my brother has you on his friends list too, completely independently :psyduck:

  3. utilityname

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Looking for some east coast XBL people to help me grind out some Carl practice and really learn how to use him. Add me if your up for this. Ranked is too sporadic and no one ever stays in my player rooms. Trying to find someone/people willing to go 15-20 matches at a time to really build a groove and try to establish a game plan. Don't have to be great or anything, just willing to play a lot. XBL: JChristopherC
  4. utilityname

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    Anyone interested in games any nights this week?
  5. utilityname

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Hey guys, I'm wondering which characters are the most unchanged across the series, particularly between #R and AC. The reason I'm asking is this: I only have access to #R, but I would like to be able to sit down at an AC machine/console for a match and be able to "hit the ground running" with a main character, i.e. not be crippled when 30-50% of my character's shit doesn't work. I realize that a certain level of skill is non-character specific, it would just be nice to not have to practice two move sets. Any ideas?
  6. This damn website won't let me friend you. It's being a bitch. Try again, or tell me so I can send you a friend request.

  7. Hey utility. I used to play on live a lot, but not so much anymore. My gamer tag is Segretezza. Though as far as Tekken/Blazblue goes, I play on the PS3

  8. Hey man you play on live much? Mind if I add? What games do you play?

  9. I went to HS in Bethlehem, Liberty. Probably wouldn't know it. Also, currently I'm not online. Pinching my wallet for long distance trips in the coming year. Let's see... Soul Calibur, definitely, MvC1, GGXX. Surprised they don't have T6. Ah well. It's only T6 and BB besides those, maybe some F-Zero if I've had a bit of drank.

  10. utilityname

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    Edit: nevermind I'm an idiot I was doing the wrong combo. Hey guys I have a question about the "running" dustloop. When do you inputthe dash? And should the dash be more of a dash/jump, or a dash > end dash > jump forward? I keep gettivgto the part in the loop where I "should" dash, but my opponent is either too low or out of the "beat" for me to reach them with jump D. Here's the notation: command grab in corner > dash under > 2H > j.K > j.S > j.D > JC > D(in air, close to ground) > land > j.S > j.D > JC > j.D > land > j.D ... This is where I get pushed out if I don't finish with VV. I gues my question is, should I be able to continue this with a [land > dash > j.D], or is that the right time to finish with VV? Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is a little convoluted.
  11. Found their game list: MvC2* (40inch tube screen) Soul Calibur Tekken 4 Tekken3 Tekken Tag Street Fighter EX2 Street Fighter 3 Capcom vs SNK2 SNK vs Capcom Marvel Superheroes vs Streetfighter MvC Street Fighter 3: Third Strike X-Men vs. Street Fighter Mortal Kombat (2-4) Guilty Gear xx Guilty Gear Iskura * Anything you play?

  12. Nice I have some friends out that way in Easton. where did you go to high school? I'm definitely going to try to make it to 8otb, don't know much in the way of tk or mvc. Put some time into marvel but haven't played TK since ps1 days. I've been to ctf, place is pretty cool. My girlfriend lives in NYC so I'm definitely going to try to make it out a few more times. Are you on xbl or #r online?

  13. I live out in PA about an hour and change next to Allentown/Easton. I asked in the NJ thread, and got the message that they're fairly certain there's no BB/GG at 8otB, but that's all good, because it sounds like they've got everything else(T, SF, KoF, Marvel etc). Next week I might be able to do(weekends for sure), need to get my schedule from work. Also, if you're looking for a really good place for BB/GG(and everything else really lol), make a daytrip to NYC at some point and check out Chinatown Fair on 8 Mott St in Manhattan.

  14. Hey man, sounds good. And my bad but which post were you responding to? I don't rememer which thread it was from lol. Which direction are you an hour away in? i.e. Are you in north or south jersey? You go to 8otb often? Myfriend and I were thinking about coming up next week maybe. Anyone there play BB on consoles or anything? Do they have GG machines?