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    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Well here's my wishlist forever. Capcom DLC: 1. Date Masamune 2. Gene 3. Phoenix Wright (Screw you guys I want him) 4. Ryu (Breath of Fire) 5. Jin Saotome (Cyberbots) Marvel DLC: 1. Green Goblin 2. Gambit 3. Venom 4. Ghost Rider 5. Ms. Marvel
  2. Arisato-kun

    The Losing Streak Mentality

    Edit button ftw then.
  3. Arisato-kun

    The Losing Streak Mentality

    It's good to have confidence man but I've seen overconfidence lead to many more fuck ups. You should play your hardest regardless of the match and not let overconfidence be your downfall. That's what I meant by that. :/
  4. Arisato-kun

    The Losing Streak Mentality

    The first thing you have to do is pick a main. I understand feeling the need to try everybody but you really need to find someone that plays the way you feel most comfortable in. Try everyone at first, even characters you don't find aesthetically pleasing. You may find that Rachel is the character you're best with despite a disdain for loli for example. As for the losing streak mentality it's simple. Never go into a match thinking there's a 100% chance you're gonna win. Play your best and consider every match a learning experience. If you lose, ask yourself why. Seeing your mistakes and doing your best to fix them will get you started on the road to improvement. Watch some pro videos in your free time and try and practice some techniques you see in training mode. As a Ragna player like yourself I try to watch and learn from Kaqn. What is he doing? What's effective against this opponent? Learn these techniques and learn to apply them. Practice in Training and Arcade to get these moves down then try taking them online in Player Matches. Usually your opponents are helpful and try their best to help you improve instead of the whole "Lol scrub," environment Ranked Games have. The fact that the game isn't ranked will usually lessen your losing rage as well. The fact that you play Ragna is great because there isn't a lot that's changing about him in CS. Learn him and you'll profit in CS, trust me. And finally, practice, practice, practice. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen someone's skill suffer because they haven't touched the game in forever. Try and fit in even a single match vs the computer a day. You'll keep chalking up wins, feel better about your skill at the game and feel ready for when you take the fight to a competitive field. We all have gotten loss rage, that's true. The trick is honestly learning to learn. Learn from your losses, don't let them bring you down. Consider every loss a chance to improve and you'll enjoy the game regardless of your situation. Edited for clarification.
  5. Can this please be a shirt? I NEED this to be a shirt.