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  1. I don't get why there's this terrible fear of allowing people to post what they think without it being "verified". Isn't the point of forums to talk and discuss? If you think it's wrong, test it out, see what happened and correct it if necessary. If it's blatantly wrong just correct it. If they don't listen that's on them. Also I agree with what Tari, Luna and Anne have said as well.
  2. I also feel that I should have been harder on some people in the Tsu boards when I was active. Regardless, you were doing what you thought was best and yes there are definitely times where mods need to be stern. I don't like this middle ground either but it's hard when there doesn't seem to be a sort of consistency regarding the rules to me that can be used as a foundation. But yes, this all largely falls on what the new Dustloop will be including the mod issue. Exactly, I completely agree but how it's done will still largely affect how the community responds. I feel I'm starting to talk in circles now though and like I'm trying to push my own agenda which I don't want so I'll stop. But thank you all for bothering to read my walls of text but more importantly for continuing to give your input. Please keep going, your voice is important. Edit: @TD it's definitely best to try and contact the inactive mod. Most iirc are on Twitter so it's not as if it's impossible.
  3. @BlackYukuzu54: I will be the first to tell everyone that I've been a shit mod for the past two? years or so. Real life took priority for me because as TD said I went from having loads of free time to having none at all and my life almost fell apart but this isn't the place for that. It does bring up the issue that I was inactive for so long and nothing was done about it, in addition to others as well. As I said in my other post, I was baffled to still be listed as both Yukiko mod (who I've since passed duties onto papermarkis) and Tsubaki mod. I'm going to guess that the reason is because the site was so largely inactive, no one cared. So how do we fix this? If people don't like that there are inactive mods who do they recommend and how are they chosen? As silly as it sounds, you can't just give a mod position to anybody because they're active. The biggest hurdle when I become a mod was, how do I interact with others now? Like it or not people look at you differently when you assume moderation duties. How someone acted before may not be considered "mod behavior" (which does vary from person to person) even if that's just how they've been. I've fucked up hard communicating to others as a mod and beforehand when I was a real newbie to the site. I've learned that how the mod responds will largely affect how much people will respect and listen to you. For instance if I were to say to someone in a thread "shut the fuck up, you're being stupid" (btw I would never do that and this is an EXTREME example) people will look and react differently compared to if I were a regular member. Yes, they'll be insulted and I'll probably get in trouble either way but the fact that I'm a mod adds an extra layer. Consistency as a mod is just as important as well but the cold hard truth is no matter what you do, not everybody is going to like it. From the last few posts a large issue I'm feeling just seems to be a general lack of communication overall which then led to no communication Also I'm sorry to all the people suggesting things for the site and getting flooded, we need those too. This is probably why they wanted to do one thread at a time. ;w;
  4. @Anne: I have no issues with the mods personally, I know people were doing what they did because they thought it was best for the site and it is/was our job to make sure things were on topic. My post's intention was not to "mod shame" (though looking at it, I can see how it came off like that) but to really call attention to the fact that we've blocked off feedback from others for a long time and how we react to it affects the situation. I agree that there has to be a two way street for mods and users though. There was a time when people listened to moderators but it somehow exacerbated to what it is now which is an issue. For mods there will always be that one person(s) but a mutual feeling somehow spread to the entire forum. ------------ This also brings up a question that I've never felt was clearly answered: What do we want Dustloop be? We want to change but what exactly are we changing it into? Everyone seems to have a different idea which is why this thread is so important. Do we want it to be a complete information hub or a place to talk in addition to it? If we want to do both, concessions are going have to be made and not everyone is going to be happy. If we want this to be a place where people can talk and learn but we don't want their advice unless they're a top player where can it begin? As an information hub, how do we keep it up to date and who will do a buttload of the work? People SAY they're willing to work on it then a couple of months in they'll disappear. How do we keep them dedicated and encouraged to essentially do work that is thankless and free? These don't have easy answers and I'm not expecting them but they have to be considered if we ever want the site to grow. Some will be okay with it and some won't but there needs to be some kind of direction with better communication on how it'll be implemented.
  5. Hi yes hello, I'm one of those inactive mods that people are talking about but I do want to voice my opinion since this is partly the reason I started to feel tired with Dustloop back when I was more active, saw a decline in activity and before becoming largely inactive and falling into idol hell. This is gonna be a long one but before I begin I want to be clear: This is not a bid to bring back General off-topic threads, just my opinion and feelings since we seem to be more accepting on criticism and I actually feel comfortable letting this out now. First, I need to give context about where I'm coming from because I feel this is important. General discussion/off-topic threads were a widely debated topic then and even now but I understand why we wanted to cut down on this. Tsubaki and Noel sub forums had very well known off-topic General threads that I felt allowed the community, especially new people to come in and feel comfortable asking questions and sort of bond with each other. Long story short, people were allowed to post whatever they wanted and for those threads they were restricted to the character forums, but Dustloop wanted to become more gameplay oriented. Okay, that's fine I can understand that. My issue is with how it was handled, implemented and the lack of explanation to our own members, even some of the mods, and not allowing their feedback to be heard because it didn't line up with the "vision" some people had for Dustloop, which we seem to be working on right now. Honestly, HOW it happened is what I feel started to garner some of the "unfriendly" atmosphere that seems to permeate DL now. It was basically shut down with little warning (I knew it was coming but I had to essentially shut it down the same day it was decided, the members of the board had no clue) and we threw them, members of the community, into what we had called "groups" that was a pain to navigate to and basically hidden from the site. Needless to say, they were confused as to why this happened especially when net play general was still allowed to exist (at the time) but we were shut down and hadn't done anything really harmful to the site. I explained it was because we wanted the boards to be more gameplay oriented. Many asked if there was a way to "petition it" but the staff at the time was very adamant about removing general threads and I know that's not going to change soon. Again, I understand why. (The irony to this is later on, I see it's okay to be "off-topic" in the gameplay threads as long as it's about the character which was what I thought we were trying to get rid of? But I digress.) Not too long after this incident most people who frequented the Tsubaki board and contributed left. Essentially, I feel we had splintered the community by removing casual talk so people can you know, actually get to know each other and, here's the big one not listening, including or even considering them in what we wanted Dustloop to be. Honestly, this probably wasn't solely the reason why people left but I noticed that when we tried to be strictly gameplay oriented no one wanted to contribute and activity dropped because let's face it, not many people feel comfortable contributing when they're not considered a "top player" or "well-known" lest they be mocked and ridiculed. More than anything though, they may have felt that they didn't have the chance to let their opinion be heard which was not the intention but it made us far more unwelcoming than it should have. I feel it became a catalyst to how Dustloop became what it is today and why so many people are now far more active on Twitter and other social media sites. Like it or not those "casuals" are part of our community too! I know people will disagree and I'll probably be hated on more than before but I don't care. Maybe I'm not qualified to say anything now because I've been largely inactive but I wanted to throw this out there because it frustrated me to no end and seems pervasive with Dustloop's bad rep. Yes, I'm far less active than I was before to the point where even I've wondered why I'm still listed as one but when I was, I put in the time and work because I cared and I still care, far more than I would like to admit. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to even make this post. I have other things to say but that can be for another time, I've ranted long enough. For the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting Dustloop to be more gameplay oriented. Again, the issue I have is with how it was handled. TL;DR We're not as welcoming or as friendly as we like to think we are. Asking a community to help and be more active won't be as effective when they feel like they won't be heard, shunned away or punished simply for talking. This this this specifically rules 11 and 12. I agree with what TD has said as well for being positive in general.
  6. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Fixed and thanks! I removed both bullet points cuz I'm not sure if it is a good defensive option (don't have the game yet) and it was most likely there because of the invul pro that was listed. If it's projectile invul it'd be better to put it with the move rather than the pros/cons. If we're not sure though I'll hold off until it's been really tested or they release an updated mook.
  7. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Where does it say? I went to the wiki to change the info but I can't find it. I see that Maragidyne has invul listed on the wiki but not Radiant Pheonix.
  8. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Combos

    InformationIf you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just post the combos you created, but please write them properly. If you are unsure on how to write combos properly, then read the wiki page here. Make sure to read the Notation Used section in this post so that you understand the specific notations used for CHARACTER. Also refrain from using move names and abbreviations.Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of combos only.Only the most optimal combos will be listed in this thread. Collapsed: General Notations Used: [table] >Gatling/cancel the previous move into the following move. ,Link the previous move into the following move. |>After landing. jJump sjSuper Jump hHop hcHop Cancel adAir Dash iadInstant Air Dash jcJump Cancel sjcSuper Jump Cancel dcDash Cancel OMCOne More! Cancel AoA~CAll Out Attack into C ender AoA~DAll Out Attack into D ender CHCounter Hit FCFatal Counter [ ]Hold Input (N)Attack must deal N amount of hits. [???] xNRepeat ??? N amount of times.[/table] Collapsed: Guide Specific Notations Used: Notations in red are for prefixes only. Notations in blue are for suffixes only.[table] c.The attack must be used as close to the opponent as possible. f.The attack must be used as far away from the opponent as possible. [sS]Side Swap combo [CO]Crouching Opponent [AA]Anti-air or Air-to-Air [RP]Roll Punish [sD]Shadow Only Combo [N%]Player SP % required before combo start. [N/N%]Damage/SP Gain %[/table] Challenge Mode Combos[collapse] Mission #01 - [/collapse] Mid-screen[collapse] Normal Starters - Skill Starter - System Starter - SP Skill Starter - [/collapse] Near-Corner[collapse] Normal Starters - Skill Starter - System Starter - SP Skill Starter - [/collapse] Corner[collapse] Normal Starters - Skill Starter - System Starter - SP Skill Starter - [/collapse]
  9. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the info! Unfortunately due to school (nursing school is intense, what did I get myself into? ) I won't have the money to get the game until the US release but I'm making the usual threads (combo, Q&A etc) for P4AU so that you guys have a place to talk about it.
  10. Yukiko 1.10 SB Agi Combo Extender
  11. Yukiko Gameplay in Golden Arena mode
  12. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Thank you! I added the patch notes to the OP.
  13. I've been a terrible person 1/19/14 MAXIM HERO 2on2 [01/19/2014] Mikage vs S. Yu 2/6/14 Shinjuku Sportsland 2on2 [02/06/2014] Hiram Bingham vs Hyo (YU) [02/06/2014] Topi vs DIE-Chan (SHO/TSUKI) [02/06/2014] Hiram Bingham vs Iguru (CH) 3/2/14 Taito Station Mizonokuchi Qualifier [03/02/2014] Gijio vs Tencho (S. Kanji) [03/02/2014] Tencho vs Sabuni (MT) [03/02/2014] Inu vs Noto Shishou (S. Yu)
  14. Sorry for updating so late and thank you guys for continuing to post videos! :'D Going to be away for a week so I won't be able to update the thread but I promise to when I get back.
  15. pktazn

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks! It's great to see people posting~ First post has also been updated.