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  1. Was sick that day so couldn't catch the BB matches, left pretty early. I'm getting practice in this time around so I'll be able to put up a fight next time (hopefully)!
  2. Damn its been quite some time, but I should be competing sunday GG for sure, BB not sure lol
  3. So will I. Needed some very overdue rematches once i get the groove back. . . and yes, Seung is a monster, a monster we all have mad respect for. MUST TAKE DOWN.
  4. Well, if you guys don't mind playing facing an incredibly rusty Sol player then. . .
  5. GG? I Will try to make this! and make it HARD
  6. So what time is this thing going down. . . cuz i have to work
  7. Its Vegas man, One way or another, wallet will be hurting. Not missing this.
  8. BADX

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    lol Finals will be over soon, rape will follow.
  9. I'm 21 now so I AM SOOO DOWN for EVO. Not too sure how i'll compare to all but one hell of a GG day? Why the fuck not son. See you there Tron.
  10. BADX

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    Same here man so you're not alone.
  11. BADX

    CS at Mike Z's!

    RENDAH!! Happy Belated, & Mike!! I couldn't make it man, next time
  12. BADX

    CS at Mike Z's!

  13. BADX

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    Oh crap its at FFA now?! SO GOING TMRW
  14. BADX

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    Nice. Ragna it stays. . . but when it comes to playing Hazama, I'm damn curious.
  15. BADX

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    I like this, made 4th place sound a lot better this time. NEXT TIME JASON!! also, can't wait to try out Hazama because his theme is the sex