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  1. fucking love you man! thankks for reconencting so soon.

  2. I have my computer hooked up to the HDTV so breaking out old games is quit easy. Just click on the emu and your already started. Great way to stay in touch with the classics and they look awesome with filters too.

  3. Am thinking of doing that myself it might make me play my old games again.

  4. Hebi

    Big Bang Beat Revolve

    I still have not played the first one i have to wait for my friend to get it T-T hate everyday that passes.
  5. Hebi

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    Their are many reasons why people should get this game. but as for me Ken the Eagle!
  6. oh yhaa lol I play my PSX games on EMU now they look a lot nicer than my PS2 on the HDTV..

  7. I am best with Nightmare. I also use Algol and Maxi a lot

  8. I use god gundam and rx78 ya the boss gundams are crazy i don't think of using them.

  9. well that is sad living in ca is never a good thing who do you use by the way.

  10. hey Hebi I don't really have a main. It's been so long but I do like to play with Wing Gundam the one with the cool wings lol. I hate using the big boss Gundam's though those guys are just too broken.

  11. I'm always up for SC4 casuals as long as it is offline. looking at your profile you seem to be in CA so that's not gonna work haha

  12. best SC4 player in VA am going to have to fight you.

  13. who do you main in Gundam Battle Assault 2