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  1. You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.
  2. Well ain't that some shit, thanks for the reply though, thought I was just missing something since I don't speak moonrunes.
  3. Is there a way to remove the black bars or fix the screen position through the options for CF? In past titles, you could go to the display options and choose between screen position types A, B, and C. I no longer see that option and the only adjustable things I see in the options are position of the life and Heat bars.
  4. Moy_X7

    [CF] Video Posting Thread

    Platinum Mid-Screen Combos by yours truly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL-l1VEvACA&feature=youtu.be
  5. I would have waited for the NA version if it wasn't for that ever-so tempting demo that they threw out at us. Oh well, while I do find the story interesting, it's just something extra/optional for me. That and there's always the inevitable "Extend" version that we'll most likely get later down the road... unless they pull another "demo only with JP version" then RIP story lol.
  6. Demo downloading at the moment, impulsive decisions op. Time to get that Plat combo tech out since Jin combo tech is more than abundant.
  7. How did you purchase your JP PSN cards? My only options so far are the 5K yen card and 2 1K yen cards for a total $78 with Play-Asia. Wonder if I should look somewhere for a 500 yen card if those even exist lmao
  8. Yeah, that's what I used last time to get PSN cards and get BB:CPE so I guess I'll go with them again. So how does this work again? If you purchase (pre-order on PSN) the game do you automaIically get the demo?
  9. Man, they're making it really hard for me to get the NA version at this point. What's the NA release date again? Just being able to hit training mode with most of the roster in the demo is already a huge incentive for me to import. Now if only I knew how the fuck to go about importing it. I'm guessing I just log in to my JP account that I made on my PS3, on my PS4 and just find a place to buy JP PSN cards.
  10. Can't say I'm against it. As much as I loved the comedic value from the story mode dub and dialogue, I would rather have the game early without having to to go through the inconvenience of importing and navigating through foreign text (not that it was a major issue due to our translators). RIP Tager VA tho
  11. Do we have a release date for the Japan console version? Throw the US release date too while we're at it if it's available. I'll probably just get the JP digital version as usual if the release date gap is longer than 3 months.
  12. And thus, the Es netplay army was born, trailing behind the Jin and Ragna armies. I'll pick her up for the lulz, those projectiles and normals are giving me a stiffy.
  13. Is it me or are TK motions really smooth in this game? I miss them from time to time in BB:CP but in this game they're smooth as butter. Dizzy is what got me into GG, which in turn got me into BB and I'm kinda glad that she's not this super-hard to play character that I once thought she was. Then again, that might be just me evolving from a total scrub to a not so total scrub.
  14. That's just ASW's excuse to add a side-boob character (Izanami's mosquito bites don't count). Too lazy to learn any more characters beyond Jin, Plat, and Izanami. If Es turns out to be strong then I might play her and hopefully they can make something interesting out of Trinity if they do plan to add her eventually.
  15. "Skillful actions", so it's still pretty vague, guess we'll just have to wait for concrete information like what actions get you what amount of AF points and how many points are required to fill the invisible AF gauge, stuff like that.