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  1. Anybody know how to get the blue/glowy PSN colors for the NA version of the game, or were they indeed a JP-only preorder bonus? (For what it's worth, I did preorder the NA version from the PSN store.)
  2. Arcade progression (and the money you earned from it) does carry over, if you choose to import your save file. But deleting the demo's application files shouldn't affect that anyway. Like Luminos564, I also hope we get the blue PSN colors once the store updates!
  3. I can't comment on Kagura specifically, but overall it seems that the tiers are a lot closer than they've ever been. This isn't Calamity Trigger anymore, where S tier would win matches for free, and bottom tier simply wasn't viable. Outside of a few specific matchups, every character can be overcome, and no character is so bad that they won't be able to win matches against an equally skilled player. That's pretty great, and I hope Mori and his team don't mess it up with the potential balance patch they've hinted at.
  4. Like TekkamanArk said, placeholder dates are usually the last possible date of a quarter or season. Once the actual release date is filled in, it'll always be earlier, never later -- barring any unexpected/additional delays of course. But Amazon isn't exactly known to be reliable with their release dates, so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. I believe you're thinking about the network color square by your name. That only ranks up or down from fights against people of the same color (and regardless of the game mode).
  6. And one week later, EU version finally gets the 1.1 patch as well. Rejoice!
  7. You'll never find a tier list that "most people agree on." But the most recent, somewhat official list comes from Arcadia magazine (source) and looks like this: S: Azrael, Kokonoe, Litchi A: All other characters B: Makoto
  8. Niko

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Did they forget about Carl's birthday? I thought it was May 5th.
  9. Isn't Kokonoe still considered S-Tier, according to this early 1.1 Arcadia tier list? You'll have to endure more claims of "fraudulent wins," I'm afraid. Does anyone who has the 1.1 Vita version know if the challenges are updated? I figure at least some of them will require some reworking with all these changes (and could be one of the reasons for the delay).
  10. I believe the most recent we heard from a Mori interview was that they're aiming to release the patch sometime in "mid-May" to make the game tournament-ready for EVO.
  11. R1 is working pretty well for me.
  12. Niko

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Not just a 1080 input. It's the followup to a 720, which is already a followup to another 720!
  13. Niko

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Judging by the video, it looks that Carl did his 2B after 2D, and that's probably what caused the lack of bounce. The 5C afterwards actually did not connect, it had a blue beat -- possibly also a result of the 2B messing with 2D's bounce.
  14. Niko

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    You forgot the second picture they also posted on his birthday. I want one of those!
  15. And they got worse from CS! I did some hitbox comparisons the other day, and it's not pretty. ▲ CONTINUUM SHIFT ▲ CS EXTEND Almost all of his normals (including air ones) had their blue hitboxes extended like that...they made even 5C -- which was already prone to trading -- worse than before! It did feel like I'm trading more than I used to, and now I know why...