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    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    I use Type-A because I find the saber loop is less awkward when the two buttons aren't next to each other.
  2. Narcowski

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    EDIT: I fail at (S)SF4 character knowledge. My other point stands. Blazblue really needs a charge character. I don't like them, but some people do, and there's no reason to not have at least one.
  3. Narcowski

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    13000 - Tager 12000 - Hakumen 11500 - Bang, Jin 11000 - Hazama, Litchi, Noel, Rachel, Tsubaki 10500 - Arakune 10000 - Ragna, Lambda 9500 - Carl, Taokaka Lambda is third-worst, given that Ragna regains HP.
  4. Narcowski

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Yes, the SE is the "Standard Edition" Street Fighter 4 fightstick.
  5. Narcowski

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    I recommend a MadCatz SE if you're looking to buy a first stick on a budget. the online store has them listed for $70 USD, but you should be able to find one cheaper. Unlike the FS3 (or any of Hori's sticks, really), the SE makes it very easy to replace the off-brand parts with real Sanwa / Seimitsu ones. Sanwa buttons are only $3 each from Lizardlick (x6 = $18). A JLF (-TP-8YT-SK) is $23. Once you have replaced those parts, the SE's innards match the $150 TE pretty exactly. Also, take note that MadCatz tends to do promotions around the time of major tournaments (and sometimes holidays - the TE was $99 over memorial day weekend), so if you wait until EVO, you should be able to score a nice deal. (ed.) Check your local game shop for a SE if you don't want to wait - local prices tend to be lower.
  6. Narcowski

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Millia's been A tier, it's more like the other top characters (aside from and ) got moved down. The tiers now resemble something like: S: Godlike mixups + Oki + zoning + 100% combos from anywhere A: Godlike mixups / Oki B: 100% combos C: Nearly everyone else. It's then clear that mixups and oki are more important to tier placement than damage. This makes sense when you consider the defensive slant of top-level GG, and of top-level fighting game play in Japan in general.
  7. Narcowski

    BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift : Changes

    ASW has stated multiple times that they will release the same balance patch for arcades.
  8. Narcowski

    I LEIK POKING 'N ZONIN :v: (serious thread BTW)

    Cut spike chaser / sword / etc with 4C (or j.2A), create safe zone, repeat.
  9. All of them are pretty ridiculous. None as bad as Gold Faust though - every item is a meteor; one hit = death.
  10. Mugen is the name of Hakumen's super which drains his meter, granting him unlimited use of it until he runs out. Don't remember what Tsubaki's super with the same effect is called, or know its input (I don't play her), but whatever the one with that effect is.
  11. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    He also has the most things to spend meter on of any character besides Hakumen, and doesn't generate it passively (unlike Hakumen). Also, he's low-tier; the change certainly wouldn't break him.
  12. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Jin's 6B could just be an overhead. It looks like it should be.
  13. Narcowski

    [CS1] Lambda Video Thread

    9097 damage combos suck if they take 100% heat? It's no less practical than Hakumen's 100% life combos - while the situation isn't going to come up often, the reward justifies the cost. Awesome combo video.
  14. Narcowski

    [CS1] Jin Kisaragi Video & Discussion Thread

    I don't think this has already been posted, but the Jin in this video (second match) seemed pretty good to me.
  15. Narcowski

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Change D Tier to "Button Mashers using Potemkin or Slayer"?
  16. Narcowski

    How many buttons do you prefer on a stick?

    Six. If you really want to include the other two shoulder buttons, extra 24mms on the side of the case work well.
  17. Narcowski

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    6HS is a Level 5 attack regardless, so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible so long as there's enough time to buffer the [2] during it. Buffer times aren't listed in frame data though, so I can't tell you for sure - I think it's 60F? With an uncharged 6HS on air hit (e.g. after OHK), you have 16F (startup) + 1-6F (depending on when in the active frames you connect) + 15F (hitstop) + 18F (hitstun) to buffer for your SVD/HSVD. That's only 48-53 frames, so if charge time is indeed 60F, it can't work. Full charge 6HS gives you an additional 11F to buffer.
  18. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    I think it's false to claim that perfect play and perfectly safe play are the same thing. The best players take risks as well, and without such risks, every match would result in a stalemate. As such, there is no easily verifiable "perfect" play. I tend to think of tiers as a general indication of how much effort a given character needs outside of training to win a match. Training effort required is irrelevant for obvious reasons - if it wasn't, Carl and Arakune would have been near the bottom of CT's tier list.
  19. Narcowski

    [CS1] Hazama Combo Thread

    Why not just make a "Character Specific" section after all of the others? Less general combos tend to lead to more damage, and are therefore just as important to record as the basics.
  20. Narcowski

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    It's full of outdated videos! No, really.
  21. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    One of them is obviously supposed to be Bang.
  22. Narcowski

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    I started to try and put a matchup chart together based on the most recent matchup data I could find, then I realized half of it was two years old. It would be great if someone could get the information, but I really don't expect it.
  23. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Personally, I like the way Arakune works now. Reminds me less of Testament + Eddie and more of Testament + A.B.A. Bang (and Rachel, for that matter) could be pretty much fixed with some simple proration changes. Litchi probably needs the most revision of the cast, mainly because combo untechable time was changed in a way heavily slanted in her favor in addition to all her other buffs.
  24. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    I've beaten a Carl player in CT (as Tager) before, but that doesn't make the matchup any less horrible.
  25. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    Depends on who you're up against. Getting (safely) into Moroha versus Testament, Robo-Ky, Axl, Eddie, and Venom seems like a pain to me from my experience with her. That said, she's not my main, and some of those matchups may not be as one-sided as they feel.