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    Easy characters to use in GG?

    ABA matches tend to go one of two ways (doesn't mean she doesn't have depth, because there's a lot of it in every character): 1 - You make it into Moroha mode and land a combo. You win. 2 - You don't make it to Moroha, or you do, but you can't land a combo. You lose.
  2. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    ABA is definitely a bad pickup character, yes, but that could be said about the majority of the cast. She requires good execution, and getting into Moroha mode can take some work, especially versus zoning characters, but once you're there, you're probably going to win if you don't screw up. If you drop a Moroha reset (keygrab) combo and get counterhit for knockdown instead, there's a decent chance you'll get instant killed too. I mostly think people are associating difficulty with her because she's a very high-risk / high-reward character.
  3. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    Oh, I agree.
  4. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    For me, at least, it was both - finding time to plan and still executing. The window to combo off of her throw feels pretty tight (15F, counting both the short dash in and the 7F c.S startup), and without being able to do throw combos, she's missing an important source of damage. That said, just stick with whoever you like, unless there's some aspect of the game you think you'd learn better with another character. My reason for playing other characters at first was that I was trying to learn how to defend and counter better, since Millia shouldn't really be on defense very often.
  5. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    Typos :8/:
  6. Narcowski

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    I definitely agree. I knew from the moment I picked up the game that I wanted to play , but I just didn't have the skill or knowledge of the engine to play her effectively at first. After a few months with and , I finally understood enough about how to defend against and avoid attacks to pick Millia back up, learn her basics, and be somewhat effective. That said, I'd like to mention Baiken as relatively easy to learn as well. Yes, she uses a strange input (412) and requires FRCs to be effective at mid to high level (every character requires FRCs though), but she also has relatively simple combos and the best ability to escape / reverse pressure in the game, especially at a low level. She also has a pretty small set of special moves, which demonstrate almost the full range of standard inputs used in Guilty Gear.
  7. Narcowski

    Arcsys at FanimeCon 2010 in San Jose

    I hope someone records these panels; I'm very interested in some of the responses, and flying cross-country to go isn't a possibility
  8. Narcowski

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    is pretty easy to pick up on stick, but then, she's fairly easy to pick up regardless (in CT, at least). and to a lesser extent are manyfold easier on stick.
  9. Narcowski

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    There's a particular implementation of USB that PS3 controllers need to work. If you have an Nvidia USB chipset, they won't, if your USB chipset is made by Intel (?), it will. My PS3 stick works on my computer.
  10. Narcowski

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Yeah, the PCB is the only good thing about Mayflashes. Seriously, there's not even any real reason to buy the rest of it. The case isn't nearly as friendly to modding as the Madcatz SE, and the stock parts are horrid. They've got a nice PCB though.
  11. Narcowski

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    IAD definitely gave me a little trouble at first, but so many other things (double-half-circles and negative edge FRCs come to mind) are easier on a stick.
  12. Narcowski

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    I wish I didn't have other commitments overlapping with EVO, I'd totally be down for a $1 Waku Waku 7 MM.
  13. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Chances are, if there's a balancing patch it will be released for arcade machines as well, so an update would probably be a better choice. Having two conflicting BB:CS matchup charts floating around would probably only confuse newcomers.
  14. Get a Cthulhu stick, that way you can play on both systems. The wii version is fine afaik, but it's not the tournament standard, so you should have some way to use whatever stick you pick on a PS2.
  15. Narcowski

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Riding the gate is fine, especially while you're learning. If you put some effort into learning how far you actually need to move the stick*, you'll end up moving less in matches and getting motions out faster, but I'd say learning how to do standard motions (IAD included) is more important at first. *- extra important if you ever use an octo-gate stick, since they basically just have longer cardinal distance to the gate (with the same engage).
  16. Narcowski

    Terminology Used on Dustloop Defined

    The zetaboards pages have been moved: http://s1.zetaboards.com/blazblue/pages/bbct/ http://s1.zetaboards.com/blazblue/pages/bbcs/
  17. Narcowski

    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    Dynames, you make a good point. There's a pretty comprehensive guide for CT here. Actually, both that link and this one for CS should probably be posted somewhere in Beginner Mode.
  18. Narcowski

    Slayer AC match vids

    No seeds. Are you planning on seeding this?
  19. #1 is growing on me. New vote of 1,6,7, in that order.
  20. Narcowski

    Slayer AC strats

    Practice, until you can do it consistently. That's about all you can do.
  21. Narcowski

    New DustLoop Logo

    This, but also depending on shirt colors.
  22. Narcowski

    [CT] Iron Tager vs. v-13

    ^Long sentence is long.
  23. Narcowski

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Just as a general thought - there are more 65:35 matchups on this chart than the CT one. Since general consensus is that CS is better balanced than CT, it should probably have fewer matchups uneven to that degree or farther. Ignoring Arakune and Carl v. Tager in CT, CT had two fewer 65+/35- matches than this CS chart does. ed: It also might just be that the colors get darker at earlier ratios for this chart than the other one making it look different.