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  1. Anyone figure why Naoto is considered low tier? She has low health but she can get away with it since she's a zoner, and otherwise she has pretty good normals (5B range is huge) and traps are great for both neutral and oki, not to mention SMP loop doing infinity plus one damage. She doesn't seem to be the strongest character in the game but she doesn't necessarily seem that weak either. At least not Kanji tier.

    Naoto has terrible meterless defensive options under pressure including what is easily the worst R-Action in the game*, low life, and is heavily meter/burst-reliant for damage. Moreover, in Naoto's worst matchups (Narukami and Aigis), her traps are more or less useless for controlling space because they can be safely destroyed by those characters' main pressure starting tools.

    Overall she's not bad; she does have high damage with meter, strong okizeme off of the right confirms, pretty good zoning with gunshots and traps (in most matchups), and decent pokes. Kanji's not exactly bad either, though.

    *More than a handful of characters can cancel into something which avoids its tiny hitbox on reaction and punish its recovery.

  2. Perhaps Teddie; his Rage setups are pretty similar to Mist Finer in that they keep you from guarding his next combo. Also, while Mistsuru might be a bit lienar for you, but she has the "whip people to pull them in" thing going on, so I might as well mention her.

    Aigis might also fit.

  3. From what I've seen, the Yellow beat otg to knockdown combos. So you would just eat 400-700 extra damage for nothing.

    Be a man and tech.

    I stand corrected then; somehow managed to never see this come up in a match video till now; Japanese players seemed to just delay tech and get out every time based on what I'd seen. Thanks to everyone for clearing up that misconception.

  4. Yu's oki >>>> Everyone else's

    Yu's oki basically loses to the "don't tech" option. S.Labrys's oki basically doesn't from what I've seen. Chie's 5DD is basically Pretty Maze.

    Seriously. But why are we debating over an opinionated tier list from someone who doesn't own the game...? I don't know, just sayin.

    I have no idea. I was trying to give a general idea of where I felt the characters ranked in those areas because someone asked. Wasn't trying to start anything.

  5. Stunedge,

    What is for you the top 3 OKI characters ?


    the top 3 best damage characters ?

    Disclaimer: This is (mostly) my opinion (e.g. it's based on what I've seen and read, but I'm still only one player) and not exactly what you were asking for. It's also nearly 2:40 am. Here you go though...:

    Oki Tiers:

    S: S. Labrys, Chie, Yu

    A: Kanji, Yukiko, Teddie, Aigis*

    B: Naoto, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Labrys

    C: Elizabeth, Yosuke

    Aigis doesn't have strong traditional oki, but she has Vampire Saviour level mixups and resets for oki situations (and in the middle of combos). I'm taking those into account as part of her oki game.

    Damage Tiers:

    S: Mitsuru, Akihiko, Aigis, Elizabeth

    A: Naoto*, Kanji, Labrys*, Chie, Yu

    B: Teddie, Yukiko, Yosuke, S. Labrys

    Characters marked with a star have very high situational damage output; Naoto with SMP loops and Labrys with Red axe.

    If I'm dead wrong on any of this, or anyone just wants to nitpick about it, I'm all for that. Accurate character breakdowns are important, and I'm not a top player by any means :v:.

  6. So Naoto's still considered B-tier despite the SMP loops? Is it because of her low health/not getting to make many mistakes, or she just doesn't have the best matchups compared to other characters?

    If I remember correctly, the mook was written for 1.01, not 1.02, and the SMP loop hadn't been discovered yet. I'd take everything in it with a grain of salt.

  7. BB also lacked a rematch option.

    'Tis indeed quite strange.

    As did AH3. Fortunately, both remember which characters were selected in the previous match, so I guess we can expect P4U to be the same way in that regard. Hopefully mashing start will select the same colors as before, though. Too many options to scroll through otherwise.

  8. Yeah, no kidding. I'm glad I imported. By the way, here's where I'm getting that info from:

    Hirai stated that the PlayStation Store will not be up and running when the service goes live again this week' date=' but it should be ready in the coming weeks. Sony is holding off functionality to beef up security even more for that. The PlayStation Store will probably come back in yet another firmware update.[/quote']