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  1. 1) Make sure to keep in mind your partner's location and movement when you're positioning yourself. It's typically best to either create an L-shape with your partner (perpendicular vectors) or to play somewhat behind and to the side of your partner, in relation to the opposing team. In both cases, it makes it less likely for you to hit your partner from behind. If you're hitting your partner in the face, though, that's more of an issue of anticipating or reading what your partner is doing and refraining from shooting when you see him winning a battle. 2) Kshatriya is actually quite good at punishing people for doing melee combos on her partner. Between fences and her gerobi, her AOE allows her to stop significantly more combos than suits that only have a BR. BRs by themselves are often very poor at cutting combos, especially since many melee combos are designed specifically to be hard to cut. If you have no other options and you absolutely need to cut, either try to get on vector with the combo-ing opponent, or go for a melee yourself. Keep in mind that it's often more beneficial to get a strong punish on an opponent's landing after they finish a melee combo than it is to try to cut them out of the middle of their combo. Oftentimes, going for the mid-combo cut will leave you exposed or low on resources and result in you being punished by your opponent's partner, instead. 3) 2-handed slow beam thingy? Her gerobi is A+C, if that's what you're talking about. 4) Blocking is generally one of the last defensive options you want to take. It's good at long ranges against BRs and occasionally against missles and bullets, but is significantly worse the closer the opponent gets to you, as it leaves you locked in a blocking state and allows opponents to recover their boost or just punish you by going around your block. 5) Experience. Once you have a decent grasp of boost consumption, this starts to come naturally. If you know when they started moving, then you can generally anticipate when they'll be in the last 20-30% of their boost. If they're that low on boost, you can just hunt their landing opportunities and deny them. If they try to land, you hit them, and if they avoid your shots, they run even lower on boost until they overheat and you punish them anyway. 6) Enemy-tracking patterns? 7) No. Positioning and resource management are absolutely key to winning engagements. Shooting first rarely has any major impact in a head-on battle. 8) You'd have to link or quote the combo in question. I'm not sure what the dB is supposed to be. BD is boost-dash. Our wiki has a glossary for most terms on the main Gundam page. 9) Wrong game. You cannot fly it around willy-nilly in Full Boost. 10) You can cancel her fence into BR and then back into fence, now. It allows her to move around while creating fences, and is very useful for defensive movement overall.
  2. While I'm assuming these are just limitations of the software, I've just noticed that I both cannot search within threads for anything and that I cannot preview posts. The inability to use [B] without silly HTML workarounds is unfortunate, as well. Equally unfortunate is the fact that forum converts those to HTML and that, as a result, even if it's changed in the future, I'd assume all the posts that have already been converted can't be 'unconverted'. Also worth noting is that the silly HTML workarounds... well, they only work once (depending on how you do it). They can get removed by the auto-formatting of the post as soon as you click the Post/Save button, so any subsequent edits may immediately turn those into bold tags.
  3. Didn't read too carefully, but here's some general notes on Yuzu that I think pertain to the question? ======= - Many of her normals are unsafe if you don't reverse beat them, but this is true for most characters in the game. Her 2B is one of the rare normals in the game that is even on block. Her slashes and stance specials are generally unpunishable, unless you do a 236x at point-blank and don't cancel it into a short slash (and subsequently cancel that with D). - Yuzu's air slashes (j.236x) are useful for spacing, but are things that shouldn't be thrown out willy-nilly, as they generally leave her in a somewhat mediocre position if you don't follow them up with anything. That said, if you have a plan in mind when doing them (spacing, teleport follow-ups, chain shift mixup, etc.), they're fine. - Yuzu's air flips (j.214x) are generally all good, have good frame advantage, and are good for visually confusing pressure when combined with teleports, short slashes, and d-cancels. - Yuzu's ground flips (214x) are generally bad to do, unless you cancel them into other stance moves immediately. That said, they still have a place in her pressure even if they are simply d-cancelled, as a respectful opponent may choose to continue blocking afterwards and open themselves up to throw mixups. - Staying in stance after specials allows Yuzu to perform her stance moves notably faster than normal, as well as retain significantly better frame advantage after her specials are blocked. On top of that, she can also jump-cancel on block while in stance, as well as stance dash and stance dodge, all of which are simply movement options (the dodge is just 22) and not actual special moves with button inputs.
  4. On the default/base theme, the "Posted X hours ago" text seems to be the same colour as the post background, rendering it pretty much invisible. Also, I'm enjoying being surprised by the beta theme while you work on it, haha.
  5. I'm assuming you're not including the default theme in that count, right? I figured everyone could still use that one?
  6. Turns out that the other themes are still selectable. There's a "Theme" dropdown at the very bottom center of each page. It's quite hard to see it on the Sol theme, but it's there.
  7. Huh, weird. I'm assuming you tried to clear cookies and everything already? I've only tested on Chrome, for what it's worth.
  8. The first/last arrows for pages of topics seem to work for me. Where is it sending you?
  9. It's built in to the forums at the moment, and I'm not sure if there are plans to change it. For the time being, though, you can override the default line spacing by using SHIFT+ENTER instead of just ENTER for linebreaks.
  10. There are a lot of text editors that let you replace strings with other strings. It's a pretty common function. Hell, even Notepad has a replace function. :P It wouldn't really solve the messed up tables and whatnot, though, just the links themselves. The loss of links and formatting are perhaps the only real downsides to the forum upgrade. It's unfortunate how much impact that has, though.
  11. Does it not work if you simply remove all the random ASCII codes from the URL? Like, for example, the %22 at the start of the URL you highlighted (also the & and the %22 at the end)? You can replace them with the equivalents, which I believe are " and &, though the quotation marks are duplicates at that point. Obviously not something you'd want to do by hand, but I don't think any links are actually 'blocked' by the forum. That just looks like broken HTML.
  12. Rainbow dashing eats lots of boost, loses to certain larger melees (ie: Xenon form 3 6B) and things like whips, can lose to backstep BR/Sub/BZ/etc., and can be called out with certain options (timings, assists, blocking, running away, etc.). Generally, rainbow step wars are not things anyone really wants to engage in, and always being prepared to break off from them is a reasonably safe habit to have. Rainbow step wars always favour the player who entered them with more boost available, so if you have a good idea of your opponent's boost gauge, you can try to exploit it. As mentioned above, though, it will often still lose to anti-melee options like BZ and whatnot, so it's not some sort of end-all-be-all option. In fact, it's not uncommon to see players engage in rainbow step approaches for one or two steps, then do a disengaging rainbow step into BR to punish the opponent for trying to engage in that battle. Other than that sort of general advice, it's useful to know your suit's melee ranges and hitboxes, as well as the opposing suit's melee properties. Understanding of those will allow you to better weigh the odds of winning a rainbow step war, as well as help you understand why players will do things like forward-step neutral melees to counter melee approaches (ie: quanta BD-melee can lose to many forward-step neutral melees due to the way it tracks, as well as its startup time upon reaching its 'target'). I would suggest not paying attention to the newer 3K DLC suits when studying melee properties, as those suits tend to have one or two particularly strong melees that don't really exhibit any specific weaknesses in melee battles. Those require unfortunately different approaches when dealing with them.
  13. There's no real tutorial for the game, but there are various resources for learning how the system itself works, if that's what you're looking for. There's the technical thread in this forum, as well as a few video sources (no links on hand, sorry) that cover that type of information. You may be able to find one on Youtube by searching for the JP subbed UNIEL beginner video. That aside, for inputs there's not much to do other than to find ways to either clean them up or avoid the potential of overlapped inputs. Generally it's best to just go back to neutral before attempting any other motions, especially in the case of a possible HCB/HCF overlap, as the game allows you to skip the first directional input in those and still register the move. This is actually a pretty common issue with people who are blocking low and then try to assault, as it often ends up as [1]236D, which is interpreted as an IW. VO is most certainly a reversal option. It's not the fastest, but it's quite good for what it is. While it's easy to bait on wakeup, the benefits you gain from hitting with it are usually worth the risk, as long as you understand its use in terms of game flow. Successfully hitting with it nets you a grd crushed opponent, extra grd, increased grd gain rate, and higher damage. You obviously get all of those aside from the grd crushed opponent if you whiff the VO as well, so you may occasionally see someone do a full-screen VO or a VO after a knockback (not a combo'd VO, which is used to strip the opponent's vorpal) just to get control of the vorpal cycle. Shielding is a mix between an IB and a barrier, and doesn't really match either concept at all. You gain reduced blockstun, increased pushback, and a block of grd for each successful shield. For each failed one, you get locked into a shield state (which can only be cancelled with a CS), can potentially be grd crushed, lose grd if whiffing green shields, and get stuck blocking high or low if using a blue shield. Shielding is required to block air-to-air normals. It's pretty much not required anywhere else, but is very useful for punishing opponents when they use certain moves or if they attempt to use jump-in attacks. After having any air normals shielded (not specials and not ground normals), opponents are subject to an extended landing recovery period and cannot perform any more moves until they land.
  14. Tari

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Fixed? You mean to patch out the lockup/crashing glitches? I doubt it. Would be nice, though.
  15. Old links that were posted prior to the forum upgrade were all broken by the upgrade. There's unfortunately no way to fix that aside from re-doing all the links by hand, but at least some links were posted in full URL form, so you can still copy-paste them.