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  1. Im up for helping organizing this for SLO cal, since Iam probably the the only active player there right now. The problem is that I am only there until December because that is when I am graduating. anyway, Hit me up if you need help or something
  2. Haha, I got here way faster then I thought. So I guess I get to say this: First
  3. heading out now, start the hype
  4. Truth, I remember when I was helping with CUT 2, there were some small things that were missing until the day of, but it turned out to be a great tournament and an amazing first tournament experience for me. oh, and Render ate all the pancakes
  5. alright, im all packed up, Ill see you guys tomorrow
  6. I can bring two surge protectors with me
  7. called Max to see if he could bring his up, but got his voice mail. If anyone in the Santa Clara area cant get a ride up but is willing to bring a tv, I will drive you !!!!!!
  8. Hey TaoFTW, I know that your probably running around getting ready for tomorrow but can you take a second and respond to my pm about bringing some more equipment?
  9. Im game for this. I can bring a ps3+bbcs (w/mokoto dlc) with me. Maybe cookies for outside munching. People who meet/stayed at my place at CUT know Im a legendary cook. But yeah, now I have to get start practicing again ><
  10. zero-jt

    [CS1] Bang Changes and Video Discussion Thread

    http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8868006 Heres the first video I was able to find of CS Bang off of Nico Nico. The video has Bang vs Ragna,Hakumen vs Tsubaki,Hazama vs Litchi,Jin vs Tager,Jin vs Tager Also heres the Nico Nico redirector from the the other thread: http://mmcafe.com/nico.html
  11. zero-jt

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    I knew that 2a prorates a combo and that anything that ended with 623c breakable was a bad end. Thanks for the full info on this Justice.
  12. zero-jt

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    I haven't seen this posted before, so Im sorry if this is a repeat. you can do 2d, j.d,\/,2a,5b, [air combo]. the air combo can be something like j.a,j.b,dj.a,dj.b -> 234a Just a few comments on this: 1) My execution inst constant enough, so it goes between black and red combo 2) I haven't gone around the cast yet to see if it works on everyone. The ones that I have tested this on is: Ragna, Noel, Carl,Jin, and Bang 3) the total damage on this with j.a,j.b, command throw is around 4.8k but that is with the throw combo-ed into, so there is a chance for a throw break. It may possible to turn this in to a tech trap (?). Also, first post on the Bang forum