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  1. I'm prepared to beseech the queen here.
  2. Least of all the most fitting penguin empress I have ever seen.
  3. Gli.. I want your penguindrum folder. For penguin sweetness.
  4. Okay. The vote shenanigans was hilarious. You should have known better dood. Speaking of which, I need to nab a throwback avy of mine. Only half of them got wiped when my lappy got fried. Also for SD residents, the coaster.
  5. I hate fb for this reason.
  6. *speaks in a malicious computerized voice* Denied.. HEHEHEHEE
  7. Apparently Japan is telling me that I have to be more queenly to become a proper penguin person.
  8. No. Penguins deserve unconditional and unwavering love. Also gli please send me your penguindrum folder at one point in time..
  9. Everyone deserves some measure of hate.
  10. Oh you motherfuckers.....
  11. Your opinion has been voided due to a distinct lack of truth in it.
  12. Bleeding ears and brain freezes.
  13. Can we go back to the topic of penguin related things now?
  14. Whatever sins in your life you have committed will be repaid partially this way.
  15. Huh.. This is rather sudden. Congrats anyway. And Chao, you'll never get mod position for 2 reasons. 1) You're chao 2) You want it more badly than anyone else. And unfortunately, karma is oftentimes a bitch.
  16. You still remember all this?
  17. For some reason thinking of arcade fightsticks always instead make me think of flight simulator joysticks. Oh, and the 1000 of dollars of other flightsim equipment that goes with it.
  18. So the volume kills everyone within a 50 mile radius, and then the lightning finishes off everyone who is deaf in that radius?
  19. It will probably be a lightning storm of unreal proportions.
  20. Yeah, to be honest I had no idea how this happened either. Anyway, yeah, next time on Nago Ball Z.
  21. Trying to jot down all the violations I've found during the last couple hours. 1) TD developing affection for our queen. Highly taboo. 2) Bangs and NVG being allowed to corrupt the premises 3) Not diverting attention to properly respect the princess. This day has been a dismal failure. Expect the consequences to be forthcoming.
  22. *Bashes his head against the wall furiously* TD, stick with your underdeveloped 2D women. Plus, as a hiveling, you're not supposed to develop affection for our queen.
  23. I guess I'll make sure that everyone knows that Don swings that way.