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    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    I'd do it anyway. It'd help us help you. However, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it'd be better to not upload it. Once you do feel comfortable with your skill level, though, feel free to upload another one.
  2. killionaire

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    It looks to me that you got the zoning down pretty well. Your lightning seed aim is pretty good. And you seem to use the frog more than I do. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just remember not to drop the frog from the air if you think your opponent can run in and punish you in the time it takes for you to land. Oh, and I also recommend using the pumpkin more. That is incredibly useful for reversing momentum. The problem I often have is finding an opportunity to pull it out. Any player who knows the matchup will not allow Rachel to pull out all of her tools. So yeah. Practice the rushdown. Seems to be all you need in order to get the basics. Another problem with me is that I can't seem to pull off combos at the moment without getting a black beat one. For now, I can do froggy ones and J2C3D mixups. My pad is making it difficult to perform the second part of basic air combos. Also, being fairly new, it is recommended to take my advice with a grain of salt. EDIT: Speaking of videos, I need to get a couple in at some point. Don't know how to record vs matches on the same console, or even if it's possible to do so. So yeah. Question to all of you: Is it possible to record versus matches of people playing on the same console? It might help to get input on both my playing and that of my brother.
  3. I see a lot of ara players too. From what I can see, though, 75% of rachel players have her as their avatars, me included.

  4. ... I see so many haku players in this forum...

  5. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    TD should have been a bunch of bats flying into the opponent at supersonic speed (You know.. The cages full of bats that Rachel has lying around) and possibly a giant King George that electrocutes the opponent if you've got 4 winds when you activated the super. Those cows are not only completely out of character, but they shouldn't be spinning along the y-axis. I mean, this isn't an instance of a cow getting sucked up by a twister!
  6. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    I meant 6B And no, my guess is that it wouldn't affect the 5b->6cd part of the combo.. You just can't start it with a 6B counter hit from maximum range. At least, that's my interpretation. You know that we're working with what we were given, which is not a whole lot.. Just a couple videos and a lot of text.. I'm trying to employ logic in attempting to figure out why the 6B CH 5B 6CD combo wouldn't work in CS. Of course, experience trumps logic in this case.. You probably have a better hypothesis.
  7. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    They mentioned that 6B's hitstun was reduced. Therefore, my guess is that in the tests, people have been recovering from it fast enough that they had the frames to block a 5B>6C. Also, keep in mind that the other loketests mentioned that it is difficult (not impossible) to combo after a CH 6B. I suspect that you have to be in point-blank range in order to be able to chain into the combo you mentioned. Otherwise the opponent would have enough time to recover and possibly do something.
  8. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    The thread show that 6B>6C combo does not work. Not a 5B>6C link.. EDIT: You can't dress spin off of a counter hit with the fork, but it looks like you can still pull it off after a 5B (If you wind it, of course).
  9. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    I think I might have seen that in one of the earlier loketest compilations. Not sure if it applies to the current one anymore.
  10. What a sad little quomple... Do you want a penguin to make you feel better? Because, as we all know, everything's better with penguins.

  11. Looks like you're not gone yet..

  12. You are just pure genius, man... I don't plan on becoming a hardcore player either, but I optimize myself to the point where any more practice would not yield great enough results to be worth my time. Anyway, see you in another forum. If we meet again.

  13. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?p=493179#post493179 Awesome.. Too bad I'm not in the mood to get banned. I use this place mainly as an information source, and so it wouldn't be in my best interest. However, hats off to you... Sure, you gotta have some order in forums, but it's people like you who make the place entertaining... Respect, mon..
  14. Prinnies, man... They're hilarious.. And I assume you are a Warmachine player too? (I need to change my theme to the Retribution of MITTENS)

  15. Yah. It was annoying keeping track of them sometimes. One reason why I don't use them oftenl. I've seen people completely forget that they even fielded them during a game once burrowed.

  16. You play Warmachine. And Cryx too. Nice.. (I play it casually. Same faction.) At least they're fixing Bane Knights in MKII.. Make sure they aren't as lame as they are right now.

  17. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    You think the Nu CS thread is a mess??? You should look at the Arakune thread.. Almost a lock-worthy amount of footage there. Anyway, to get back on topic, I got a question. Did they nerf BBL damage that comes from a lightning rod? I know they nerfed the AoE damage around Rachel to 2200, but what about lightning rod detonation damage?
  18. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    Sounds to me like her new DD. No other move of hers has that input. Plus, it has the double 236 input that is typical of many DDs.
  19. It feels strange.... but I can't resist the temptation to agree with your sig... No matter how much I resist, I can't deny it..

  20. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    Yeah. Making j.2c usable again would be great. I'm fine with them nerfing the fork counter, since it was kinda stupid how you could turn things around with the amount of stun time you have.
  21. killionaire

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    Yeah.. Just looked at the animations for TD.. Really sloppy job there, Arc Systems... I don't even see any way to combo into it, but maybe that's because I'm new. Anyway, I think it's time for the facepalm.
  22. Hello, troll. Pleased to meet you.