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  1. If I recall correctly, I don't think he likes girly men.
  2. Actually.. What I meant to say was that YOU'RE NOT HIS TYPE.
  3. Luf isn't your type. I'm being serious too when I think this.
  4. Thank you lufluf Much better.
  5. That's not a penguin salt shaker. I am disappoint.
  6. *decides to lie down sensually*
  7. Catherine, D4, Deus Ex.. Only three I'm really caring about right now.
  8. Danke.. And now it won't let me setup.. Hmmmm. Wait.. Does this only work on certain OS?
  9. Oh yeah.. My internet is all to myself now. Anyone direct me to where I can nab GRIEFSYNDROME?
  10. Finally there, huh. Man, how many hours?
  11. This sounds mad hype.. Wish I could cash in on it.
  12. Nago ball.. No one fucks with that.. Cities collapse around that motherfucker.
  13. This is like an army of goddamn children.
  14. Thank you for being the only intelligent person I've ever seen in my life.
  15. What the hell is going on in my domain?
  16. For a moment I made a big mental mishap. I imagined you with a woman twice your height AND width.. which would be four times your size. Eeeeh.
  17. Axis, I am conscripting you to spy on the Plat Chat.
  18. Cease your flirtatious influence you womanizing man whore.
  19. Indeed far more badass looking.
  20. More like a former pengucon.
  21. I got an extinct dog.. Well, almost.
  22. Any creepy life stories I need to be inquisitive about?
  23. Yeah. Gotta remember I still have that game.