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  1. Inferior goods are inferior.
  2. Dankeeeee Thanks for the birthday notices.
  3. Luna trying to nab dem imoutos.
  4. Man I totally missed some good shit today. Also yeah. Ryu derpface. I always thought those SF4 graphics looked ugly.
  5. Lumin first tries to take me, and now my queen. Yeah we all be hattin'
  6. woah woah woaaaah... Infidelity alert.
  7. Yeah, gotta cut down on that creep spread dood.
  8. Fanservice pics. Yeah, I guess that means we're back.
  9. People pissing you off after games? Insight on gamers is available with the click of a button.

  10. Intruders in the sanctuary. Get the flyswatter.
  11. I don't see a price tag on me.
  12. As long as they're not obnoxiously loud with their vehicles.
  13. Happy birthday to the star of this place. Be careful not to get parasites.
  14. Wow luffy.. That is your response to that? Goddamn.
  15. I will be around for it.
  16. Look free. Surprise people. Incite rage.
  17. Oh luffy.. Grade school rachel.
  18. I got wipeout. Why the hell am I not playing it?
  19. You people amuse me like no other.
  20. Back from vacation. Got stuff to do.. Will have to delay plans a bit.
  21. Pretty much the only option to be quite honest right now. If I ever got myself interested, I'd either play Terran and learn to rush with AHHNOLDS, play Zerg normally, or play Protoss and be emo like their Stalkers.
  22. Good RTS right now seemingly are in a bit of a shortage.
  23. killionaire


    I wouldn't expect player matchups to factor much on the grand scheme of things though, kinda what they are arguing about right now.