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  1. The mod choice is not my concern. I think they're overblowing the issue personally. But you admitted yourself your view is limited. Isn't that all the more reason to look at it more closely before snap judgments? (heheheh.. Do you see my inconsistencies?)

  2. I have looked at it for the longest time, and here are two easy conclusions for you. A) I see no evidence pointing to any form of parasitism other than the possible cult mentality that was also present in the old Rachel boards. B) Waifu talk is very rarely, if ever, discussed. Are you willing to trust the person who has looked at this for this long?

  3. Looking at posts that carry no relevance. Being in a place that disgusts you so why would you even lurk?

  4. Spying on my posts is not a productive activity.

  5. Stop lurking in the shadows..

  6. I'm not quite aware of what exactly in me would deserve your respect.

  7. I don't intend a negative tone unless I really really mean it.

  8. Why do we even care about the absurd, when it ultimately leads to nothingness? We do, and to ponder as to why wastes both time and breath.

  9. Look in the mirror.

  10. Avatar source: Guilty Crown?

  11. People pissing you off after games? Insight on gamers is available with the click of a button.

  12. Kuroneko screenshots are so useful. And honestly, it was necessary.

  13. To seal the deal, while I don't have gothic lolita clothes, I do tend to often wear a lot of black.

  14. If I tried hard enough, I could.. But I'm not really interested in doing that.

  15. No.. I'm more like a male version.. It's a coincidence that I am also tall (and the same proportions too), also like wearing exclusively those colors with nice clothes, same hair color.. People have strangely admired my legs of all things before. I've even worn black socks ever since I was eight years old. Only thing here is that her leg length is obviously exaggerated.

  16. Polystone figurine.. The idea isn't her role as some random person's tsundere girlfriend. Rather, her resemblance to me. Plus, with something like this, I would put great effort to keep it well taken care of. Wish it costed a little less though.

  17. Well fuck. That means I really did get nothing evil out of it.

  18. It opens a Pandora's box of all sorts of evils. Thing is, you don't have evils stuck in your orifices. Actually, I can pick out one... Incestual evil?

  19. That did not work as expected.