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  1. -_- Did you seriously draw that just for this occasion?
  2. That's not a secret dooood
  3. All of ours? Including mine?
  4. The mod choice is not my concern. I think they're overblowing the issue personally. But you admitted yourself your view is limited. Isn't that all the more reason to look at it more closely before snap judgments? (heheheh.. Do you see my inconsistencies?)

  5. I have looked at it for the longest time, and here are two easy conclusions for you. A) I see no evidence pointing to any form of parasitism other than the possible cult mentality that was also present in the old Rachel boards. B) Waifu talk is very rarely, if ever, discussed. Are you willing to trust the person who has looked at this for this long?

  6. Looking at posts that carry no relevance. Being in a place that disgusts you so why would you even lurk?

  7. Spying on my posts is not a productive activity.

  8. killionaire

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Nihilism can be fun. Try it sometime. Actually, no it's not. It merely tastes existential.
  9. killionaire

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Who among you feel empty today?
  10. killionaire

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    At least he spams them after every statement.. My terrible habits live on..
  11. Essence of cute refilled.
  12. Making fun of my knowledge of something I started experimenting with about two months ago with intermittent periods of actual motivation.
  13. Bleh (brb.. Dealing with avatar blurriness)
  14. Stop lurking in the shadows..

  15. NEW KID IN SCHOOL Yeah I like this game...
  16. killionaire

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    Appreciating your avatar.
  17. Pretty much this. Also yes spoilcraft. Good thing I already watched it.
  18. Penguin senses detected this fresh thread.
  19. I'm not quite aware of what exactly in me would deserve your respect.

  20. Careful with the floor. Don't want a mess on it. In all seriousness, I need to hear it like.. right now.
  21. Yeah.. Doing that got me thinking like they understand pacing. I'm sticking with Another for now.