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  1. Kinda, but very different BC and different missiles.
  2. I super want that Strike Rouge HUD art too. Is it MB only? Also, she's not really a strike replacement. Melee doesnt seem as good, no MG/IWSP pressure, no boomerang.. I hope her missiles are good, in any case i love mechs with assist BC like that.
  3. wow i just realized i typed "2500 hp" instead of 600 lmao Yeah, it's embarrassing. Those spring DLC trailers were just "oh..maybe mash some shots that miss on a knocked down opponent.. whatever" Ah, you're right. It looks like it might carry a bit more? Dunno.
  4. Looks like mina csA carries momentum some. Not really able to gauge some other information like if X can use transform as a decent ground brake. Looks like both X and Mina have 600 hp, the low end of 2500 cost HP. Makes sense for X if they didnt nerf his movement/firearms that much, curious as to why they did that with Mina though. Looking forward to testing Mina Gold Frame out, hoping she's an impressive 2.5k despite not being original, i love that voice acting~~~
  5. Mightfo

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    so re-gz is fucking amazing. rouge/altron/norn look fun but re-gz is just fantastic gameplay wise.
  6. I suspect/hope Mina will be 2500, since that would be logical. A little worried that most of this dlc will be disappointing gameplay wise, but hopefully they actually put effort into it this time. Then again, they're putting marbet V1 hexa unchanged into maxi boost it seems, so.. :< Any particular reason? I like more After War X reps, although i just dont know there'd be reason to be gameplay excited about X being added, but more garrod/tiffa is nice lol Well, to be fair, there's too many 2ks.
  7. Mightfo

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Blitz would be a nice 1k/1.5k but they seem to be dead set against not adding any more 1.5ks to maxi boost. Glad that they're adding it regardless though.
  8. 8bc is good for this if you boost dash cancel it quickly.(ie 8bc cc 9c ac a or whatever is pretty nice) Also, 2k-1k is reasonably viable, moreso than 2k-2.5k. The rest of what you said is good though, densuo needs to focus on awareness and general play/fundamentals rather than specifics.
  9. having presence is basically a matter of 1)moving properly so that they dont feel confident about just "oh, i can punish their landings whenever they're getting close so i dont really need to worry". being able to land in a range where you can start to threaten is key. gotta pace yourself with your ally's supportive fire and movement in this as well. 2)varying your offensive options properly. let's say the enemy's primary reaction is to shoot->boost dash away->shoot->sub->boost dash away. so don't try to cc8b them, instead boost hop at like a 7/9 direction past them and then 4b 44 4b their landing or whatever.perhaps BR their vernier shots as you move on-angle unlike them) if they just try to land early and then start moving away again so they outpace you, then make sure they realize that such landings are dangerous with cc8b or projectiles or whatever. make them scared of early landings with cc8b etc, make them scared of reckless fire by just moving past them and then punishing, make them scared of using lots of boost by efficiently gaining on them and cornering them and 4b/6bing them when they try to move left/right, make them scared of sidestepping by using that opportunity to get closer and be more boost efficient than them, make them scared of meleeing you with your own projectiles/baits/high priority melees. you need to organize your offensive options in your head properly, recognize which defensive options the enemy is predominantly using, and then condition them to be scared to use those, so that you put them in a guess situation once you get close(which can cause less-composed players to flat out panic and then you can just auto win) also, this ends up dealing with learning to corner enemies properly, being in concert with your ally, and recognizing when you should just let an enemy run away so that you can 2v1 the other enemy or whatever.
  10. doan zaku melee obviously has some high damage routes but ugh these trailers are so badly made, i wish they showed off his other melees or his command movement decently. im gonna wait a day before buying either, i want to see what the JP wiki ends up saying about doan's melee. if his melee isnt good aside from damage and if his rocks or movement aren't good enough he's going to be terrible. i hope he works out though, would be a nice 1k addition. gn-xiii had nice stuff not shown in the trailer, so hopefully doan is the same. i also wonder if we'll get more dlc or if the on-disc stuff is all of it until they give us MB stuff or something. i guess we'll find out in 2-3 weeks.
  11. google translating hte article seems to say that doan has the melee damage of a 3k and that gato gelgoog's boomerang is directable. doan will probably be valuable like gn-xiii, excited about him. im sad gato gelgoog csA isnt a gerobi but he could still be reasonably valuable depending on specifics of his tools.
  12. BC can be nice for when you're pursuing someone and you do like A->BC->A. its also really nice for quickly getting away from melee mechs. Also since you can cancel it into your melee moves, sometimes doing things like 7BC 4B can be nice.
  13. if you want to have lots of assists and rather standard gameplay as a 1k, people should just play gunez instead. plus more assist ammo/reload that way, 3 assists at once, BC, AB-AB-AB for punishes, ridiculously good super. reloadable A is nice but god fucking blamco. i'd love to be hype for elle especially since i like her voice acting, but with kamille mk-ii and zeta zaku in mind, nope. i kind of wish i didnt buy kamille mk-ii(bought him because "oh! cool! a 1k with reload!") and had waited and bought zeta zaku or elle mk-ii instead to have a reload 1k, but waiting and then buying elle feels like like giving them a thumbs up for their extremely half-assed last 2-3 dlc packs. i am baffled that they explicitly chose to make marbet v1 and silver sumo almost 100% pointless by not changing their cost. it is extremely unlikely that it would be much effort for them to change variables as necessary to create fun DLC even without new models or whatever, and the voice acting probably often costs more than the amazingly minimal design/programming work they've put into these. IIRC judging from leaked movelists, gato gelgoog and doan zaku sound like good DLC. maybe if a bunch of people buy them(and gn-xiii) instead of buying these almost-voicepack dlcs, it'll encourage them to do more good dlc.
  14. Mightfo

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    I would rather more fundamentals-centric mechs like WZTV and reborns be S/S+ than fullcloth/master/qanta. :1 As for Zeong, i suspect the point of them putting Zeong and Heavyarms in 2.5k was so that they could keep certain skills(1 second heavyarms csB) without being overpowered. Although, so far that hasn't worked for Zeong. Anyway, full boost arcade version tiers changed pretty drastically over time due to patches etc, so there's not really a lot of point to console players being particularly concerned about balance in early versions of maxi boost.
  15. Yeah, JP wiki is pretty solid most of the time. By the way, since google translating the combo pages can be confusing as fuck: 横-side 4/6 前-forward 8 後-back 2 so 横N横 is 4b > b > 4b iirc.