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    It starts with a Q..
  1. May the power of your mustache be with you. And make us laugh more. XD

  2. Once again sir, you are awesome. How you find videos to relate to whatever you say simply leaves me amazed. Although nothing has been able to beat your "we ran out of cd space" post on the "what if ragna had sol's fire powers".

  3. All I did to hide from the authorities was put on a mustache. Tis the perfect disguise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKeQZ2yhrNc&feature=related ...

  4. It would appear the authorities caught you finally, glad to hear you managed to make it back to DL, ti was boring without you =] Those comments you've been leaving I knew it had to be the infamous quomple under the new alias "el sol"

  5. I can't get banned again. I have a mustache now.

  6. Quomple. Hi~! Don't get yourself banned again~! I'll be sad. :(

  7. Don't get banned. :P

  8. DOES THEY HAVE LITTLE LAZOR GUNS AND RULE ANTARCTICA WITH TEH FINS OF JUSTICE!? Man penguins are what stole my sanity in the first place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cevs63S5XLo Dang penguins

  9. What a sad little quomple... Do you want a penguin to make you feel better? Because, as we all know, everything's better with penguins.

  10. Mods got fed up with my posts and talking back to them :(

  11. the other guy gets banned but i'm still here? what is this? I lost the ban game...

  12. Looks like you're not gone yet..

  13. Why did you get banned originally?

  14. No local comp + college work = difficult to get serious in games. Yeah I might storm another forum once I leave this one. If we meet again you'll definitely know ;)

  15. You are just pure genius, man... I don't plan on becoming a hardcore player either, but I optimize myself to the point where any more practice would not yield great enough results to be worth my time. Anyway, see you in another forum. If we meet again.