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  1. lol what? It's Kyle, you know me.

  2. Hello.. May I ask who this is

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jONgpkKkXM0&feature=channel your ssf4 match with commentary (nice Ultra baiting and Super mashing XD)
  4. Name Gamertag Timezone Changes were made to Cake's CS release party, so please respond with the information above and check back to the thread.

  5. Hi, Blue. I made a new gt, so it would be nice if you could add me again. It's ScarletxRabbit, I added your second gt, but you are all over the place, figured I'd just tell you. xD Thanks.

  6. Anyone want 2 team up with me 4 the 2v2 tournament that is coming up.
  7. Your Arakune against Litchi left me like :psyduck:. I didn't get till someone pointed it out. Nice trolling. Anyway, ggs.

  8. I went 4rm 4.00 till 6:00 I dint see any comp. So i left early. Zong_1 your going down lol..... I'll post up when I'll go AI again
  9. Oh yeah, I remember. Though I think I got lucky yesterday's player match. xD

  10. i'm going to AI this Saturday from around 3 till 8pm hope to see some CS competition. Hope to see you guys there, i need to practice for this next tournament.
  11. good games today....on that player match. I was on my second account x blueblaz x

  12. thanks for the offer dreamskept but i just fond another partner....
  13. i would like to team up with u, but i think there is a rule that u could not play with two of the same characters in the same team. if im wrong i would like to team up with you dramskep.... does anyone out there know about this rule....