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  1. Xithmos

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Loke Test

    So I don't think anyone posted this video yet (and if so... then I'll re-post it anyway). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFRTlj2fhoE&feature=sub At 0:15 the Carl used 3C into 3D, but the 3D forced standing? It also looks like his combos can end earlier if you use his A attacks.
  2. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXJJRgVHK-w&feature=sub Really hype combo against Jin. j2C alle~can>5B>[6D]B>j2C alle~can>5B>repeat
  3. Accent core players... in Chicago? Especially Cook County? :3
  4. hey there its you from before =)

  5. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    No wonder why my 4D combos don't work. >_> EDIT: Now that I got the 4D combo down, is there a combo limit to 4D? Meaning when the combo gets closer to X, when will it not combo?
  6. Why yes I do have a dustloop account. :)

  7. Hmm, so you DO have a DL account. Interesting.

  8. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Just wanted to say good games Zoogs. I was a little too free against Leonil. Wish I could have done more mirror matches with you. Could you give me any tips for my Carl? Also congrats on winning your tournament! :D
  9. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    So after 30 minutes of testing.. Ragna: 5B>6B>3D>jC If they block high, they get hit by 3D and jC, which still allows you to combo If they block low, jC will whiff, but you will cross over the opponent (possibly) Note that the jC does not count towards the combo from 5B>6B>jC Jin: 5B>6B>jB>xx Noel: 5B>6B>jA Rachel: None Taokaka: 5B>6B>jA Carl: None Litchi: 5B>6B>jA 5B>6B>jC works too, see Ragna Arakune: 5B>6B>jA Tager: 5B>6B>jA 5B>6B>jB>xx 5B>6B>j2C>xx 5B>6B>jC (see Ragna) Bang: None Hakumen: 5B>6B>jB>xx 5B>6B>jC (see Ragna) Lambda: 5B>6B>jC I tried 3D>jC>xx, and it pushed me behind Ada, so I'm not sure if you'll want to try this (unless you want to RC it) Hazama: 5B>6B>jB 5B>6B>slightly delayed jA Tsubaki: None
  10. 3D airdash reset: 3D - jump, late air dash - j.B - j.C - 2B Fixed for clarity. Also I noticed that the 5B>6B>jB works only on a few characters (most notably Jin and Hazama), while the 5B>6B>j2C works on Ragna and Tager. I'll post which will work against who tomorrow.
  11. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I remember learning the summon bnb combo... *reminisce* I find it easy to input it as 2A>2B>3C>2D>IAD j2C alle~can>combo The '3C' counts as a down input, so inputting 32D still counts as 22D. Also during a 2D loop, 5C~volante is so cash as opposed to j2C alle~can>5C~volante
  12. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    BCDX AXXX ~ All the way. I don't see how you guys can use type B. O_o
  13. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    That will be the first thing I try when I get back, PK Blizzard. :3 Also have we played before?
  14. Xithmos

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    When getting pressured, look for a gap in the opponent's block strings and poke them out of it (go for a 2A>2B>3C>IAD j2C alle~can>xx), or go for a 2A>5B>22D>IAD j2C alle~can. If you can manage without Ada, use volante and try to keep them in enough stun so you can later summon Ada for setups. Don't ever mash when in hit sun/being pressured. Be patient. Learn to hit confirm, etc. As for keeping space with Ada, try to stay close to her (of course). I tend to hide my inputs for Ada with 6A, 5B, or 5C. Don't always predict to what your opponent will do, react to it (as in not throwing out random 623D, 8D, etc). Use 41236D and dash/IAD with her to move her forward. If the situation is C-O-N and the opponent just happens to get out, leave Nirvana there and judge from there. Lets say it became N-C-O, the opponent may try to either get away or pressure you. Don't summon Ada towards you in this case, since the opponent will have a better reason to run away. Try to either hit with a jB fatal or hit with 8D or 623D. I'm out of ideas, hope this helped.