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  1. Awesome Gum avatar

  2. Thanks for the advice Slayer Alucard, and yes I am talking about her 0 charge bnb (5bb, 2bb, 5cc 236a, 214a, 22a) I can never get the 22a timing right for that, I'm also having problems with comboing in general
  3. I'm main Ragna, but I wanna use Tsubaki I know her 5b combo shown in challenge mode the only problem is I'm having problems incorpororating 22x into any combos also I want to work on charging (ie. When I shud charge and whhich one I should do 2d 5d or jd) she seems like a fun character to use I just need some combo help
  4. sorry i got to this so late i tend to forget to come here often :( i guess my comment for the psn list is "Willing to Improve, hopes to become a decent ragna"

  5. yo yo yo yo it's avdepaz XD

  6. I need you to put a comment for the PSN list :P