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  1. Yeah. I don't really play anymore though, sadly.

  2. Are you a Carl as well? I gotta have a match with u

  3. Hey, it's Bond, where's the beer? :kitty: Marc and Bond, pm me your phone numbers so I can get a hold of you if I decide to go. If I go I can give you guys a lift.
  4. I've been hoping for something like this since we lost AI. :'( Maybe this will make me play fighting games again.
  5. The challenge mode combo is this plus j.2C, j.C, volante hits, and so on.
  6. Angel

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Video Thread

    Anyone know why AutonomousR stopped uploading?
  7. Angel

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Nooooo...I'm gonna be in Long Beach this weekend!
  8. Angel

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Dang, if I had seen this last night I'd be going. Probably can't make it now though.