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  1. I would say the alternative is just going for a midscreen oki off of the 2D
  2. More things Fuzzies off of something like 236P airdash j.H, land, j.P are still in the game. Haven't found a good ender off of it except for 6p 6h though 6p is great as AA. We're pretty spoiled right now with both 6P and 2S Forward dash still has feet invul and can dash over pot slidehead. Haven't tested against every other low yet Taunt is still unblockable! What are you having problems with? The 421H must be pretty much input the same instance as you do the RRC, which should be at the same time as the hitstop of the ice spike hits. Make the IAD as deep as possible before landing the j.H also
  3. I expected Dizzy to be kinda this way. Movewise she feels like most of the other cast i.e. she's pretty much reload with enhancements. Thoughts after playing a bit yesterday I really dislike bubbles being 236P/K instead of 214P/K. Just needs getting used to I guess? Also bubbles are a lot worse than in any XX revision. So far doing 2D > 421H, fish seems to be a decent way to get oki off. 2S is still good AA, have't tried 6P yet Really like ending blockstrings with fire pillar. it's anough of a frame trap to catch a lot of people mashing. Haven't tried against all characters though. Miss dizzy's old 2H for that sweet sweet abare I also don't like doing 4S to get the old f.S. It makes it hardder to stuff airdashes on reaction Post more after TM'ing after work today, but I'm looking forward to testing more
  4. Big shoutout to everyone present at dogfight. Special mentions to magz, dakanya and brett who are crazy awesome, but really everyone here in norcal has been great to meet so far. I had such a blast and I'm now more pumped for +R than I've been in years, and I'll be sure to bring that hype with me to Sweden. I'm mad happy about my result in +R, and even though I hoped to go far I hadn't anticipated it to go this well. As for Xrd well I can't argue my result. It feels like I clutched longer than I should have already, but 2GB combo was just too good for me. I won't make caliburst but I'll be back in time for the next Dogfight and I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. Nehle

    AC: General Discussion

    Yeah man it's a real mystery where to put things about okizeme in +R
  6. Nehle

    AC+R: Dizzy Changes

    I love the FB dagger for just keeping momentum in pressure, much like how testament used EXE FRC. It's also good for surprise snipes at some points I guess. Even at full screen if someone blocks it it gives you loads of time. Even without the FRC the frame advantage is awesome Auto-pop I like especially for FB bubble in neutral game. It creates more breathing room than before. In vanilla AC I would actually have to maintain the spacing so that popping the bubble was a threat, now I can back off more and try to create space for myself while the bubble is there. There are also some gimmicky setups in oki where you can do a blockstring into a bubble self-pop while you summon, but I don't think they're that useful since you generally get poorer summons from it.
  7. I really am for the opinion that the macro bug should be banned. However, since there seems to be some(?) controversy around it, maybe we should start looking into some conditional ban to still allow newcomers an easier way into the game? I'm all for compomising if it keeps the community together Just brainstorming a few ideas Only ban it in top 8 for tournaments Allow players to choose if macros are allowed for the round, as per Essays idea Ban it after some time period (say, a few months), to allow pad players time to learn to play without Other ideas...?
  8. I don't give a shit how much effort you spend on learning New Tech X or whatever, and if you can pull it off after only seeing it once then good on you. I meant effort of pulling stuff off in a high-pressure situation. There's no mental effort, I guess I meant to say, in that you don't have to concentrate on getting something perfectly right. Like doing a perfectly timed reversal after being knocked down means actually paying attention to not only when you were knocked down, but also if your character landed face-down or face-up and how that affects their riseup speed. That is something you consciously have to consider and that puts a cognitive strain on you and that will affect how the mind games are played out. Similarily, a Baiken player that doesn't need any effort to get a perfect 1f-counter against any random pokes will have a severe advantage over one who actually needs to confirm things. I can't believe you actually think this! Apples and oranges
  9. It's not about doing it more consistently, it's about doing it without effort or commitment
  10. Nehle

    AC+R: Dizzy Changes

    Yeah, almost every KD oki requires a meaty normal to stop the jump-outs. I actually think a bigger problem is the fact that K has almost no reach at all so usually you can't just 2D > KD anyways, since that'll make the KD miss Also find it a bit annoying that I can't delay special cancel off of 2D without doing the jump cancel. Not a big thing, but just unnecessary that I still have to jump cancel cancel in some circumstance..
  11. Nehle

    Award Nominations

    I nominate Shinjin for translator Exhibit A: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?13487-AC-R-General-Discussion/page16&p=1336396&highlight=#post1336396 Exhibit B: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?2975-Accent-Core-Venom-Thread/page7&p=1322181&highlight=#post1322181 Exhibit C: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?13487-AC-R-General-Discussion/page20&p=1348821&highlight=#post1348821 + http://bitterharmony.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4480
  12. Nehle

    AC: General Discussion

    Me, Shinjin, Caer and Glenn started a podcast. In the first episode there's a lot of Dizzy talk like gameplan and strengths and weaknesses (and why she's not a good as Millia)!
  13. Nehle

    AC: Okizeme

    Without doing any training mode checking with the actual timing I'm going to go ahead and claim that if it works out with the timing of the j.P > bite > j.H or whatever you have in mind after the j.P, the setup requires that they block the c.S standing and then immediately go into a crouching block. The only reason I can imagine the going from crouch to stand after blocking a 2k is that they would anticipate a throw - but then why would they block low immediately after they tried to counterthrow your throw? I guess maybe you could do some shenanigans with 5s > 2d to condition a low block after the 5s, but that is much slower than the fuzzy j.P will have to be. If you can trick them into a standing position, just go for that 2k instead of 5s I guess?? I can see it maybe working against potemkin because his hitbox is fricking huge even when he is blocking low.
  14. Nehle

    AC+R: Videos

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3cw0vjVlcc Kazuki vs Roi , Nakamura , Osaka B
  15. Nehle

    AC+R: Dizzy Changes

    People have only played the game for 2 weeks and haven't found ways to handle her is the biggest reason probably, but * Her neutral is vastly improved over AC. Really. 25% tension dizzy is really hard to get in on and can get KD from pretty much anywhere. Laser fish in neutral is retarded in a good way. * Oki has gone from "very good" to "GDLK" Also, don't take this tier list as anything resembling a fact. It's a community list made a few weeks after the balance patch. It's bound to change. IMO, it's not much more than an indication of what 5-10 characters will be at the top and who will be at the bottom.