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  1. i know what you mean, i preferer CT as far as mechanics and creativity but yea, i broke my arm =( ironic it was while skating since Lilica time will be my ah3 main xD

  2. I play CT all the time. CS is meh. Cant play online because college connection sucks.

  3. so did yo quit bb yet?

  4. Tsuuna

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    Looks like I haven't missed anything of value in here.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l00yZtFrAM Cry with me. CRY THE TEARS OF MANLINESS LUNA.
  6. I like to spread some happiness from time to time.

  7. God, I love you. Day = Made.

  8. My name is Luna I hang with Tsuuna We like to kick some ass While Le Katz eats tuna "*nom nom* Haku Salmon"

  9. Tsuuna

    [CS1] Hazama Combo Thread

    'm pretty late to the party, but I've picked up Hazama some time ago. Honestly, if you get a random 2D~D, just hope they're high enough in the air to chain to. The only follow up that could make the most sense to me would be jB>jCx?> JC > jCx5> j214B. I'll also post some pretty coo' combos in here when I get the chance. My first combo ever deigned and tweaked up on. Have fun. Tager and Rachel specific. 50% heat. 5B>3C>66> 5C >2C>j.214B > 236236B> (adjust) > 4D~A> 4D~A> 4D~A > 623D > j6D~D>5C>2C > 4D~D > jC x5 >JC > jC x5 > j214B 5115 Damage.
  10. old friend, we must fight, my hakumen and your bang have a history and I've committed to him as a character... so come get 4C-ed xD

  11. Yeah, I'm sure we can shell out a lot of information between us, I've been working on a few combo setups, and corner combos and so on. I still however, CANT do his stupid Challenge 10. Its always one thing or another that throws me off, the worst of it being the dashing 3C into 236236B.