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  1. From twitter - @MashThat5a - 1) too many redundant threads 2) over emphasis on combos 3) don't we have a wiki for a lot of this @Pssych - Which is why General and Gameplay / Video Analysis / Odd and Ends should be the only threads needed ... @huey253 a big issue is that trying to find specific information in huge discussion threads really difficult @Pssych If something really important is said in a thread,you could always get a mod to link it in the 1st post
  2. I don't think every combo deserves to be on the wiki (i.e. troll combos). However, that does lead into the question of why do we have character specific forums? What are they useful for? Why should we keep them? etc...
  3. Yes! Finding combos in the threads can sometimes be time consuming, and even if they are all in the first post, the organization can be a bit lacking. Any ideas on restructuring the forums or the specific threads are welcome.
  4. It's been nearly a month since the community effort to revamp Dustloop started. We have come such a long way in such a short period of time. The new matchup sections allow players from both characters to discuss matchups in the same thread. (Thanks shtkn) . Once again, please continue to use the previous two revamp threads to suggest potential changes to our current front page and matchup threads. The main topic for this week's discussion is.... Character Specific Forums After revisiting the feedback we received initially, we noticed that there was a large amount of comments about the character specific forums. Finding relevant information and videos in these forums is very difficult. How would YOU change them??? Any and all ideas will be considered. (See Revamp #2 Thread) Thank you for supporting Dustloop and believing in our community
  5. "So, step on up to the plate, meet your fate Walkin' straight on into the lion's lair So, step on up, up to the plate, 'cause this ain't no game It's time to make history, yeah!"
  6. huey253

    Texas Showdown 15 - May 8-10

    I already bought my ticket for this. Can't wait until I see my Texas bros again.
  7. huey253

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    I don't know if these are unoptimal but I didn't see them posted - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IkgJJyygoQ
  8. Streaming Taokaka match videos w/ commentary and more. Shooting for an hour minimum every week. url is - http://www.twitch.tv/huey253 follow me on twitter for updates and more @huey253
  9. huey253

    Playing Blazblue at PNW House

    Playing Blazblue at PNW House twitch.tv/huey253 #bbcp
  10. until
    please share rt whatever
  11. huey253

    Blazblue CP w/ @huey253 and shyn

    come watch us press buttons!
  12. really? don't tell me you're hanging up your scarf & nail to pick up yukianesa? what's wrong with bang? cp bang looks to be the most fun incarnation of bang to date.

  13. As a moderator, I felt that it was my responsibility to work on certain things, which was unfortunate because my life became very hectic in the last couple of months. When I saw SuperScience at AX, I suggested that he ask to become mod so that he could do a better job on the wiki and forums. Im still far too busy to contribute and don't even play games as much anymore so it would be unreasonable for me to claim that I'll still contribute to the forums. TLDR: RIP HUEY253
  14. that's cool. no Bang action though?