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  1. Murki how's the plush coming along? There's a week left before my birthday, so I figured I'd ask. :P

  2. Bolverk-GTM

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Whoa, shit. This is what I come back to after a long hiatus. GET 'EM, STAR-DEMON.
  3. It has now been given to the post office~ I feel like I could have done a better job on it considering how long it sorta took (I mean, like it would have only taken an evening but laziness...), BUT FOR THAT. If I ever get decent at the kind I've been trying to make, you will possibly be getting a complimentary one. :v

  4. It shouldn't. We live in neighboring states after all. *hugs* Thank you~

  5. Thank you sir~ If I don't send it tomorrow it'll be sent Monday, hopefully it won't take too long to get to you. :x

  6. Oh, there's my plushie. One moment.

  7. Boolllvvvyyy, PM me your name/address please~ :3

  8. Hey, I just know that you're putting your best effort into it. That's all that matters to me. Hopefully you do finish it before my birthday though. That's 6 months away, haha.

  9. Hopefully I'll be sending it to you before your birthday :< I feel bad about how much time I've already taken on it ;-;

  10. I see. Take your time on it. :3

  11. I know this is really late (I'm sorry again ;o;.) I'm actually done, compared to before anyway.) but you know the hat? I'm really not sure how to do that ._. That's all that's left, but, well you sorta remember what my plushie things look like right? So they're sorta that flat thing going, but not I guess? So I'm trying to figure out how I'd make the hat not actually look flat. ;-;

  12. How goes the plushies and stuff? Much belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way!

  13. No worries. As long as it does become a finished product eventually, I don't mind waiting. :)

  14. Probably a late Christmas present D: I actually have most of it done but I'm missing a color ;-; (Same as with someone else's now that I think about it. :v) I mean if I had the color I could easily be done by the end of the week with both. But shipping things in Dec is a bitch ;o; Sorry it's taking so long btw, I feel like the worst person ever with how long I take for some of these things <_<;

  15. Hey Murki. How's the plushie coming along? Might I see it as a Christmas present perhaps? :D