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  1. GZ-Matthias

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    Even his Toll is Free
  2. If it's in a carry on bag, you may need to remove it from your bag at the metal detectors, just like you would with a laptop. Once I didn't do that and they pulled me aside to swab my PS3's vents for traces of explosives. That only took a a few minutes though so even that wasn't a big hassle.
  3. GZ-Matthias

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    Actually I am pretty sure he's going because he was really excited about going and as of two weeks ago was part of the crew heading down from here. Unless something changed this week.
  4. You'll have to talk to Kyle or Sluch (if you know him). Post in the SRK thread for Cinci. Also, ughhh. Have fun in Atlanta everyone.
  5. GZ-Matthias

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    Ugh probably going to have to miss Final Round.
  6. GZ-Matthias

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nsb Live now, JP Blazblue CS2 3v3 with 42 Teams. Was pretty damn entertaining last time!
  7. He's going to clash with it and kill you watch out
  8. Finally home and with enough energy to sit down and write a few shout outs. And like Kyle said above, if you want any pointers feel free to send a PM! Can't wait to see the videos! Thanks first off to everyone that let me borrow their arcade sticks. Milln: Thanks for putting this tournament together, great job running things and overall giving everyone a chance to get together and play in Tennessee. Keep up the good work! I laughed hard at you running out when Kyle got your name wrong. Kyle: "Matthias, are you thinking what I'm thinking" "You are not ordering 50 McNuggets" "I'd like an order of 50 Chicken McNuggets" Alphakami: Tad you're a fucking blast. Great hanging out with you and getting to play you again. I loved the evolution of your Valk between being drunk and being sober! Thanks for the burritos and letting Kyle and I crash at your place for the one night, and for the hotel room etc the next. Jackie Chandler: Fun to play you right off the bat in the tournament. That entire match felt too close for comfort but it a blast. Also messing around in training mode experimenting with silly glitches and clashes was fun. You were getting the hang of things a lot more when we played casuals after too. Keep up the good work... but don't keep up Astraling if it's going to cost you the match. Astaroth: Oh god why are Tager mirrors so fucking gross. I'm really like, stuck trying to remember anything that happened in the match because there were literally too many moments that were just clutch for either yourself or myself that they all blur together. Naifunkah: I'm sorry about getting all stone faced during casuals but god that match is frustrating. I swear I was having fun though despite being all quiet and groaning etc. You have such a persistent play style too. By the time I figured out what was up, the match was over in singles. It took me playing you in teams, and like... half way into casuals to finally get a grasp on how to stand a chance VS your bang. I'll have to go back to training mode on the match up and just work on execution more. Midnight: 1 match in team tournament wasn't enough. You disappeared before I could play you at all! Congrats on winning... but keep improving!! Zeno: Great match and fun Hakumen. That match up is honestly one of the strangest ones to learn. Everyone else, great matches, great casuals, great fun. Keep on playing and having fun. See you all again sometime!
  9. Dogs can't play fighting games

  10. Everything is half of Carl's lifebar
  11. Looking forward to this weekend now that I found out I can actually go!
  12. Hey. Hey. Run BB as a side tourney at CBBG. I need my fix ;_;

  13. GZ-Matthias

    KY/TN/OH AND IN- Trying to start a tournament.......

    Just so you know you don't have to rent or anything. It's just a venue fee to get in since the arcade machines are all free play etc. We play on consoles etc. You don't have to organize anything there since... we already do everything. BUT you definitely should come by and if you know anyone else interested in coming in to play games, bring em! We have fight nights every thursday. It's only $5 per person to get in and AL is open till 1 AM. There are also ranbats (ranking battle) seasons with usually one ranbat per month in games like SSF4, BBCS, Tekken6, or whatever else people want to play (AH3?). Jesse (the owner) also does occasional events on Saturdays. If you have any questions at all, just call the number on the page and Jesse will probably be able to help you out. Also PowerUp2011 is going to be a large tournament at Arcade Legacy. So look that up too. If you're looking to start something more locally to you, then post in the Kentucky thread and see who's interested. You might also want to check SRK match finder too.
  14. GZ-Matthias

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    Ya but it was kind of one of those things that you never see in a match What he's doing here is canceling Spark Charge into 720. It's not clear on if it's a kara cancel or not or how it works. But it actually is looking like it might be Voltic Charge xx 720. Which is a lot different than kara-canceling risky normals with a precise input. If it is only a kara cancel, it seems like the window for it is really late... Another Tager player was doing it in matches too. You'd almost never see standing 720s getting pulled in match videos in CT or CS. Ya I realized how dumb it'd be if it's not a kara cancel but that's why I'd be this excited. There's something cool about this though so whatever @ Mac. It's sad to hear you had to head out, but if it's what you had to do then good luck in Colorado.