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  1. Yeah i'll bring mine. It's what I used for the CMV

  2. I meant with the laptop. Last time you didn't have one. I can't bring mine.

  3. I have yours lol

  4. I should be there tomorrow. Do you have a recording set up?

  5. Will you be at foonzo thursday? Really wanna record dem sets.

  6. Nah I got a house next to HQ. I'll probably be at HQ sunday if the airline company doesn't fuck up big time and make me supah late, so we could mash some Mahvel then. Don't think I've had good MvC comp in like 4ever lol, i'm gonna be mad fray.

  7. The video becomes choppy or just cuts parts completely. I'll try to make sure it works. Are you still going to stay at the Loyola campus?

  8. What happens when it lags? You can't record?

  9. I'll try to make it work. It lags randomly. I got lucky last time when I recorded your first video.

  10. Yo steb is your recording setup working? Wondering if I could come over to your place sometime next week to record my new CMV. Pedro is supposed to bring his setup to HQ on Sunday but I don't think i'll have much time to record anything then, and tuesday will be too busy at HQ, same for thursday

  11. pochp

    haha alright, great!

  12. Steb

    I have my passport already.

  13. pochp

    Hey, do you have a passport? I'm just wondering since I haven't already asked. Brice is handing his form in on monday, let's hope he gets his before ECT. And btw, there are no more rooms with the discount rate for ECT, at least I can still get a discount with CAA, it's only going to cost 15$ more per night for the room for than the ECT rate, but I think I'm gonna reserve soon in case they run out of those too. Friday and Saturday nights ok?

  14. pochp

    bring your 360 bbcs disc if you can. So we can use the second head-to-head.

  15. Steb

    Yeah, I just paid him. Thanks.