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  1. Dunno if you'll ever see this, but we've got a GG2 Discord up and running if you're ever interested in the game :)https://discord.gg/X2Ep2De3xZ

  2. Do you check this ever? If so, add me on steam and lets do some GG2 :D "xSol_Badguy"

  3. Booooy, add me on steam, surely you can play some GG2 now ;D  "xSol_Badguy"

    1. Blade


      lol, I still haven't unlocked everything yet.

  4. GG2 got added to Steam, just fyi

    1. Blade


      I need to get me a Steambox one of these days.

    2. Sol.Badguy


      Eh, no PC capable of steam games in 2016?

  5. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    I actually saw this already in the gliding thread haha. Ah well maybe someday I'll see what's good about it. I guess you make a good point about the fact that he's behind Jiraiya a bit, that was the only perk I was really ever using it for.
  6. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    Can anyone give me a video of reference maybe? I've seen quite a few Yosuke matches in the Video thread but maybe I've never seen anyone use hit J.C effectively.
  7. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCfnSIwBaRs This is a 'Nise Pachi' Yosuke mirror video that was posted in the Gliding Explanation thread.
  8. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks :D I also just hit 16th highest PSR at 725 with Labrys on Xbox, so at least the imput I contribute won't just seem like me talking out my ass haha. Edit: 15th Edit2: 14th at 729
  9. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Haha I bascially burn it in all the ways you all mentioned put together. 1. Obviously to end a match, but also to end a round if it's very close. 2. If I Have red axe and I can put some real fear into them by doing an easy 6000 damage or something combo. 3. I really enjoy using it on characters like Yosuke, Liz, Naoto, just to destroy a huge chunk of health. 4. I definitely use it to finish off characters before they go into awakening, or at least do as much damage into awakening as possible. 5. I'll use it if I feel like I won't be able to keep the red axe vs certain characters. It's important to remember that your axe will recover to level 3 on it's own without even having to attack/whiff. Also that your axe will never drop below level 3 without using Moujuu-D or Brutal Impact-B. And just to make sure everyone is aware, whiffing theoretically can get you to red axe. I remember someone mistakingly saying somewhere that it only gets you to level 3 but it is possible. It takes a long time and is 1000% impractical but whiffing can save your red axe so it may be worth knowing. Edit: Woo, just achieved S rank ^^
  10. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Always connect? Maybe it will always connect if you activate it at the exact right moment, but that's the problem I'm having. Where is this video Tari made? I looked in the video thread but I must have missed it or something. Edit: vvvv Thanks
  11. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Man sometimes Labrys is really discouraging to play online. I've all but given up on consistantly landing 236236D after j.214B. Every time you fuck up its 50 meter waste, all of your axe guage, and a free fatal counter. Holy shit, that's what I call a punishment for messing up. Any advice? I'm seriously weighing all-out not even trying to do it anymore.
  12. Sol.Badguy

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    Man I really wish there was an Axe Gauge.. Also wish there was on option to leave an axe at a fixed level, yet have it still level up during combos...jeez. Anyway can I ask what techniques you guys use to do combos that involve holding down a tsurugi for a set period of time? Like for Labrys' challenge 29 [Corner] 5B(2) > 22A > 5A > 2B > (sword hit) > BI > etc. I remember someone saying something about rolling it but I didn't understand what they meant.
  13. you know you're going to need a PSvita right?
  14. Lmfao this thread.. Anyway I don't know if this is on or off topic??? but.. Does anyone go for the 5k mid screen meterless combos online? In the past I always tried to but I could only pull it off on 3^ and 2^ connections so I settled for sticking with the 3.8k or w/e for safety reasons. What do you guys think..assuming you actually play Hazama and aren't here for the pointless/stupid/useless conversations about nothing..