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  1. Yvive

    [AC+R] Venom Discussion Thread

    If I had to take a wild guess I'd say that hitting D during the formation set-up will give the Pre-AC set ups and that Tactic Arch will give a full 5 ball set up, since it's an overdrive. (I just edited my other post to make it more obvious. Sorry, I'm oblivious sometimes ) Yeah, it really looks like they're going out of their way to kill every remnant of the CR loop
  2. Yvive

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Can someone help me figure out what the change log exactly means by this? スティンガーエイム コマンド完成時にレバーが → 以外に入力されていても出せるようになりました。 It has something to do with Venom's Stinger Aim command, but I can't figure out exactly what.
  3. Yvive

    [AC+R] Venom Discussion Thread

    I was able to translate the majority of the Venom changes. I'll edit this post with any updates/corrections that I find. Balls General: - FB Carcass Raid and Stinger Aim cause the balls that they hit to bounce against the ceiling and walls a few times. (FB DHM isn’t mentioned, but I assume it’s similar) - Ball formation Change: While the ball formation is moving into place, it can be changed by pressing D. - All Balls now increase the guard bar by 6. Lighting Balls are 6 x 3. Charged Balls are now 20 x n. 6HS: 6P gatling removed. c.S ->6HS Gatling added. Ground bounce changed to Knockdown. Active frames reduced from 8F to 6F. Untechable time reduced from 44F to 20F c.S: guard bar increase reduced from 20 to 14 6P: New move. No details given :-/ (Probably new anti-air) 6K: Venom's 6P from AC. Now ground bounces on hit. Startup increased from 10F to 15F. Untechable time increased from 15F to 30F. Upper body invincibility removed. Special Cancelable frames increased (?) Air Throw: FRC window added to the moment when you begin to fall. Dubious Curve: Sliding and untechable time increased by 2F. Slide distance shortened. Can be canceled into Ball Summon and Teleport. Block stun reduced from 24F to 18F Stinger Aim: Something about the how the move's command behaves. not sure Double Headed Morbid: S Version: Now only does 1 hit. Causes massive blowback to the opponent on hit. Damage now 44 (changed from 17x4). Attack level changed from 3 to 4. HS and FB Versions: During the movement portion, if the button is pressed again (HS for HS, D for FB) an additional attack will occur. Teleport: Now able to be counter hit. Startup increased from 14F to 20F. Recovery reduced from 7F to 1F FB Stinger Aim: Bounces of the wall once. Ball will also bounce if it hits the opponent (not sure if I read this one correctly) FB Carcass Raid: Number of bounces increased Tactic Arch (632146+P/K/S/HS/D): New Overdrive, Probably has something to do with ball formations Can be done as a follow up to Dubious Curve Other stuff of note: Dim Bomber's notation does specify that it's needed to be done in air and Dark Angel isn't listed, but these might be misprints. I'm fucking oblivious EDIT: already fixed some stuff that I misread/mistyped. Mainly the Ball formation and Teleport change.
  4. Yvive

    [AC+R] Venom Discussion Thread

    I don't think I've seen this posted anywhere else. c.S> 6HS> Carcass Raid is now possible
  5. Yvive

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    This is the best thing I've heard all fucking week.
  6. It's np, I'll have to invite you to a room sometime. I've been helping a few friends learn the game that way, I'm sure they'd like to fight someone that isn't me for once. That's definitely not to say I'm all that great either... eh... anyway I'll add you to psn.

  7. Congrats on starting the new shitstorm thread:yaaay:

  8. sure, I wouldn't mind. Though fair warning, I'm ass at this game :-P

  9. Hiya, I happened to notice you were from Ft Wayne, I am from Butler, IN about a 40 min drive away. My PSN is Azureikaru if you ever feel like fighting someone from nearby.

  10. 8, easily the most striking one of the bunch.