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  1. I would much faster take the more skillful parallel if it existed, and in this case it does (And was clearly the intended version. The macro glitch is quite apparently not ArcSys' goal here judging from some of the results). Prioritizing the Arcade version's intent makes way more sense.
  2. Okay, lets go step by step then. Should macros be banned if Justice glitch exists? Yes, because Justice's gameplay is clearly not balanced for that to exist and it makes the character very stupid. Should macros be banned if Justice glitch doesn't exist? Probably, because turbos have always been banned and this is doing more than a turbo does (for some characters), but an argument could at least be made that no one character is benefiting much more than others for it. Probably fair to add in that there will be disgruntled pad players as a result of the ban, so that's a con. Then we get into all your craziness about how execution doesn't matter. It's an irrelevant side topic, but if execution doesn't matter why aren't scripts allowed? I'll just program buttons on my stick to do my combos or difficult neutral game tricks for me, is that ok?
  3. The entire point of this thread is that the glitch breaks the game on Justice Why would we stop talking about Justice
  4. Are you seriously a person? This glitch is patently game breaking and you know it, shut up. my brief 2c would be the glitch needs to be banned somehow, either the glitch itself or by banning macros. One takes way more policing, so I would vote banning macros, but that does make some people's lives harder.
  5. I'll take that as a huge compliment! Very nice to meet you
  6. Thank you everyone! My personalized shoutouts list would be 8 pages long, so I'll keep it brief. Everyone I got to spend time with, be introduced to or even just play with: You guys are all the reason I spend way too much time of my life pushing or thinking about pushing buttons. All the FGC personalities, from quiet to way too loud all coming together at NEC was unforgettable. From drawing jB on ApologyMan's head in sharpie, to Souji's godlike troll smile at Yakitori Boy, to 2500 yen unlimited money matches, to losing 3 times in a tournament I didn't enter in and BODYING the cinnamon challenge, and everything in between, this event was amazing. Thank you to everyone who introduced themselves to me or I was able to meet through other means, I hope to see you all again soon! EDIT: Almost forgot follow me @Dacidbro 2 get all da updates
  7. Dacidbro

    [P4A] Akihiko vs Yukiko

    His damage conversion with 100 meter is -consistently- higher than mitsuru and kanji. What you're failing to realize is absolutely any hit confirms into a viable combo when akihiko has 75 meter or higher. If Mitsuru hits a standing non CH 5A, it's nothing unless opponent is crouching. Random 2A, nothing. Kanji 5A/2A, nothing. etc. Actually Kanji very -rarely- has good damage on his normals, it's kind of an awful example. Not as awful as the repeated comparison to Nu V Tager though. Seriously, what is this analogy? It makes literally no sense. Stop doing this. Just for sake of argument, I will briefly lay out why this analogy is truly horrible, by comparing Akihiko's quick, fundamental advantages over Tager. And remember, this is CT Tager, who had even more against him. -A dash (A strong dash, too, I should add) -A double jump -Airdash -Gap closers that aren't negative on block and are solid on whiff (A Kill rush, specifically) -Hard call outs that go full screen in ~16 or 28 frames, depending if you want invuln/have meter or not -Vastly superior structural offensive choices with meter (Not just guess right once win guess wrong once lose) -A plethora of defensive choices not shared by Tager (DP, EX Sway, roll) -A HIT BOX THAT DOESNT TAKE UP THE ENTIRE SCREEN Okay, are we done with that? I ignored it this long because it was so nonsensical. Maybe that was a mistake. And fucking believe me, if you ran a team Tager VERSUS Team Nu concept match, it would be Team Nu DOMINATES. That DID NOT HAPPEN with Aki V Yukiko. Why would they even be doing a concept matchup in the first place if the results didn't mean anything? I think it's important that everyone goes into a matchup thread with the understanding they could be wrong, and if the evidence begins to show otherwise, the viewpoint should change. I have not felt this from most players on this board though. Your pros and cons are misleading too. A better air game, what does that mean?? If Akihiko hits his very fast air dash jB in air to air circumstances, he gets over 4k with meter, or a knockdown and meter without. And how does she anti air him? Akihiko's anti air is one of the best in the game, but if he's above her the best she can do is either predict the jump in so hard she already had a fan there, or force him to block if he is content not to press anything. There are many strengths you're leaving out. And I'm sorry once again, but if you're calling into question the level of play exhibited by the Yukiko's in this video.. you're a NUT. These are 4 of the best Yukiko's in the world, so saying their defense is suspect is laughable. What this actually does is bring me to question if you even understand the level of play you are watching, to imply such disrespect. (Specific quote being: "You play Akihiko, so you should know more than anyone that you don't need to have a DP to have defensive options, and oftentimes your problems are solved just by blocking until the string is over. Yukiko doesn't do that, and it's the player's fault. Not a factor of the match up.")
  8. Yeah, that's right. What's up man?

  9. Dacidbro

    [P4A] Akihiko vs Yukiko

    Thanks! And yes, EX Corkscrew is godhand. And it's not guardpoint, like EX Hook, so if the attack is out there's no fading off just because someone touched it. Ryd', your contributions have been spectacular! Thank you so much. I think this might be one of the most detailed matchup threads on all of dustloop because of your help. I'm often a bit too busy to give such detailed answers, and probably didn't even know half as much of the matchup as you did. Thanks a lot.
  10. Dacidbro

    [P4A] Akihiko vs Yukiko

    It's true, those hits do exist, but it's pretty easy to generally not get hit by them, and 3k is extremely average even then. If she gets you cornered it's legitimately scary, with the right setups. The unblockable resets are really dangerous, especially on persona high/2A. Actually, incidentally, do you know which one hurts less as a starter? IE, if I think this unblockable will hit me and I'm not confident enough to press dragon punch, would I take the 2A starter or the persona starter? Probably 2A, right? Her fatal counters exist in such bizarrely rare circumstances against Akihiko.. I would even go so far as to say they are meant for different matchups. There's barely any structured way to fatal Akihiko, if you are Yukiko, but if you know of some I would be happy to know and take note.
  11. Dacidbro

    [P4A] Akihiko vs Yukiko

    I don't know if I was clear enough, but I expect to be hit at least 5 times as often as I hit Yukiko in any given match with her, and it's not even remotely a problem. When I finally DO get a hit, she is frequently on one mix up one kill situations, and her defensive choices are not sufficient to combat Akihiko's offensive choices. -Her DP is barely functional, and can't even stop his unblockable as he can cancel to super on the guard point. -All of her reversal options are low reward high risk and Akihiko has more ways to bait reversals than probably any other character, and they cover multiple choices simultaneously, like EX Hook baiting DP and guard cancel. I think you guys are just uncomfortable with getting hit. Just get used to it, the hits don't hurt. Akihiko has plenty of health, and scales upwards -magnificently- as the match progresses, since his meter use is so incredible. EDIT: Another fun trick, you can try to call specific projectile attacks with L3 D Maziodyne, and potentially get about 2k, paralysis, and break a card and it's 100% safe (-5 on block, full screen) and usually worst case you break at least a card and clear the screen.
  12. Hey there. THis is Kivorav, we've talked a bit. I'm just curious, you're a Norcal player correct?

  13. Dacidbro

    [P4A] Akihiko vs Yukiko

    I guess I just don't know how you see 9-7 Akihiko favor and decide the matchup is not only not even, but disadvantaged.. I understand everything you're saying, I just think it's flat out wrong, and I think the evidence in this case supports me