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  1. You still get on chat? Have not seen you bro. I saw a rip soba message the other day. You good?

  2. I got the bee the first time I killed helquist so I knew where it was. I didnt think much of it till I got the two fer maggie though. Conference Call just takes it to a whole new level of shit. Vermivorous just drops norfleet and the legendary class mods oh and a head per character. The Gunzerker glitch mad me mad at first, because if the launcher is in your left hand, it does shit damage. So when I finally reversed it, my torgue machine gun did the rockets damage every shot. I about shit myself. Get a baby maker for real damage though

  3. I will give you everything you need. I assume you were wanting a flakker or conference call. All my weapons I found myself, which means some may not be the best versions. Still going to rape everything in the room. Same with the Bee

  4. Yeah I know they travel to certain tourneys and such. I get invited a lot.

  5. Meet a lot of Al peeps?

  6. I like Bullet and the Other guy as well. Whats been up? MEssage sometime

  7. Only respond to that one lol. Horrible . shame on you

  8. Why can't I find this game?

  9. Yo my bad I don't check this place often. I live in Montgomery.

  10. I might be buying ectend soon if you want to play

  11. I played it some more and Tager is pretty awesome.

  12. That is if I connect.. IFFFF. Even marvel runs amazing. Hell despite soul calibur being such a letdown, the netcode is the best in my experience.

  13. I just tried to play Extend on XBL. I highly doubt I will ever play with anyone again. Shit is impossible

  14. that music is killing me, omg

  15. Happy Late Birfdai yo. Mine was only a week prior