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  1. I can't believe I didn't notice that picture you drew until today. Fucking blew drink out my mouth. THANK YOU SIR.

  2. L4D2 is down to 7 bucks today and today only if you want to hop on that.

  3. Wolt

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    Order-Sol goes mechanical? Why the fuck not.
  4. Wolt

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    Even if she gets above B tier or is just much better then Rags, I bet you still won't play. Nothing but dat #R online Jam.
  5. Wolt

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    I forgot he could draw. Don't tell me that was made before hand?
  6. Go drinking or some shit.

  7. Wolt

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    I request a picture of Sol playing the piano and singing Captain Jack. Why do I ask this? No reason at all.
  8. Xiamou (T-Elos): Nittou Togeyoroihirame > Suzato Namimori no Kata > Kimonfuuji Hatenkou > Xiamou Magic > Hakkin Tatsumaki no Kata KOS-MOS (Kyon Feulion): G-Shot > S-Sault > Thunder Sword > Dragon Tooth > X-Buster Never had a problem with heavy enemies. I'll do the others if I feel like it.

  9. The Weisritter support should only only be used at the beginning, and it will break EVERY single guard. I don't think Xiamou's links were hard at all, I just found her damage to be below average and not very desirable unless she activates Raid. Heres the attacks I had for everyone, as well as their assists. Also, I practiced the Henne assist for a good 10 minutes, that way I just never drop it. Haken(Fighter Roar): Texas Hold 'em > Full House > Quad Solitare > Seven Stud > Best Flush 2nd Alady(Alcon): Kishin Renken > Haou Gouraikyakou > Haou ryoudantou > Kishin Ranjyuugeki > Gouha Kishin Ken Neige(Anna Sirena): Royal Kiss > Veracious Mirror > Hunter's Mercy > Glass Cofin > Red Hot Pumps Aschen(Saya): Genbu Spike > Mirage Spin > Divine Lancer Revised > Dragon Scale > Illusion Bolt Suzuka(Ezel Granada): Bullet Chain > Jyaki-Gun Drive > Ghost Dance > Otherworld Companion > Seal Fang Kaguya(MOMO): Yomigirai's Branch > Thorns Blossom > Swallow's Suke > Dragon's Gem > Steel Thorns

  10. As for Assist characters, here are my top three, favorite three and worst three. Top three: Alcon (Fucking great attack, good stat boosts) T-elos (Easy link attack and holds them in place? Yes please) Fighter Roar (Easy link and good stat boosts) Favorite three: Saya (Sexy attack and character, has a chance of both Essence and poison effects) Koma (Great link and Luck support) MOMO (cuz it's MOMO :kitty: ) Worst three: Henne (weirdest hitbox ever. Half the time it'll hit and the other half it won't) Feekleid (Bah, weird ass link in the beginning of the attack) Weissritter (Weird ass beginning link)

  11. I think the hidden boss is that woman who Alady and Neige talk to in the beginning, the white hair person (who, incidentally, I thought was a guy until I saw boobs). I'll go back to her on my other save and see if that's true. Some more story bits: Remember when you had to fight the last boss from EF in EXCEED again? Apparently Alfimi (in her own game) used to be sort of a puppet for the Einst, and she was fused with an Einst who looks exactly like the EF final boss. That's why she's so disturbed by the appearance of that Einst. Also, there are so many references in EXCEED to other games, I wish I could understand them all. The best part was when I was randomly putting assists with characters to see what they would say. I put Saya and Xiaomu together, and imagine my surprise when their intro was an IDOLMASTER reference! Xiaomu said "It's Shura's Idolmaster, Xiaomu!" and Saya said something about the Idol project, lol.

  12. I dunno why KOSMOS was hard for me to use. I had her attacks as Thunder Sword > Valkyrie II > S Sault > X Buster > Dragon Tooth. She had problems against Heavy characters, I remember. Though maybe it's like how you thought Alady and Xiaomu had the hardest attacks to chain, while for me they were with Suzuka in how easy they were to chain attacks with, especially vs heavy characters. Alady: Kishin Renken > Haou Kuuen Kyaku > Kishin Goutetsukou > Haou Ryoushou Kaku > Kishin Ranjyuugeki Xiaomu: Hakkin Tatsumaki no Kata > Suiren Shigure no Kata > Nittou Togeyorohirame > Senko Youjutsu Ryukoranho > Kimonfuuji Hatenkou

  13. Hardest Boss? I honestly can't remember. Probably one of the Lok fights, or something with those bad guys. Surprisingly the Weisritter and Altweisser were easy opponents, as was the Phantom. Also thanks for all the story bits, literally had no idea what was going at all 90% of the time.