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  1. Irikarul

    BBCP Story Thread [Old]

    Found a summary of Carl's arcade, albeit in Japanese: http://iluyan.blog.fc2.com/blog-date-20130210.html Google Translate's a bit iffy, but from what I can tell, his fights are Amane, Taokaka, Litchi, and Relius, in that order.
  2. Irikarul

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    Ah, thank you. *bows* As for the hat, we made it out of cardboard, with the main part covered by purple fabric. We were on kind of a tight schedule/budget, you see... In the meantime, I'll look for other pictures. XD. I tend to be that way a fair bit. I probably should have gone with a more gentlemanly look for Carl pics, but I had a hard time keeping my hat on due to size issues, so clasping my hands would have been difficult.
  3. Irikarul

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    Hope people don't mind if I necro this thread real quick. Kind of timid about posting this, but here goes... From Mechacon 2012, September 7-9. And yes, that is in fact me in the picture. xD Forgive the derpy expression. I'm terrible at taking pictures. I meant to do his story mode pose when he's about to fight, but alas, my hat was too small for my head to keep on. I'll have to try a bigger one next year.
  4. What Psykotik said, except that I think it has a more metaphorical meaning, as opposed to much literal mind-control. Forgive the pun, but I'm pretty sure it means that he always has his sister on the brain.
  5. "I used to be an active Carl member like you. But then I took a Grad School to the knee". :p *puts up flame shield* But seriously, this place could use a revival of sorts.
  6. Finally! The CS:EX gallery has a new picture of Ada in human form, as well as Carl and Relius playing chess: http://i42.tinypic.com/35cjyp3.jpg Discuss.
  7. Irikarul


    So why do Plat and Carl fight exactly?
  8. You would've gotten away with it too! But seriously, was that last bit what you're actually aiming for, or is it just a joke?
  9. Ada exists. It was confirmed by that picture in the Material Collection, and the fact that Carl remembers her during his school days.
  10. @Rishtopher: You do have a point with the whole "Perfection isn't relatable" thing. I was just afraid you all were wishing that Ada would be more jerkish (or even evil, if one were to think to that extreme) than Carl remembered her to be. I wouldn't mind flaws in her character, so long as it isn't one of those two things. I love seeing her as the kindly older sister figure, and I wouldn't want to think of her any other way. I like the way you described her, though. Of course, I think she'd be a good bit more formal and/or reserved than Makoto. As for Nirvana, I'm thinking that Ada's spirit and the Nox's will are two different things. Like Ada would be the more benevolent half, and Nirvana would be the more malevolent half, considering what effects a Nox can have. The only thing that confuses me still is when Hakumen said that Nirvana didn't do anything but get moved by Carl's "desire to kill". And yet later on, we see Nirvana take effect to some degree. Which is it? @Sphere211: I could see that. However, I'm pretty sure Ada didn't go to school with Carl, considering their age gap, and the fact that Carl was homesick over her. I always pictured someone like Makoto or Tsubaki filling that role instead.
  11. Am I the only one here who would rather Ada actually be as good as Carl described her? I always thought he was right (in that Ada really was that awesome and loving), though she may have been a little too self-sacrificing for others (hence the willingness to participate in Relius' experiment), which in a way would make her imperfect. Personally, I don't like it when people seem to assume the worst in Carl, making him seem delusional and/or insane beyond all reason. And if Ada somehow wasn't all that, what would you guys assume she was actually like?
  12. I always thought that was just Litchi speaking, but...I suppose it could be Ada for all we know. Interesting.
  13. Wow...I really don't remember that. Can you give us a link?
  14. I remember Niko saying that Carl and Kokonoe were his favorite characters, which I guess is why he came up with it. Plus, it's a really cute and well-drawn image. He also mentioned that it spawned a Carl x Kokonoe discussion lol.
  15. Perhaps she was willing to help out but didn't know the result of the process? I'm thinking either: A) Relius tricked Ada into cooperating with his experiment. For all we know, maybe he promised her candy lol. B) He made her either sacrifice or watch the same happen to Carl and/or Ignis. I wouldn't put it past him to do this. C) Ada's a daddy's girl, or is at least very obedient. YAY I'm glad you liked the name n__n I actually thought of it while reading Kuroshitsuji. Ciel kind of reminds me of Carl, if Carl were more to-the-point about things/evil-ish. I'll help out with the fanart when I can, but my tablet pen broke so I can't colour til I get a new one I can see the comparison to some degree. However, Ciel reminds me more of Rachel in all honesty, at least in personality. Maybe a Carl/Rachel mix or something lol.