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  1. Damn, sucks that I missed the GG and MB tourneys... That's what I get for sleeping in. But as for the BBCS tourney, congrats to all you guys! Seems like a great turnout, and everyone did a lot better than I expected. Well, for those of you who happened to miss out on the action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLj6SK0OWCk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrK4lAwKBpk And special thanks to Id for hosting the tourneys, btw. Damn, you know how to multitask like a korean.
  2. Ah... feels good to be back. In any case, sounds great! Can't wait to get back in on this.
  3. hi hun love the AV ILy

  4. Nice work, all of you. Glad to see the turnout went well. Again, I had work, so, FML. I'll try to show up next time, maybe get a beasting or two by the real Big Game Hunters.
  5. Crimson Blaze

    CS at Mike Z's!

    Sorry I couldn't make it tonight... well, at least I know how to get there, that's a start. Anyway, we'll shoot for this Sunday I guess, assuming things don't drastically change to much before then.
  6. Crimson Blaze

    CS at Mike Z's!

    Ah, alright, I'll see what I can do with the quickness once I'm out... and, well... I don't even know where you live (exactly) or your number... little help? If anyone could PM me the addy, that'd really help.
  7. Crimson Blaze

    CS at Mike Z's!

    Ah damn... how late are you guys gonna kick it? I want in too, but I get off work around 9-10ish...
  8. Crimson Blaze

    CS at Mike Z's!

    I think we've had more rain in the past week than we've had all last year... which is funny, 'cause SoCal is known for our dry heat summers, raging wildfires and snowless winters. Hell, we're lucky if it even rained at all last year. Oh well, it is what it is.
  9. Hey Mike, long time no see. Like I posted earlier, would it be cool if I dropped by? Don't know if you're still taking those donations though, but I'll pitch in anyway. =P

  10. Crimson Blaze

    EVO 2010 Caesar's Palace, July 9-11th VEGAS BABY!

    'Doh! Decisions decisions... While I could go to EVO if I wanted to (this'd be my first one as well), AX is (literally) a week before, and I don't have money for both... and AX is closer to where I live... *sigh*
  11. Crimson Blaze

    CS at Mike Z's!

    'Sup everyone? I've been browsing around the forums for quite sometime, but never got around to posting around here (work sucks much... ). Anyway, I think most of you know me at FFA as Crimson, or Grant. So, just stopped around to say hi, and Mike... seriously, wtf happened? I would appreciate if you told me the details later thru PM... oh yeah, and would it be cool if I could come over too? I can bring food... or beer, cause you can't go wrong with beer! (I think ) And um... if there was an introductory thread, maybe I missed it...? That, or it hit me on the way in.