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  1. Hi! I'm a norcal player and I saw your post awhile back (Feb. I think) in the Norcal install thread about you maybe being able to come to one of our ranbats. Still around? Also, are you SoCal cos most of your friends seem to be. Anyways, it'd be great to have you come if you ever get the chance. Peace

  2. hi hun love the AV ILy

  3. hy render this is ehxaxis (xchel the girl jin kisaragi player at FFA) just dropping by to say hi and how are you TTYL

  4. hy mike this is ehxaxis ( xchel ) thank for all of the pro tips you gave me gonna try hard to get those DP's and also IB's too if anything ill message you if i have questions its ok thank you

  5. hey bang this is ehxaxis (xchel) thanks for all of the tips you gave me at Mike's really appreciate it

  6. i will see if i cn even make it there