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  1. Hmm.. that's pretty cool. I like to drawl too sometimes, although I'm not very proficient at it. :/ (At least I think I can texture.. or I'd never get anything done). You know, I really should start paying mour attention to who the artist are in all the fanart threads. It would be nice sometimes to be able to recognize talent, would you agree? So.. What are your studies? Going to school for any particular reason? Let me guess.. your one of those 'got everything in life' planned out type girls? Maybe I'm just stereotyping. >_< What's work like? Something interesting? (and if you say your a professional manga artist or something close to that, I may literally catch a nose-bleed.) I don't go out that often either, actually. I only know a few people.. and they are not really the bar-fly type. *'-'* -- (LOL.. I totally just accidentally posted this on my profile page.)