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  1. Printing miss in Famitsu. CS2 version update(arcade) is scheduled to be FALL not winter as stated in famitsu. Source : mori's twitter. http://twitter.com/zatuyoP/status/96224841748852736
  2. sesame

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    i like how a page and a half is gone due to known reasons minus the last reminiscent of the replies..==;
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    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    more like too many request and we couldnt take it ahaha..... (and a lot of claim request and not much doing >__>) i'll just say do it at your own pace in your own thread or something ;w;.... ya. (or PM the artist, that always gets something started ;P) dont be shy guys hahaa ;D
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    Arctus Gallery of Horrors

    pffffft. sorry. i wasnt expecting that..... XDDDDDDDDDDDDD but AWESOME. ;D!
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    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    i had to prove to Luna i can draw something cute ._. Noel :3
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    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    psst、we have a sprite art thread :3
  7. just some arcade patches. mostly bug fix. nothing balancing regarding character as far as i know. (PZ's CS2's on 1.02B??i think)1.05B LOL
  8. #!*()!*#)@!*$()@!$% !23 SURE. i didnt see that file yet LOL

  9. JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY JAPAN ONLY ya ^. 簡易キャラクター選択後、選択したキャラクターの PSR にてマッチングを行います。) after selecting easy mode, the selected character's PSR will be used (for display?) in match. NETWORK モードの対戦時におけるラグ対策の強) NETWORK mode's lag has been improved.(so less lag?) バランスバージョンは業務用「BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT II」の 2011 年 4 月 15 日時点のバージョンと同等です。) the balanace patch will be the same as Continumm Shift 2(arcade) 's April 15 version. ・プレイヤー マッチルーム内での簡易チャットメッセージの追) adding MORE player match simple chat messages. ランク マッチにおける切断プレイヤーへの対策を強化) more against ragequitter in Ranked match(LOL) (・チャレンジモードにて、有限の固有ゲージを使用するミッションでゲージが自動回復するように 仕様を変) changed how meters recover in challangemode where gage/meter is required. ・モード選択時に特定の操作を行うことでゲームの進行が停止する可能性があった問題の修) fixed bug when selecting mode the game might freeze. (・ミューの特定モーション時に意図せぬ画像カラーが表示されていた問題の修) fixed bug when mu's certain motion cause the display color to be messed up.
  10. sesame

    GLIIIIIIIIIII!!!! =D you and brother dont look alike :3 AND GRAT ON YOUR RACHEL BEATING PLAT <3 why didn't you guy come earlier darn it :

  11. ahhh it's done D:? havent been there lately ;w;... artwise i been being lazy LOL =w=. but didnt stop drawing, just stopeed posting lol

  12. hiii =D nothing much here :3 what you been up to lately?

  13. neither. CS2's already 'done' to be released March 31st in japan on handheld consoles. BB3( or actually, BB2) is NOT in the work US, and the rest of the world, have no announcement of either being released anytime soon. (though Aksys dont announce anything till about 1 week b4 it's release anyways)

  14. there seems to be some misunderstanding circulatiing regarding 'a new blazblue' in making according to Mori, yesterday's tweet disclaimer ちょっと聞かれたので。ブレイブルーの「新作」にかんして「作りたい」とは言いましたが「作ってる」とは言ってません。・・・世の中色々厳しいのです・・・本当に・・・マジで。 #blazblue "something you guys should hear this, regarding the 'upcoming' NEW blazblue game. I stated that (we) "WANTS TO MAKE it" and NOT (we are) "MAKING it" there's some harsh things going on in the world...really..." right before this tweet, he also told Rachel's VA the same thing on twitter. feel free to contact me for more info or if there's anything unclear
  15. posting on my own message board in case you come here due to the news thread: I found something that looked like a legit announcement of the console patch so i posted the information.Then later inquired a few friends but they disputed on it's accuracy due it's not 'officially' announced in anyways. So i denounced it (for now) as non-legit-update and therefore it's gone from the news-thread. sorry about any inconvenience/HYPPPE i caused with it's unannounced disappearance >_< i was too hyped when i saw it too and posted it without thinking, sorry /sincerely apologize/ -Sesame PS. i no like writing a formal apologize letter but here's the best i got >: ]

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    simply put, that new's accuracy's not ...100% confirmed by authority... so i ... well left a post saying /sorry about posting not confirmed news/ and then it got deleted............(not by me >_>)

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    Arctus Gallery of Horrors

    me likie sketches XDD which part of texas are you coming?
  18. na, not at all, sorry :


  20. w...whatt is suppose to happen? D;

  21. CSII coming to Houston(texas i assume) soon. Mr.Mori and Pachi also coming to Anime-Matsuri taking place march 18-20 in Houston, Texas. http://twitter.com/#!/AnimeMatsuri/status/39818307083321344