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  1. A plug in that updates in real time on the front page with match video uploads from jourdal and anyone else for games in the community. A calendar of events where anime games are featured at. Moderators who actually have some feeling of motivation or work ethic. Have top players who have the knowledge required to help fill in wiki/character guides, match up shit. Probably have some subforums just be locked like it's embarrassing to come here looking up some combos or matchup advice and seeing 2+ pages of people talking about waifus and some shit . Anime Suite not being mentioned anywhere on the front page is uhh, that's a whole nother mess. Daisuke Ishiwatari, Ogawa..I mean fucking Ishiwatari was there lol. I know article submissions have been open for a while but nobody has stepped forward to submit anything, which isn't a moderating issue but a community one. Anime community is extremely lazy, like being real with you Dustloop has been a joke for quite a few years like I don't feel like I should be going to SRK for Xrd/CPEX/anime news. It should immediately be on the front page here, like there's too many people who say they have passion for this but don't step up for it myself included. Like I know most of us have migrated to twitter but it's not that hard to compile information from there and credit the sources and make articles or submit it for that or something like that.
  2. You get more time than you think you do, it's not a 1f link and take some time to get used to. Once Adachi's animation is finished do 665B it takes a few times to get down.
  3. Hima combo concept
  4. Should be inside your case, and you just enter his code on the jp psn store like you would a psn code
  5. super impractical touch of deaths that require both buffs, crouching counter hit or fatal, burst and 75+ meter 5C > IAD JC > 5B > 5C >2AB > OMB > 5B > 2C > short hop jC > 5B > 2B > j2C > 236ABB > 214214D is 6.8k and kills Liz 5C > IAD JC > 5B > 5C > 2AB > OMB > 236236B > 5B > 2C > short hop jC > 5B >2B > j2C > 236ABB > 214214D is 7,3k and kills Liz and Yosuke
  6. if you hit ken's dog with dp but whiff ken, you can still super cancel
  7. 214ab? It gives air juggle and time for 5b, yeah. As for 2d/j2d it was used after 2c for more damage in the corner initially
  8. They track, but it's limited in midscreen combos
  9. They track, but it's limited in midscreen combos
  10. Sorry, meant 236abb
  11. new route is really fucking good it's probably the best thing for 5A/2A starters 3/3.4k with corner carry and damage buff, 4k+ if you're awakened and both buffs as well as confusing the opponent it also feels strong in fatal combos because you can link the j.C rebounce into 214ABB and go into grab super you can go into it from standing if you have 50 meter or counterhit for only 25 meter also FC 5C > IAD jC > 5B > 5C > 2B > jC > 5B > 5C > 214AB > 214AB > 5B > 2C > short hop cancel > jC > 214ABB > 214214CD does 6.7k but because of status they literally only have about 10% health left w/ few frames of poison and full fear from the grab
  12. new combo route
  13. on CH w/ DP you can 5C > D Evil Smile if buff is up they take poison from 5C + fear
  14. i dont know if someone mentioned it already but EX tackle puts opponent in spin state which means you can combo into 214214CD EX gunshot on air hit > 5C > D Evil Smile gives you p much fear from any position on screen you only get 2B > jC loops or follow ups with one more cancel, fatal or crouching you can only combo into his sweep from one more cancel, fatal or crouching gunshot ender forces tech on ground hit for a new setup also hes hella reliant on meter which means shadow adachi would've been fucking nuclear smh
  15. normal throw > omc > 5D works on teddie without having to do a 2A after omc