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  1. mikenapalm

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    Above combo video's notation, damage, and meter changes. 6C RC 22C 662C 5C 3C 6D 236D :: DMG: 4169 HG: (-50)46 6C(CH) 665B 5C(1) JC j.2D 5A 5C 5D 6D 236D :: DMG: 3006 HG: 67 6C(CH) 663C 22C 662C 5C 3C 6D 236D :: DMG: 4169 HG: 63 6C(CH) 663214B 663C ODC.lv3 22C 6D 632146D :: DMG: 6775 HG: (-100) 5B 5C 5D 6D ODC.lv1 j.66C(1) 662C 632146D :: DMG: 4195(?) HG: ~35-40(-100) 5B 5C 5D 6D ODC.lv2 j.66 j.C(1) 5C 3C 632146D :: DMG: 4955 HG: 60(-100) 5B 5C 3C 22C 41236C 662B 5C 3C 6D 236D :: DMG: 4683 HG: (-50)45 5B 5C 3C 22C 41236C 662B 3C ODC.lv1 665B 5C 6D 236D 632146D :: DMG: 6378 HG: 50(-50) 6A(CH) 41236C 662B 5C 3C ODC.lv1 665B 5C 3C 6D 236D 63214B :: DMG 3922 HG: (-50)50(-50) 3C 22C 236236D :: DMG: 5008 HG: (-100) 6B(FC) ODC.lv1 663C 22C 236236D :: DMG: 6401 HG: (-100) OD.lv1 6B(FC) 632146D :: DMG: 7011 HG: (-100)
  2. mikenapalm

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    Jourdal uploaded this the other day. I'll work on writing out the notation/ damage/ heat for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3KxA05z6fk
  3. Chiming in just to say that I'll be bringing a PS3 with BBCP with full roster, +R, and P4
  4. mikenapalm

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    also dont know if anyones posted it but you can get both hits of 5H from throw. throw 5H(2)xx 623H xx Goku Moroha > stuff *should* be a burst safe meter refresh. works from midscreen. tested on Testament.
  5. mikenapalm

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    does doing unblockable after 46S only work toward the corner? cant get it to hit midscreen.
  6. Ive been excited for this before Summer Jam was even over.
  7. mikenapalm

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Ill comb through the Tsubu video when I get off work, I couldve sworn I saw him do it there.
  8. mikenapalm

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    Do you have to delay it in the same manner as Dangoku? Honestly I feel a little weird letting someone see that move outside of an unblockable situation. I want it to sneak up on them lol Also how are you getting rekka loop x3? Im getting tech'd out after the first hit on third loop. 5H xx bloodpack frc > keygrab ughh. Im still working on it. I wonder if doing a 420 motion would make that easier or if the frc would send you jumping. Im still really blah at 63214 motions and doing two of them back to back so fast feels like death to me. I gotta work on getting that frc point way more consistent first though.
  9. mikenapalm

    ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

    A small +R write up after playing a couple of hours against friends. Overall it feels like you can't just get into Moroha and go ham like in AC. Fishing for CH with 5H is still okay, but only from max range. I think they moved her hurtbox into the move so it gets stuffed/ trades at closer ranges. (Lol HOS 5P mashes her out of it) 5H yank back hitbox is still good. Im having trouble finding the spacing for when just 1 hit of 5H happens. Second hit makes for an easy confirm. Empty buffer rekka or 2D when you do it, because the cancel point is small and right after the move hits. f.S and 2D feel like the better poke option over 5H. j.H seems to get beaten a lot more. Had better luck with j.S. Rekka loops are silly but easy to combo from everything. Goes to corner from around match start position. It does less damage than orb loops, but I prefer the oki more. Its easier to hide what your next move is imo. Timing the delay on Dangoku feels awkward, need to do it as late as possible. Stuff xx bloodpack frc > keystab is really tight. I don't have the execution to pull it off yet. Some thoughts from a mediocre player.
  10. Nah. Got a last minute invite to fill a spot at Zenkaikon with friends I get to see even less than my FGC friends lol
  11. And so in keeping with the time honored tradition of not being able to make it to GJ, I won't be making out on Saturday ;-;
  12. Pick me up on the way. Ill chip in on some gas for you.
  13. Same. Maybe? I actually have next Friday and Saturday off. The biggest problem for me would be getting there ;-;