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  1. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    Ugh man, so many bad games tonight. Got bodied by pretty much everyone in the arcade. I need JP players to watch so I can see what the hell I'm doing wrong in matchups like Amane and Bullet. And if only I could remember to cancel blocked C attacks with steins... oh, and actually land the midscreen Ikutachi combos and not drop them like a noob.
  2. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    That's fine, the combos coming out now all seem to have Ikutachi > jD > bdc > jC > j2C so I guess no one's using 5B anymore.
  3. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    I get that, and I was doing the same things as that nicovid. But they just showed the Ikutachi > jD > bdc > jC > j2C in the corner, while the combo before says to do jD > bdc > jC > 5B, and I have no idea how the hell you're supposed to link 5B after the jC. Look at the vids, there's no way that link works, unless I'm missing something.
  4. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    What the hell does "bdc" mean? I assume it means backdash cancel after the jD but for the life of me I can't figure out how to connect 5B after a jC after a air backdash. I can do jC j2C instead but they tech before I can land and do 5B. Also, got bodied by a Plat today, and similarly bodied a Makoto player before going home. Unfortunately my friend left so I couldn't get any footage. (Makoto's so easy to fight against as Mu wut)
  5. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    EF and EXCEED are two of the best games I played of all time. OF ALL TIME! You get only one guess as to who my favorite character is. That's a good idea, I saw some of them and was itching to try them out. I'll see if I can get some footage or something later.
  6. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    Its cool lol, its a vid my friend and I did for fun. And we have like no good recording equipment and stuff so the quality'll be bad. I'm usually a Makoto main, but now I'm torn between Nu and Mu. Also, the vid cuts off because my friend ran out of space on his camera, later I was doing stuff like throw > 6A > 6B > 6C > Ikutachi > followup but sometimes the comp could tech out after a 5B pickup, there has to be a better combo.
  7. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    Well I'm sorry for sucking. Never played Mu before seriously.
  8. farranpoison

    [CP] µ12: Gameplay Discussion

    I'm pretty hype for Mu, the Ikutachi midscreen combos are hilariously intuitive. I found out some combos by myself before I came here and found those very same combos were already done by Japanese players, lol. Dunno any good stein burst combos or OD ones yet, I tried OD combos but the constant laser spam didn't really seem to do much. I saw this when I accidentally picked Arcade with Mu (not sparring lol) and was all O_o. Think a shy robot who suddenly realizes she has basically no clothes on. In front of Ragna. I need to get a picture of that sometime. Also, I keep seeing that you can do 3C > Tsurugi but I tried to do that and keep failing. Is 3C special cancellable or is the tsurugi after the 3C kd recovery animation?
  9. farranpoison

    [CP](Pre-Release) ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    So according to the notes, you can do 6A > TK Crescent in CP, am I reading this right? I've been trying to do it in CP and I've never been able to, but I can do stuff like 2DD > TK Crescent so I assumed you can't do it after 6A. Is this correct that you can still do it? Maybe I just suck at inputs... And much lol at that one dude who said that FL combos are too hard in the Japanese chat. I'm feeling that way too, if you stick to one mode and combo that way it's like CT/CS Nu/Lambda all over again, but putting FL into the mix puts a huge level of complexity to muscle memory.
  10. farranpoison

    [CP](Pre-Release) ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    The game's still new so there'll probably be an answer to this later, but I honestly can't see a use for the form changes outside of combos, and even then they're not that used. I saw a Nu player at the arcade beat some people just by staying in Dia mode. He knew the form change combos, but when a real match came he just stuck to Dia form. Also 3C > FL > 6A link is goddamn difficult. You have to do the FL in the middle of the 3C. Too early or too late and you'll FL but the 6A won't hit them. Is 623C supposed to be an AA? I didn't even think it had any head invul, and it most definitely not a DP to my unending sorrow. I tried using it as combo fodder in the corner but you can't do 623C > 2DD except on CH. Perhaps time will tell what its use is. Edit: Seriously, I am digging Nu though. Dia mode is basically CT Nu with lower damage and lacking some of the bullshit properties, but man I love the old 236D. Interestingly enough the Dia mode 236DC appears from about three quarters of a full screen away, not from the other end of the screen like in CT. Perhaps that could be used as combo fodder for times when the opponent is too far away for a regular 236D to hit? Double edit: 5C does the full sword hits, no matter how long you press it. Is this new for CP or was this in CSEX?
  11. farranpoison

    Amamamamamama's art thread

    I see you're still drawing dat China girl.
  12. Go ahead, play Anji next time. I need the exp.

  13. I probably should've picked Anji on you and ran through your fish and whatnot. But whatever. I wasn't interested in caring. GGs. Show up to more gatherings (Son I go to gatherings in WISCONSIN)

  14. Boi, play GG more. Also good stuff, it was fun playing you. The reason I came to this event was because it was so goddamn close to my place, like less then half an hour away. I'd gladly go to more events, if they're within an hour away lol. I do hope to play you and the other guys again, though. It was fucking fun as hell.

  15. Shit, that was goddamn fun. GGs to everyone I played, I got a shitload of matchup experience. Shoutouts to Heroic for kicking my squirrel ass in BB while I did the opposite with laser fish and bubbles in GG. Shoutouts to Elvenshadow for hosting the damn thing; there were boatloads of people there. I think I may have lost my voice from shouting over the noise from everyone playing. PS: Also, good shit Blade, lol. Nice meeting you there.