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  1. SH-Junkie

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    Thanks Kurushii
  2. SH-Junkie

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    I have a question about building a stick. i have a super street fighter 4 tourny ed arcade stick. I wanna get artwork done and use clear see through buttons to show off the art work. Now what size are the buttons on the ssf4 tourny ed stick?
  3. SH-Junkie

    [CS1] Arakune Combo Discussion Thread

    Is there anything else that crosses up just as well b/c this is a cool little trick
  4. SH-Junkie

    New Mortal Kombat

    As lame as console exclusive characters are kratos does fit in the MK universe. Id rather see Kratos in Mk than a gay ass star wars character.
  5. SH-Junkie

    [CS1] Arakune Video and Critique Thread

    why not try this fc 5c > j5d > 5b [jc] ja > jc > j2a > j2b > 5d [sjc] ja > jc > jd works for me but its probably another one of those combos that will never happen
  6. (sorry for the spam) Also Sakurasweets says hi to Tisteemande whatever her name is.

  7. SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAAAAAAAAAME. no homo. :3

  8. i was clearing my friends list of ppl and i accidentally deleted you D: my bad

  9. I was wondering wai I was deleted...

  10. SH-Junkie

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    with noel/mu/lambda you cant loop them from FCH5C?
  11. SH-Junkie

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    OK I got a question that i need an answer to... Arakune's kara cancel dive loop that does 100% curse input is different depending on what characters you do it on... What are the inputs for the characters b/c i have trouble with noel/mu/ragna/jin. I need to rlly work on this to improve my gameplay.
  12. I want tsoobakees titz :3

  13. SH-Junkie

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    I <3 stick. SOOO responsive!!!!! Plus you can customize the artwork :3 Its easier to do Tk's, jc, and IAD on a stick imo
  14. SH-Junkie

    [CS2] Hazama Changes Thread

    -_______- that thread....... anyway back on topic...new hazama bnb looks rlly weird and to the looks of it is gonna take a while to get used to cancelling j.5cx2 into j.5cx5 I do have a quick question though...I was told this was the last loketest. If so do they have 1 last chance to balance/fix everything up b4 arcade release or is loketest 4 thew new cs?