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  1. I believe its been a month since i last posted a video for critique.... Maybe its time for a new one.... Well here you guys go.. 1st match: vs. 2nd match: vs. Well... there ya go!
  2. uumm for the milpitas golfland, you have to pay 50 cents for a two round match.. sadly theres only one arcade machine, but i believe at wednesdays, playing is free!!
  3. ill be in golfland by next week

  4. Hey man its that one Jin you fought at Golfland =P... anyways, just came here to say hi

  5. haha yeah i believe at the icecar part, i think i was experimenting at that moment. i was wonder if it was gonna hit but it was a complete fail . Anyways I'll do my best to improve more... thanks for the advice
  6. Just read the last couple of pages, n wow there's a lot of commotion going on.... well lets just wish for the best and hope he becomes a really good jin! anyways i got a new update again here's my new and improved crap Jin!! (I didn't lose though, but I'll find a good video) Here it is: Me:JI: vs. Tao:TA: P.S. I think my opponent wasn't trying at all.... Also I'll save up some money for a Dazzle recorder and some wires n stuff to make my videos better quality.... atm enjoy my crappy phone recordings...
  7. okay ill try and understand noel more, its just kind of hardfor me to react to her drives, and ill pracitce those combose because 6C is just too hard to land,.
  8. ah i guess ill have to change up that combo, i agree too because the startup is slow and the opponent has a lot of time to shake off the ice. any combos you recommend for me??
  9. *UPDATE* New heres me more improved, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIfUWIIld_E
  10. okay ill have to check how long those intervals are in between attacks
  11. heres mine... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCgWaLK0WPc critique me hard, so i could learn, also i posted a vid of me losing so you could give me more info on my mistakes..