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    New Mortal Kombat

    So since Ed Boon said there is DLC coming that means Ashrah and Frost will be in it?
  2. RagnaTheBadguy

    New Mortal Kombat

    This game is from MK1-MK3 so doubt we'd see Ashrah or Frost unless there DLC
  3. RagnaTheBadguy

    [VS] General Discussion

    Don't think I've ever heard of that one but i'll go on my Playstation and see if that is on the game.
  4. RagnaTheBadguy

    [VS] General Discussion

    Sounds like if Anita grew up and Changed her hair color.
  5. RagnaTheBadguy

    Hokuto No Ken: Japanese Matchvids

    Damn that Kenshiro was good. And thanks for posting these
  6. RagnaTheBadguy

    [VS] General Discussion

    If they do make a new Vampire hopefully they'll give Dee a new Design and Keep Jedah's San Passare.
  7. RagnaTheBadguy

    EVO 2010 Tournament Results and Shoutouts

    It seems this man couldn't handle the awesomeness that is Guilty Gear so he quickly turned it off to avoid Migranes and child birth.
  8. RagnaTheBadguy

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    The easiest character to use in Guilty Gear, is the character you make easy to use in Guilty Gear.
  9. RagnaTheBadguy

    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

    Yea I play my KOF games on PS2 with an Arcade Stick I can't do pad hurts my thumb . And the netcode probably won't be that bad i've had some lag free matches of Mark of The Wolves and 98UM on 360. We'll just have to wait and see
  10. RagnaTheBadguy

    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

    Ohh lol I can't wait I've been playing it like crazy the past couple of months on my PS2. I know its going to be like Metal Slug XX and be 1200MSPoints which I think is a little to much.
  11. RagnaTheBadguy

    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

    Early next year I thought it was this summer?
  12. lol sorry for calling you man and my tag is xXDerricKingXx

  13. Thanks man! would you like to play sometime altho you may win lol

  14. Yes I play reload online but i can never find opponents sometimes.

  15. I use Baiken and Sol-Badguy you?

  16. does Hokuto no Ken game work on Non asian and japanese systems?