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  1. things have been real good, just waiting for bbcs2 so my tager can shine. other then that things have been nice. it sucks u cant play im sure your arakune would be unstoppable.

  2. Ah what's going on man, it has been a while. Sucks to say, but a dead ps3 took me out of the scene for a while and life's just kinda taken over. Miss it like crazy, but I've got a full plate and then some. How've you been dude?

  3. whats up man its been a while how have u been?

  4. dreamskep

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    What the fuck. My secret GG training has been in vain? ;_;
  5. You get your PS3 fixed yet? I wanna fight your blob again

  6. Work/School comes first right I go when I can didn't go last week

  7. haha, not quite, man. taking a bit of a break again due to being busy with life and all that. you definitely should, though. you just been hitting up AI all this time?

  8. yeah, you're telling me fuck you, college

  9. yo, how is your kune is he in rape mode yet also I'm thinking about getting bb for ps3 but will see

  10. "life" can sometimes be quite a bitch to be honest.

  11. indeed. got any tournies or anything on the agenda? i keep telling myself i need to get back into the scene, but that whole 'life' thing keeps on getting in the way

  12. ps3's yellow light of death :l

  13. well howdy ylod makes me :(