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Found 20 results

  1. 10/3 will truly be a TSB like no other. Fresh off Biscuits' T-Shirt campaign, along with a generous contribution from Hotashi, the people have selected several top players to fly out to NYC to participate in TSB. This TSB will also see $10 entry and several exhibitions to make it truly one to remember. The players flown out are.... NAKKIEL (Nu / Sol) GCYOSHI13 (Bedman) KID VIPER (Elphelt) BLACKSNAKE (Venom) In addition, several other out of state players are slated to come including THEBEAUTIFULDUDE, BRICE, HOTASHI, and rumor has it even LOST SOUL may make an appearance. Check out the full details here, and if you can't make it, watch it on TS Sabin's stream http://twitch.tv/NYCFurby
  2. HiagoX

    Heaven or Hell 2015

    Promotional poster drawn by NOi Main Information: Games: Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Street Fighter III: 3rd strike, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (side)Date: October 10th and 11thStream: X-RevolutionAddress: Av. Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira, 1370 — Jabaquara (São Paulo/SP)Early Registration: http://bit.do/hoh2015 (R$20 per game) Right now, the brazilian Melty Blood scene is still accepting donations to pay for Rakuchan's flight expenses. They've already compromised to pay for all of the remaining expenses, but the donation drive will still go on until 10/09 in order to mitigate the amount as much as possible. With that said, if you're interested in supporting us, check out this page for more details on the donation drive, or you can directly send the amount through PayPal. Contact: For any questions or further details you can contact me @HiagoXYZ on Twitter, or directly on Dustloop.
  3. Kuuhaku

    Post EVO 2015 Interview by Huey253

    **Chatlog has been slightly edited for grammar. Huey253: "Okay I'm starting now." Huey253: "For the people entered in GG or P4 (offical evo games), what did you do to prepare for your pools (if you did)?" Kid Viper: "Would you like to start with someone first? lol" Huey253: "Yeah." Kid Viper: "Like direct it to someone." Huey253: "Let's start with you." Kid Viper: "Oh, ok. haha" Huey253: "Please feel free to comment on responses as well (everybody else)." Bananaken: "k." Kid Viper: "So as soon as beta pools started showing up. Of course, the first thing I think is, "Oh hey look it's Ogawa. Who would have guessed with my bracket rng lol?", but then I saw the rest of the bracket and its like “Wow, there's Shine and Alex Smith and others.” I thought, “Wow this pool is pretty rough” but obviously I need to focus on Ogawa so I asked Julian (Beautiful Dude) to play with me a lot. We actually would play for hours until like 4 or 5 so like 6 hours on end lol. I felt somewhat comfortable but Ogawa was another level " Huey253: "Ogawa ended up becoming the EVO champion, so it's not a bad person to have send you to losers. Did it feel close?" Kid Viper: "Not even lol. The match was on stream but I never want to go back and look at it. I actually never got to play and as soon as ogawa misplaced something he already had a counter waiting. He was the only player I fought in bracket where I completely felt helpless." Kid Viper: "Ayyyyyeeee." Nakkiel: "Gotta keep it easy." Huey253: "What about you Bananaken?" Bananaken: "Before anything else, we (usually me, Bace, Colpevole, mixedmethods, among others) looked at the list of JP players going to EVO and got all the online footage available for each of them. If there was anything noteworthy from the footage we would write it down. From there I worked on matchups starting from where I felt the weakest." Kid Viper: "Wow, that's a strong unity there." Bananaken: "Looking at pools one of the first threats was Pet, an Adachi player. Unfortunately Adachi was one of the biggest holes I had in terms of matchup experience, there just weren't enough Adachi players to prepare adequately. Because of this, Pet sent me to losers " Huey253: "Who ended up eliminating you?" Kid Viper: "It's really hard to go into tournaments knowing what to expect but not being able to prepare adequately enough huh?" Bananaken: "Aguro, the Narukami player." Huey253: "Bancho!" Dsmoove12: "Aguro was like....super gdlk hahaha." Kid Viper: "He was so crazy haha." Bananaken: "Yes, he's very strong, he's cool though." Bananaken: "According to him his favorite animal is a baby duck." Huey253: "Hahaha "baby"." Huey253: "I feel like that's cheating." Huey253: "What about you Dsmoo.... Bobby? I saw a clip on youtube of you saying Bananaken was free." Huey253: "Did you ever end up fighting him?" Nakkiel: "Whoops." Dsmoove12: "Hey to be fair I said I was kidding after!" Bananaken: ":rage4:" Dsmoove12: "Yeah he ended up knocking me out of the tournament ;_;" Huey253: "Did you prep for your pool at all?" Kid Viper: "He was too busy prepping the gorilla suit lol." Huey253: "GORILLA! Japan was entertained lol." Nakkiel: "It was worth it." Bananaken: "Gorilla dsmoove vs Frieza cosplayer." Kid Viper: "Did that actually happen? Haha." Huey253: "That happened!?" Dsmoove12: "Yeah, when prelim pools were announced I saw that BLEED and Rsquared were in my pool and if I could get out I would have a pretty good chance making top 16. I studied Bleed really hard but ended up losing still. In GG, no prep just went wild (went surprisingly well)." Dsmoove12: "And I did not see the frieza sadly hahaha." Bananaken: "No, but it should have." Huey253: "You could've stopped Frieza's revenge!" Kid Viper: "I didn't know BLEED plays. What character dies he use?" Kid Viper: "Does*" Bananaken: "I even took a picture with Frieza <https:twitter.com/BananaKen/status/622506909686366208>" Dsmoove12: "He played Margaret." Bananaken: "(sorry if this is off topic)" Dsmoove12: "People were saying he was the weakest of the Jps, but I highly disagree haha." Dsmoove12: "I must meet that cosplayer in the future hahaha." Nakkiel: "Who do you think was the weakest, then?" Bananaken: "Of the JP players?" Bananaken: "JP P4AU*" Nakkiel: "Yeah." Kid Viper: "I only knew BLEED as a GG player so I honestly would have thought he would be the weakest." Huey253: "Eh, I knocked some JP Minazuki players out of the tournament, but I think they were focused on other games (I hope)." Dsmoove12: "Hmmmm." Bananaken: "That's hard to call, honestly. I played a lot of them but they all felt at least knowledgeable." Dsmoove12: "I think Ui/Moja were weakest. They were pretty good but didn't feel a "WOW" when I saw them play." Bananaken: "Uinyan the Rise player probably would have had a pretty rough time against me and Bace though, we have two strong Rise players that we play with constantly." Bananaken: "And yeah, same." Dsmoove12: "Strangely though he was one place away from top 8." Bananaken: "Yeah, I got 13th so I can't really say anything hahaha." Dsmoove12: "Maybe he powered up in tournament haha." Kid Viper: "Momentum is a powerful thing." Huey253: "SKD, what was your toughest or closest match of the weekend (any tournament)?" Bananaken: "Pad vs Thumb matchup is 10-0." Huey253: "Hahahaha." Nakkiel: "Obviously not anything regarding the qualifier!" Kid Viper: "So ez." Dsmoove12: "BackPack Boyzzz." Huey253: "I don't know if (SKD) entered anything outside of BB singles and teams." SKD: "Hmm, well, it would be pretty obvious but I think Dogura in the second set, but I think it was difficult for a lot of personal reasons?" SKD: "Yeah, just BB singles and teams for me." SKD: "I think I also had a similar issue against Koji Kog." SKD: "Going into my match against him, I kind of figured "Oh, I'll probably just win" and before I knew it, it was last round." Huey253: "Personal? As in playstyle conflicts or mentality?" Huey253: "Ah." Kid Viper: "Personal reasons? Was it something like overthinking or comfort? " SKD: "Mentality in matches, I think." Kid Viper: "Ah." Huey253: "That's a dangerous thing to do, especially if you are stronger than your opponents." Huey253: "But I'm glad it worked out! USA USA!" SKD: "Well, I'm kind of comparing it to how I felt back at NEC." SKD: "When I had to play Dora, I didn't know if I could do it, and I think it helped me play better." Bananaken: "I feel like that mentality was creeping up on me in grand finals at CEO." SKD: "In the second set, I started taking liberties that I felt like I had." Bananaken: "I snapped out of it after the reset vs Souji though." SKD: "Dogura in winners, I started out very nervous but I picked it up quickly." Bananaken: "I wish it didn't take a reset. " Kid Viper: "So was it complacency in grand finals at first?" SKD: "Then by the time I beat him, I already felt like I had won, almost. Pretty dangerous! " Kid Viper: "In a sense? " Bananaken: "For me, yea." SKD: "Yeah, honestly I spent the first set really thinking about how to specifically target him in the second set." SKD: "And change it up, I had the chance to get a lot of information." SKD: "But kind of, again but the other way." SKD: "Before I knew it, I was on tournament point." SKD: "I don't really think it's good at all to feel like that." Huey253: "Did you feel any sort of mental tax during the grand finals set? Playing important games in a row can be stressful. :| " SKD: "So I'm kind if disappointed in myself for playing like that in a way, despite the result." SKD: "Actually, it was kind of relaxing! I was mainly worried about the 3v3 and wanted to make sure I was warmed up and focused before it." SKD: "So when I played him and made those mentality mistakes, it was nice because I got a chance to really check myself before the 3v3." Huey253: "Awesome." Kid Viper: "Not like to needed it for the 3v3 in the end though lol." Kid Viper: "You*" SKD: "Kind of a strange way to look at it, definitely don't want to be overconfident..." Huey253: "What about you Nakkiel? What was the toughest/closest match you played EVO weekend?" Dsmoove12: "Overconfidence......can be very fatal." Huey253: "Hahaha" Bananaken: "Go ahead." Nakkiel: "My toughest match was probably in my GG pool, there was a JP Bedman player and he was solid on top of me not knowing the matchup well enough. He was my match in Winner's Finals of the pool and after I lost and finished out in loser's side I decided to just DQ myself so I could focus on BB." Nakkiel: "He 2-0'd me for context, lol." Dsmoove12: "EVERYONE SLEEPIN' ON BEDMAN!" Huey253: "Hahaha." Nakkiel: "I was also kinda sad I couldn't close it out vs Blacksnake in the team tournament. We were both down to last hits, but I could have kept it from getting to that point. I want to do better in GG but it's on the back burner until we're back from Arc Revo, at the very least." Huey253: "What's this I hear about you not choosing team order? Is it related?" Huey253: "Seemed like a light hearted joke?" Nakkiel: "Haha, not particularly. LK really wanted to fight Shingo, the Bullet player first but we both lost due to a lot of personal errors, in my opinion." Nakkiel: "For the qualifier, Lich, SKD, and I mostly agreed on the team order as 3 people rather than one person deciding." Huey253: "Ahh last year Arc Revo. Are there any things you feel seperate you as a player from last year's Arc Revo?" Nakkiel: "Mostly experience, I guess? I've fought a larger portion of the cast and I've also been exposed to a really high pressure single elim, 1 match format a couple times now." Huey253: "Sweet! Good luck out there! (you too SKD)" Huey253: "Dsmoove12, how do you balance playing multiple games and being competitive in most of them?" Dsmoove12: "Before I answer." Huey253: "From memory, you played BB, GG, P4, and Uniel?" Dsmoove12: "What did YOU do to prepare for evo weekend?" Bananaken: "Damn." Huey253: "Ooo." Bananaken: "He put you on the spot, Huey." Kid Viper: "I also wanted to hear this." Dsmoove12: "I always saw on Twitter you holding offline training sessions." Dsmoove12: "I'm like... man Huey must be grinding super hard." Kid Viper: "And wanted to know his personal experience in terms of the tournaments he entered." Huey253: "When BBCPExtend came out on console, I spent about 3 weeks researching combos so I could find the right ones to do in tournament matches." Huey253: "It's really hard to pull off super optimal combos in a 1 game format!" Huey253: "After that, I had people come over two to three times a week and I would just play while taking mental notes." Huey253: "That's pretty much it, I had some other personal things going on but I did the best I could." Dsmoove12: "2-3 times a week is still alot haha." Kid Viper: "Much more than me haha." Nakkiel: "My prep for EVO and for Arc Revo has been really sporadic. Hard to get people to come over lately!" Huey253: "For Persona, I didn't expect much out of it, so I didn't practice." Huey253: "I had the easiest pool by far, and I was expected to get out in winners." Huey253: "I ended up getting to the last round last match and I pulled a Momochi." Huey253: "So I lost" Huey253: "to a ken play" Huey253: "player*" SKD: "Hmm, from 1.1 I understood a lot of things about my character and important ideas that I needed to flesh out, so I ended up exploring them in Extend. I started about a month before the tournament, but it was more of me thinking about the game than playing." Bananaken: "Honestly, even though we only played once I think you could be our best aigis player." Bananaken: "Huey253" Bananaken: "You just had to keep playing." SKD: "I usually don't get to play at our locals so thought exercise was my big way of practicing." Huey253: "Hahaha I'm so weak though. I have ideas but I think the character is incompatiable with me" Huey253: "I switched back to Junpei." Bananaken: " " Dsmoove12: "RIP" Huey253: "My Junpei hero has inspired me! NinjaElephant!" Dsmoove12: "Well...you could channel NinjaElephant." Huey253: "Did you guys see him play?!?!?" Kid Viper: "Even though I grinded a lot with Julian outside of that I didn't really spend as much time as I imagined practicing". Huey253: "He defeated the strongest US Narukami (Grover)." SKD: "No, but I did think it was great that he beat him lmao." Dsmoove12: "That upset was......insane." Dsmoove12: "I thought it would be impossible for Grover to lose." Kid Viper: "I didn't see that but it sounds crazy. Was it on stream by chance?" Huey253: "Yeah, and he's the smallest 16 year old i've ever seen. He's going to destroy us all in 3 years." Huey253: "No, it was off stream. " Huey253: "For BB, I felt like I could beat anybody in one game format, but I wanted to avoid playing." Dsmoove12: "He also saved me in P4 pools hahaha." Huey253: "I was the predetermined anchor." SKD: "Not to take away from it, but a lot of it was Grover "losing"." Huey253: "So I wanted to avoid the stress of having one life." SKD: "Oh? Our team order was pretty flexible." Huey253: "Yeah, it's a good strategy normally, but I don't think my teammates felt as confident switching around." SKD: "Usually we'd talk about me being anchor, and that's how it panned out." Nakkiel: "Yeah, I agree. The only thing I wanted to avoid was playing anchor. I always have before in team tournaments so I can handle the pressure but I feel like v-13 is fairly unreliable as a final character." Huey253: "I ended up playing 5 games in a row with one life, which made me lose a couple years of my life." SKD: "But initially I thought we'd send Lich first, but Nakkiel first made a bit more sense to us on the spot." Dsmoove12: "Hahahaha sorry about that." Kid Viper: "I actually talked to Derek and you about the flexibility of your team. It's actually insane." Huey253: "It was a friendly reminder that mental endurance is important. I've forgotten about it." Kid Viper: "A lot of people don't realize how much mental fatigue happens in tournaments." Dsmoove12: "Day 1, I felt really good and overconfidence carried into day 2." Dsmoove12: "Which ended up in ultimate despair." Huey253: "In the past, I've usually gotten first or third place at tournaments, so getting second was actually odd (also a first iirc?)." SKD: "Haha, it may seem a bit rude but going into Evo, I was much less confident than when I actually was there and playing." Huey253: "No, no. I completely understand." Huey253: "I mean, your play showed it." Huey253: "!!!" Kid Viper: "I think that's probably how most people would go into it." SKD: "My play in the 3v3 that never happened." Kid Viper: "There's so much you don't know until you get there." SKD: "I was a bit excited to go in, honestly, but better safe than sorry." SKD: "Coming off the match with Dogura, I don't think I could have been in a better place." Huey253: "One game vs Valkenhayn is scary." Huey253: "But" SKD: "I felt confident against Jona for a few reasons, but the character is very scary." Huey253: "Yeah... I understand." SKD: "Ds I think was the most unpredictable haha." Nakkiel: "Yeah, I was most worried about you (Huey) and Bobby in the 3v3. In really long sets, Jona could go close to even with me but the first 6~ games or so I would always win." SKD: "I felt like I understood how he grasped neutral and stuff, so I wasn't scared, but he didn't have any GLARING weakness." Huey253: "To everybody: Do you think you have a player matchup advantage or weakness ? Like someone who gives you a lot or little trouble?" Huey253: "Bobby is really strong!" Huey253: "I think he was a bit nervous at the time hahaha." Huey253: "Azreal almost ended us" Dsmoove12: "Yeaaaahh....pressure was insane haha." SKD: "Yeah watching that was surreal." Huey253: "It was odd, I didn't expect it at all." Nakkiel: "I had made a bet with Lich that I would give him $100 if your team lost to Danke's team, since I was so confident you would win. I kept saying, "I can't believe this is happening." when Sunfish was beating Jona and Bobby, haha." Huey253: "LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" Dsmoove12: "I thought it was team randoms + Danke but Plectrum (Sunfish) was there." Huey253: "Speaking of which: How does everybody overcome nerves in a high pressure situation?" Dsmoove12: "Delta told me after that he had been hunting me for what happened at Blue Arc Revo." Huey253: "I know the answer for you Bobby :P " Huey253: "Jk jk." Dsmoove12: "And for nerves.....sounds silly but I scream hahaha." Dsmoove12: "No you were prob right lmao." Nakkiel: "I've taken to just focusing as hard as I can if I feel nervous... it's why I looked kind of angry while I was playing the matches during the team tournament. It helps to just block everything out." Huey253: "THATS WHY YOU SCREAM??? I thought you were just being silly." Dsmoove12: "It actually helps relieve pressure also haha." Dsmoove12: "Reminds me that instead of being nervous I should be having fun." Huey253: "Intesting?" Huey253: "*Intresting." Nakkiel: "Interesting." Huey253: "Failure." Nakkiel: "Didn't you go to college?!" Huey253: "Where are the auto correct gods?" Kid Viper: "Before GG specifically I feel like my big flaw was against wild players. During the downtime between Evo last year and GG's release I actually started hanging out with Hamad (the SF4 player) a bunch so I would play SF4 with him so much. He actually taught me a lot about myself as a player and what I needed to do to improve. So going into GG I feel like my whole mentality got stronger as well as my overall play. The more I kept playing GG the more I felt I understood the players I fought against frequently more themselves." Dsmoove12: "LMAO." Bananaken: "I think I don't particularly have a player disadvantage, but since I don't go to tournaments as often lately, I think I've gotten worse in terms of how I adjust in short sets." Huey253: "I'm a CS major homie." SKD: "I think I'm great under pressure." SKD: "But I never realized I was." SKD: "Until I was in tournament situations often." Bananaken: "I know some people will do really bad against me because it's me, it's kind of unfortunate that it happens but I can't exactly complain." SKD: "Yeah, one of my thoughts going into Arc Revo." Huey253: "Personally, I have a really difficult time beating Spark and to a lesser extent Kid Viper. I don't think I can defeat them unless i'm at 100% strength." SKD: "Is that I'm not practiced enough as far as my critical thinking within short sets." Bananaken: "In high pressure situations if I prepared properly I have no problems executing my gameplan regardless of pressure." Huey253: "I think I'm really strong versus wild players." Bananaken: "If you practice enough that doesn't betray you (at least in my case)." Huey253: "That would be my good matchups I guess." Bananaken: "If I need to calm down then I find listening to hype ass music beforehand helps." Kid Viper: "For dealing with nerves it kind of stems back to SBO for CT. When I got there I said to myself, "You're already here so you may as well play your best and without worries.". So I constantly remind myself when I go to tournaments of that fact. I also have a pre-match ritual where I sit on my legs and adjust my volumes on headsets (if they have it) as well as hit the buttons to specific rhythm haha." Huey253: "2 x SBO Qualifier!!!" Bananaken: "Or in between matches just slow and deep breaths." Huey253: "I always wanted to go to SBO. " SKD: "Maybe I'm not thinking about the situation enough haha." SKD: "I like to just get it going." Kid Viper: "SBO was hype but I feel like Arc Revo really carries the torch of the SBO feel." Kid Viper: "I get a huge sense of nostalgia watching Arc Revo, honestly." Bananaken: "Yeah I agree, Arc Revo feels that way." Bananaken: "Including the format, for better or worse." Bananaken: "Lol." Kid Viper: "I love team formats, honestly. lol" Huey253: "The matches end up super hype." Bananaken: "STRESS!" Kid Viper: "It kind of feels like..." Huey253: "The only real exception I can say to single game being more hype is BBCP EVO GF." Huey253: "That was amazing." Kid Viper: "Oh my God haha." Huey253: "I'm so grateful to have watched it in person." Kid Viper: "I rewatch that set many times and still freak out and some of the stuff that happened." Huey253: "I might be slightly biased (I love Blazblue) but that was the best tournament GFs i've ever seen." Huey253: "In any game." Kid Viper: "Like "Holy shit that confirm was crazy. How was he ready for this situation? Oh my God how did he do this!"" Dsmoove12: "and" Dsmoove12: ""OMG WHY DID HE LET GO OF BLOCK?!"" Kid Viper: "I think i would agree to be honest Huey. I still have yet to see a finals better than that." Dsmoove12: "when Galileo reset him into OD super." Huey253: "What games are you focusing on in the next year? Assuming Revelator is out but BB and P4 are not." Huey253: "Let's start with Bananaken." Bananaken: "Probably SFV first, then Revelator once that comes out." Huey253: "Mmmm It's probably safe to assume most/all of you will be doing that. Are there any exceptions to this?" Bananaken: "Jack-O seems like an interesting character design so I really wanna try her. I might play BB/GG in the meantime but I haven't decided." Nakkiel: "I'll probably still be focusing on BlazBlue, to be honest." Dsmoove12: "I'll continue to focus on BB also." Dsmoove12: "After EVO I got motivated to play again and to become a better player." Kid Viper: "I have actually been playing BB a lot more lately. I wanted to catch up again but the level of play among the top players has increased so much. I feel so left behind lol. " Kid Viper: "I do plan on playing SFV and GG though but I'm not sure if I'll be sticking to Elphelt by that time." Dsmoove12: "But" Dsmoove12: "She got that hot new outfit doe." Dsmoove12: "Dont tell me you dont like it?!" Kid Viper: "Dude I love that look. After Evo though I've been character hopping starting with Ky to better understand my loss to Rion. It seriously still haunts me even now. Today I started playing Ram (my original pick before elphelt got announced) and she's a lot of fun! " Huey253: "How would you suggest new/intermediate/strong players to discuss character matchups? I know this is a hot topic lately and your inputs could really help out everybody!" Kid Viper: "After Evo it really struck me how influential the lack of experience plays in GG so that's my main goal for character hopping. I feel by understanding the character by playing them it will only help me for my main." Huey253: "Like suggestions or guidelines (i.e. be objective as much as possible)." Kid Viper: "So, the first thing I would say is to disregard discussion for the most part. " Huey253: "I use that technique too! Especially for the hardest of matchups." Kid Viper: "I don't feel like the at the moment many people are able to fully understand their character enough to be able to discuss much haha." Huey253: "How do you think people should communicate with others to learn? Or...." Kid Viper: "A lot of matchup discussion has to first come from within your own objective critique of your play and how things went bad first." Kid Viper: "If you can understand that then it will narrow down errors to the point where you can start objectively pointing out matchup specifics." Bananaken: "I think for beginners specially, the easiest thing is to just discuss situations you encounter and give you trouble one at a time." Kid Viper: "^^" Kid Viper: "I guess my advice is more towards intermediate play trying to make the jump to strong /advanced play? " Bananaken: "Some things might not be matchup specific, but the overall intent is to improve through the discussion anyway. Like if you're Ryu and a character jumps at you a lot and you ask how to deal with it, someone would tell you, "Do a DP"." Bananaken: "It's an obvious example of course, but being able to break things down and narrow it to specific situations helps a lot in getting an overall picture of how a matchup works." Kid Viper: "(Haha I guess I'm more of a loner when it comes to improvement! Sorry if I'm kind of useless on this question.) " Nakkiel: "I think something I see a lot when discussion happens is weaker players have trouble finding the next step, or expect an answer to work every single time no matter what." Kid Viper: "Ah yeah that's a huge deal." SKD: "Yeah, I'm also very situated around improving on my own so I think I have a hard time really putting myself in beginners shoes." SKD: "It's a bit difficult to convey what I'm thinking too, but that's my fault haha." Kid Viper: "I think players also should be able to start out initially on one problem but constantly expand that problem." SKD: "I think discussion at high level about character matchups is really easy actually!" SKD: "Because we're all on general consensus for the most part." Kid Viper: "As in, "Is there anything they can do to stop this answer?”. “Is there some way for me to stop this answer of his?" and so on." Huey253: "Is there any advice or shoutouts that you guys wanna do?" Dsmoove12: "RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT." Bananaken: "Shoutouts to all the roleplayers in the Junes lobby!" Dsmoove12: "Shoutouts to Banhordan!" SKD: "I want to give Brian Tom a shoutout!" Kid Viper: "Shoutouts to ShakeLord Steve for making it possible for me to travel to all these events over the past year. Also everyone in Houston as well as our newest Arcsys player Hamad! " Nakkiel: "Stay easy!" Dsmoove12: "Hope to see everyone at CEOtaku!" Kid Viper: "Everyone should try to make it to that tournament! I'm trying my hardest to make it but we'll see how work ends out! ;;" Huey253: "My shoutout is for everybody that has or is using Dustloop. Thank you for your patience and please continuing supporting it." Huey253: "Thanks for joining everybody." Huey253: "i really appreciate you spending time to have this type of discussion." Kid Viper: "I'm sorry I talked too much." Bananaken: "yeah, no problem!" Huey253: "I think it could create some sparks for players or even future discussions." Dsmoove12: "No problem mayne thanks for putting it on." Huey253: "So I really really appreciate it." SKD: "100!" Bananaken: "Start some fires, even?" Nakkiel: "Thanks!" Huey253: " :P " Huey253: "I'm just trying to help the community grow." Huey253: "Forgive me, onegai." Huey253: "See ya!" Bananaken: "Cya!"
  4. Kuuhaku

    CEOtaku Info and Registation

    Games FeaturedInformation and Rules Here Main Games Blazblue Chronophantasma ExtendDegenki Bunko Fighting ClimaxUnder Night In-Birth Exe LateGuilty Gear Accent Core +RGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-Melty Blood Actress Again Current CodePersona 4 Arena UltimaxSkullgirls 2nd EncoreUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Side Games Vampire SaviorArcana Heart 3 Love MaxAquapazzaCatherineChaos CodeYatagasaruNaruto GNT: 4 Registration DeadlinesEarly Bird until September 1st $25Registration until October 1st $30Late Registration Until Online Registration Closes October 11th $35On Site Emergency Tournament Registration with only available byes being filled and no seeding $40 Registration Form and Info Here Hotel InformationCEOtaku takes place at the Orlando Wyndham Resort. They currently have a special going at $99 per night. Further Hotel Information Book Your Room Here
  5. Zoular

    Revolution 2015 November 6-8

    Games List These are the tournament line up, entry is £5 per tournament with Aquapazza being the only exception. Friday Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3) - FREE Entry - Win Raffle Tickets! Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (PC) Saturday Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! (PS3) Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3) Guilty Gear Xrd Sign (PS3) Sunday Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (PS3) Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend (PS3) Raffle will also be on Sunday Venue Fee and Location Location: Bolney Meadow Community Center, 31 Bolney Street, Vauxhall London, SW8 1EZ England, UK Dates: 6-8th of November 2015 Advance Payment - If you know you are coming and you want to support by putting your name on the guaranteed list, prices are 1 day pass - £7.50 Yes we have a single day pass now. If you are sure you just want to come for a single day you can go for £7.50. That being said, anime tournaments do not happen often, especially in Europe, please try come for multiple! Weekend Pass - £20. This covers all 3 days On the day pass - Just randomly decided to turn up? £30 On the Door Weekend Entry (All 3 Days) £12 On the Door Single Day Entry Event Schedule There is an Image uploaded but here it is in Text Form. each individual tournament start and finish on the same day. Friday 1000 - Open 1200 - Aquapazza Groups 1330 - Melty Blood Groups 1600 - Aquapazza Top 4 1730 - Melty Blood Top 4 2130 - CLOSE Saturday 0930 - Open 1200 - AH3LM Groups 1300 - Dengeki Bunko Groups 1400 - Xrd Groups 1600 - AH3LM Top 4 1730 - Dengeki Bunko Top 4 1900 - Xrd Top 4 2130 - CLOSE Sunday 0930 - Open 1100 - UNIEL Groups 1200 - P4AU Groups 1300 - BBCP Groups 1500 - UNIEL Top 4 1630 - P4A Top 4 1800 - Raffle 1900 - BBCP Top 4 2100 - CLOSE Further Details For more information, you can tweet at @Frostybolty @Rayokarna or @Firei_UK Email nthgeninteractive@hotmail.co.uk Website NthGen Interactive Revolution 2015 Stream NthGen Media
  6. Kuuhaku

    Arc Revolution Cup 2015 Details

    BBCPE Bracket http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arc-revo2015/images/lower/pdf/bb.pdf BBCPE Teams Translation http://pastebin.com/zcYQuh4f BBCPE Bracket with Character Count https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCP_ranksure/status/629625424666955777 BBCPE Character Count Translation http://pastebin.com/G95raD6v GGXrd Bracket http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arc-revo2015/images/lower/pdf/gg.pdf GGXrd Teams Translated http://pastebin.com/RDfV81ih GGXrd Character Count https://mobile.twitter.com/SpicaTerrible_/status/629688278074023936 P4U2 Bracket http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arc-revo2015/images/lower/pdf/p4u2.pdf P4U2 Teams Translation http://pastebin.com/DMQpv028 UNIEL Bracket http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arc-revo2015/images/lower/pdf/uni.pdf Credits to Jourdal for the translations
  7. Source: Arc Revo 2015 Livestream Page
  8. Kuuhaku

    AFGC Documentary Trailer: Circuit Spark

    Credits to Hokan aka kozu who did the filming and editing.Follow him on Twitter for updates @colorinlive
  9. AnimEvo 2015 Side Tournament Results Top 4 1. SKD (IZ) 2. Dogura (NU, JI) 3. Tochigin (AZ) 4. TectalEastside (MU) BBCPE Top 8 Video BBCPE Pools Video Top 4 1. GC|Go1 (Gordeau) 2. Desmond Alvarez (Gordeau) 3. Clim (Merkava) 4. Schow (Hilda) UNIEL Top 8 Video UNIEL Pools Video Top 4 1. Makkii (DI)2. Kedako (MA)3. TAKA (AN)4. Kuni (BA, SL) Full Results Top 4 1. Full Boost Kusoge (yoyolon/lastinnovator) - FAUC/Sandrock2. TOP GUN (ABC|SSOSunhawk/LukewarmHoliday) - Deathscythe/Re-GZ, Norn/Deathscythe3. Rocket League (WhiteDevil/Tari) - FAUC, Norn, Master / F914. snipers can unga? (AcidAce/TheBiter) - FAUC, Qanta / Cherudim Full Results Top 4 1. Haitani (Sasquatch) 2. MightyMar (Anakaris) 3. Rotanibor (Zabel) 4. Mr. Igloo (Sasquatch) 47 Entrants Top 41. GC|Go1 (Chizuru)2. r/kappa|KojiKoG (Tamaki)3. Mabushin (Chizuru)4. Ernest (Chizuru) Tournament Playlist Top 41. Greats|Kageshibari (Dorothy)2. Moji (Lieselotte)3. Bill307 (Saki)4. Shichimi (Lieselotte) Tournament Playlist Top 41. GC|Go1 (F. Akiha)2. Kusanagi (C. Aoko, C. Roa)3. Messi (C. Maids)4. Teruta (C. Ryougi) Tournament Playlist Top 41. GC|Go1 (Shana)2. Gosyo (Makoto)3. r/kappa|KojiKoG (Shizuo)4. Umezono (Shana) Tournament Playlist Credits to Jyosua for recording and uploading BBCPE and UNIEL. Credits to Numakie for recording and uploading Aquapazza, AH3LM, MBAACC, DFC. Credits to brett_ for recording and running GGAC+R and Gundam EXVSFB. Credits to DaiAndOh1 for reporting Vampire Savior results.
  10. Arc System Works has announced the last loketest for Xrd's latest update will be held starting today, July 30th, and will last for the following week. Revelator adds returning character Johnny and newcomer Jack-O. In previous loketests, these characters didn't have voices, but now their voice actors have been revealed. Hiromi Igarashi will be playing Jack-O, and Wakamoto Norio will once again be playing Johnny. Slayer's previous CV, Iemasa Kayumi, has been replaced, as he sadly passed away last year. His new CV will be Takaya Hashi. In addition to the new characters, Revelator has some new stages and UI changes, but the game balance is supposed to remain largely the same as 1.1. This weekend will reveal whether or not that's still the case. Finally, the loketest also will include Sparring Mode as well as Episode Mode, which presumably lets arcade players experience story content from Xrd. For more info, check out ASW's official loketest page here: http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/index.cgi?eid=1622
  11. Please note that the loketest build is NOT final, and is subject to change in the final version of the impending arcade release. Links to the official website & command list PDF are included below for your reference. UNIST Loketest News Website Command List PDF Loketest #1: May 22-24th Collapsed: General System Mechanics: First Attack Feature added. The character who lands the first hit will now be rewarded with Vorpal status unless vorpal has already been awarded to a player Cross Veil Off (XVO) added - Ability to Veil Off during combos. Resets the bounce restriction during combos. Not cancelable from Throws It seems like doing crosscast VO has a CS bar drain of sorts so EX > IW seems guaranteed even at exactly 100. Random-icon has been removed from Character Select screen. Hold the stick upwards for random Charge Partition Mechanics are still in New Hyde vs Seth VS Theme added - Mutual Situation Collapsed: [/size: Akatsuki]2A is a low! Close range 5B added Close range 5B > Far range 5B route works 5B has increased cancel-routes Downed opponent can be picked up with close range 5B 2C doesn't scale as badly as it did before Throw damage increased by about a 100 B Denkoudan (236B) increased bullet speed A Hakubou (22A) is a signle-shot move now. Increased damage A Hakubou increased hitbox!? It's not an aerial suicide, but you can continue with Denkoudan. A Tekkou (214A) worse on block? About -4f. It's a free throw for the opponent. Far range 5C doesn't whiff on crouchers!! Kamikaze raw damage 3900 Assault j.B & Assault j.C won't whiff anymore j.2C doesn't scale as badly as it did before. Collapsed: [/size: Byakuya]Byakuya's IW has invincibility until the hitbox disappears metergain seemed to go down a bit apparently. 2B vertical hitbox improved, can hit ppl jumping out now. j.B also got buffed - either better lower hitbox or more active frames - either way its better air to ground now supposedly 2C vertical hitbox improved like above, and hurtbox shortened 3C hitbox increased from above. Is now a better anti-air. Doesn't float a grounded opponent. Only charged version will. Supposedly has faster startup You can also CS cancel his FF on block FF doesn't scale as much anymore. You can combo 2900 damage from it. You can now only drain GRD twice during a combo has web feints one of his cmd throws is like a counter (?) Has Command throw feints Can cancel the last hit of 236C into 623C You can now combo off of 623C. 623C connects to 236C and 41236D, You can now Trap (214X) B-followup doesn't scale as much anymore. Collapsed: Carmine: Force Function has been given a name - Roll up! (捲れ!) Force Function is now Air OK. Stops momentum Can immidiately use other normals after aerial FF. Loses the ability to block in midair after the move. Overall 200-400 damage loss on combos 6B has worse proration, can't be cancelled into XVO 6C is a worse starter. Has same starter proration as 3B. Has no Head Invuln. 2C will always lose against Gordeau's 2C but 2A will always win 3C Hitbox got bigger 3[C] added. Has more reach than Merkava's 5B Command grab deals 300-400 less damage 236X has worse proration, can't be cancelled into XVO During XVO, 623C > IW cancel is added 2C>5BB>j6B or jABC?>2C>22A>CVO>dashC?>236A>J[C]>2B>2C>236C>623C>IW 3[C]>22B(puddle)>214C>2C>236B(2)>j6B>jCAB>2C>623A>dash C 3050 dmg Can substitute 214C for 236C in the corner. 3[C]>22B not stable. Best to go for 3[C]>22C. Collapsed: Chaos: Force Function has been given a name - Sneak Around (スネークアラウンド) His vorpal trait allows him to whiff cancel Azhi stuff 2A is a low 5BB is low invincible 5CC hitbox buffed 6C's hitbox increased near Chaos 2C hitbox and startup suspected to be buffed Dash B counter hit is longer untechable. Invincibility removed. Azhi is projectile invuln for his moves (Specifics down below) j.2C and j.C float longer Throw is comboable but you need to set up an Azhi special ahead of time to combo Roll supposedly has more invincibility 236C is now untechable 214X (even EX) Can now be cancelled on hit or block. Can be jump cancelled on block. IC ver. has earlier cancel window Hide (22A/B/C) is now Air OK. Does not get cancelled if your throw gets teched. EX Version counts as a separate move than A/B for cancels. IW damage speculated to be increased (though min dmg suspected to be unchanged). No longer resets position on hit! IWEXS damage increased by ~100. Detailed specifics on Azhi's invincibility during his moves:236A has p.invincibility 236B has p.invincibility until Azhi rises into air. 214X have no p.invincibility Charged 214X has p.invincibility 623X p.invincibility 22X has p.invincibility until Azhi goes underground Collapsed: [/size: Eltnum]Force Function has been given a name - Etherite Shift (エーテライト・シフト) IC 3C added 421C lost invuln 214C Nerfed Hitbox. Air blocked 236B into 214C doesn't work EX DP Minimum Damage got nerfed Seems like you cant get a guaranteed air UB from an air-blocked B gunshot Collapsed: [/size: Gordeau]Force Function has been given a name - Rusty Nail (ラスティネイル) His vorpal trait is that his FF gains head invincibility 4B added - Does his Dash B on that spot. Has a delay cancellable window 2C has lower body invuln Suspicion that 3C has an improved vertical hitbox. Seems like you can CS cancel his 3C.You can't combo into assimilation anymore off of it though (due to range obv) Mortal Slide follow-ups no longer require 236 command, 6 + A/B/C will suffice. Grim Reaper reach shortened C Aim (22C) invincibility removed Assimilation steals 1/2 the GRD it used to (?) A Assimilation has faster start-up. Reaches as far as his normal Throw. C Assimilation (214C) has invincibility removed Someone definitely confirmed start of the round Grim Reaper into CVO for 5K but thinks someone can get more Collapsed: Hilda: Force Function has been given a name - Tri-Furket (トライファーケット) Hold B+C during Force Function and press 5A or 2A for a follow-up attack Her IW(41236D) has now some invincibility Aerial Teleport added. A warps behind the opponent. B warps into midair close to the opponent. After CS, her Teleport (421X) can't be used. You also can't CS the Teleport. Ground Teleport > Aerial Teleport works in Vorpal only j.FF now floats the opponent like ground version, so difficult to continue the combo from it. FF5A has reduced start-up and recovery FF2A is an overhead. Can be special cancelled even on block ICFF2A can picked by 2A alone. 2C on counter hit. ICFF can't be followed by C Teleport (421C) j.A increased reach? got extended cancel windows on her dash B/C, by ~6 frames fireball also might have gotten slightly faster startup Gloom's (214X) effect seems to have changed... if you have all 3 buttons and then release you can release all 3 lynchpi s in rapid succession (?) if you have at least 2 lynchpins held down you can now slide to swap button holds similar to Carmine (?) Collapsed: Hyde: Force Function has been given a name - Vestige of Cruelty (峭刻ノ残滓, Shoukoku no Zanshi) In Vorpal, chip damage increases. charged FF does really increased chip damage! (ICFF does 400 chip damage? unconfirmed) seems to have more severe overall move SMP. 2A delay window increased 3B range shortened Dash C lower body invincible Throw damage increased a little Lotus and Charged FF can be CS'd. 22C Wraps at the end of the screen Apparently if Hyde gets a CH FF starter and cancels into CCVO he gets up to 7000 Corner OTG into FF > A Orb doesn't link anymore Collapsed: [/size: Linne] Force Function has been given a name - Parry Flash > Heavenly Lynchpin (躱閃 > 天楔, Tasen > Tenzetsu) Linne can fucking cancel her FF into roll now. Like...FF Gordeau's 5C, roll cancel it and punish him Mujin and Mujin follow-up both have same kind of dash-cancel as Kuuga has. B Hien (63214B) is chargeable. Becomes a low Collapsed: [/size: Merkava] [*]Force Function has been given a name - I give beating (我、攪拌する, Ware Kouhan-suru) [*]236C has no bounce at all. Can still be combo'd in the corner without CS. The final 16th hit blows the opponent away, so you can combo on mid-screen if you CS before that. [*]j.2C is worse on block. Probably a free Throw for the opponent. [*]2nd hit of 2B draws the opponent closer [*]FF without additional inputs delas about 1400, with max mashing it deals around 1700 [*]Dash B can be used as a combo part. [*]A and B worms (22X) can be set up faster. The move can be CS'd Collapsed: [/size: Nanase] [*]You no longer have to press the 6 direction for the followup of Nanase’s 236X specials. Chasing the Rêvé (236A/B/C) follow-ups can be done by pressing buttons only. Ex: 236A > 6A is now 236A > A [*]IC j.2C added. Bounds. Seems to be hella plus on block, + even if shielded. It's useful for mixups etc since it can be made to landing whiff etc [*]Her vorpal trait is being able to use her Force Function twice in the air [*]5B, 5C and 2C hitboxes got buffed [*]seems to have frame 1 low invincibility on Dash B [*]B Ange (214B) has a really fast start-up now Collapsed: [/size: Orie] [*]Force Function has been given a name - Aerial Leap (エアリアルリープ) [*]Force Function is now Air OK. [*]Command Order follow-ups no longer require 214 command, 4+A/B/C will suffice. [*]2A,2B: Able to delay chain combos for a longer time. especially with 2B [*]5C increased hitbox width [*]3C lower-body invincibility [*]Aerial Leap (FF): Faster than before, almost seems faster than normal jump. In vorpal, can do FF>j.FF [*]Throw: doesn't launch her back quite as far as before, especially noticeable in the corner [*]Divine Thrust (236A/B): Increased lower hitbox. able to hit all crouching characters [*]A Divine Thrust (236A) will lose to Gordeau's 3C [*]Charged B Divine Thrust (236) has less proration [*]Sacred Arrow (623A/B) can be chain shifted on wiff [*]Sacred Spire (41236C) can be chained shifted starting with the first hit (5 hit>CS lead to 4100 damage combo) [*]minimum damage on IW lowered by about 150 [*]cross veil off and the first attack bonus work well for Orie Still unconfirmed: Collapsed: Phonon: Sourenga’s Translation of Her Profile Sourenga’s Translation of Her Command List Collapsed: Seth: [*]Force Function has been given a name - Geometry of the Abyss Raid (淵侵のジオメトリー, Enshin No Geometry) [*]Follow-up move for "Fastfall" added. Command is 4 + A/B/C. It's an air untechable kick. Seems to be special cancellable [*]Seth died after 7 Throws from Hyde (1420 dmg). Definitely has more than 8520 health! [*]5C reaches farther [*]66B Vacuums [*]Normal Throw does 120 more damage [*]Force Function now causes his orb to be on a separate SMP from normal orbs, allowing them to freeze again if an orb hit already [*]B Command Grab is an anti-air. Following up is difficult but possible. Can combo into it for free. Can combo out of it into fastest tk j.6C for hard KD off any hit now [*]EX Command Grab no longer side swaps [*]623C has more range [*]A Dive Hitbox improved Collapsed: [/size: Vatista] [*]Supposedly can be CH'd now (?) [*]2B > 2B Command Normal added [*]2B+C Force Function Command added. Hits low [*]EX Somersault (28C) no longer has forced knockdown. [*]EX Fireball startup significantly decreasesd [*]Against Phonon in the corner, B Drill>2C doesn't work. [*]Stuff>XVO>EX BEAM>5B>EX FIREBALL>IW works Collapsed: [/size: Waldstein] [*]Force Function has been given a name - Fersen Vulf (フェルゼンヴルフ) [*]720 A/B/C added. Knockdown leaves you right next to them, and does ~200 bonus dmg [*]When in Vorpal, Wald's Rock wall bounces even on the 2nd hit (airborne) [*]1A can be cancelled into various moves [*]66C startup is slower [*]FF has faster start-up and causes wallbounce on hit [*]236C faster start-up [*]IW (41236D) might have its hitbox increased a little.. Collapsed: [/size: Yuzuriha] [*]Force Function has been given a name - Twin Moon's One-handed Sword-drawing Arts Third Type: Sever (双月一刀流抜刀術参之型: 截, Sougetsu Ittou-ryuu Battou Jutsu San-no-Kata: Setsu ) [*]Force Function is now Air OK [*]Now has 4 stance icons. One for D button as well. [*]-> "D-cancel" (button switching on stance) removed. [*]Slide and D+button stance options seem confirmed removed [*]Overall damage nerfed [*]4B counter window shortened, followup range shortened, practically no vacuum effect. [*]No good way to use aerial FF [*]Air short slashes suspected to be nerfed [*]Yaei'ichirin (214X) seems to have increased recovery [*]FF is chargeable? [*]j.6B getting hit by it this will make you fly (?) [*]236X looks like Reppuuken. Opponent flies diagonally [*]214X swings around her whip. Additional inputs max 3 times [*]623X Anti-air. Weird-looking pillar appears. [*]22X Pretty much like Hyde's 22X [*]IW(41236D9 Has pretty long invincibility [*]j.2C: minimum height is about 50% lower [*]Air A Command Order (j.214A): Less recovery [*]Sealing Hoplon (22A/B/C): Knocks down
  12. For those not moon-speak inclined, @HiagoXYZ, @hc0519, and @GREATFERNMAN has been hard at work translating the system wide and character specific changes. Be sure to follow your favorite Japanese player's Twitter accounts for their up to date impressions! Also going down at 10pm EST is the 2nd part of the Kamui (JP Gods) Battle Lobby hosted by Mr. Biscuits. Last week saw Kansai heavyweights (organized by Ruu) such as U-zen, Woshige, Dei, Efute, and Rozu battle it out in a round robin FT3 format, and this week will be more of the same. This weekend is all about Kantou, and Satou has graciously organized amazing players such as FAB, Fino, Hase, Endou, with the possibility of one more joining. Commentary duties may be done by Zidane & St1ckbug. Last weeks' footage can be found at Biscuits' Typical East Coast YouTube Channel, and you can of course catch the action live as it is going down on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/mr_biscuits.
  13. The link to all of the information needed on the tournament is here. Also, you can check out the official Frosty Faustings website here as well. Stream: Anime games will be streamed by Nobody_EXE all weekend. Twitch.tv/nobodyexe Schedule: Game and stream schedule is located at: http://frostyfaustings.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/FFVII-SCHEDULE.pdf
  14. Apex 2015 in Secaucus, NJ is set to go down as one of the largest Smash tournaments ever! But in addition to the tournament's flagship title, there will also be plenty of main stage action for Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, and of course Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-! Thanks to a partnership with Twitch, there will be a sizable pot bonus for every game, with the broadcasting company throwing in $1500 into the Guilty Gear pot alone! Stream: VGBootCamp will be providing all of the Main Stage battles & Top 8 finals for the weekend. Bifuteki will be featuring all of the other traditional Fighting Games including SFIV, UMvC3, KI, & of course GGxrd. Stream & Tournament Schedule: http://www.apex-series.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/zZo1cJA.png
  15. Zoular

    Sonic Boom 2015 - Febuary 21-22nd 2015

    DATE 2015 February 21st and 22nd. GAMES Main Tournaments - Ultra Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Xbox 360) - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PS3) - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (PS3) Side Tournaments - King of Fighters XIII (PS3) - Skullgirls Encore (PS3) - Super Smash Bros (Wii U) Side tournament format will depend on the number of players. With less than 16 players will be winners/losers brackets. With more than 16 players tournament will be single elimination. VENUE The tournament will be held at the Spa La Princesa Hotel, in Alcorcón/Mólstoles (Madrid). The address is as follows: Ctra. M-506, Km 9 salida Móstoles Centro 28922 MADRID - Alcorcón/Móstoles (Madrid) - España REGISTRATION To register follow this LINK Registration Fees - Venue: FREE - Ultra Street Fighter IV: 15 Euros - Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: 5 Euros - BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma: 10 Euros - Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN: 5 Euros All prices apply for online pre-registration. Emergency on-site registration will have an additional charge of 10 Euros per game. STREAMING Armshouse http://www.twitch.tv/armshouse Motoken Team http://es-es.twitch.tv/MotokenTeam Find further details on their Dustloop Thread and be sure to check out their trailer! http://youtu.be/DOQXBBHXf54
  16. shtkn

    Evo 2014 Results

    BB: http://evo2014.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/index.html Pools http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua/b/546958082 http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua/b/546949699 GG: http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool1 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool2 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool3 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_pool4 http://challonge.com/evo2014_ggacpr_top8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA5juOj_y_E&list=UUBaoYuxURiIJBckzemA9nYw P4: http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool1 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool2 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool3 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_pool4 http://challonge.com/evo2014_p4a_top8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHR0ZINiMS8&index=1&list=UUBaoYuxURiIJBckzemA9nYw
  17. mynus

    EVO 2014 Survival Guide by SRK

    The survival guide covers all from: Initial transportation options from the airport to the venue Printing your official EVO 2014 ticket Link to the official EVO 2014 mobile app Checking in to the Hotel as well as the tournament Concierge services available at the venue when you first arrive Personal Hygiene tips! Take a moment and be sure to check out all of the information in guide, as it is sure to come in handy. The guide can be accessed here: Evolution 2014 Survival Guide Good Luck to all competitors and enjoy your time at Evolution 2014!
  18. mynus

    Evolution 2014 BBCP Brackets Online!

    Those looking to view the entirety of the pools for all games can access the site here: Evolution 2014 Brackets To skip directly to the search function, access it via this link: Bracket Search Page
  19. If you are interested in helping, please post up in the thread!