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Found 103 results

  1. Lelouch84

    Fenway Fight Night II

    The second installment of Fenway Fight Night. GGXrd, BBCPEX, and UNIEL are featured games with the possibility of MBAACC, and P4AU on the side. The event is located at International Village, 1155-1175 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120, Rooms 14-18. The parking garage is located at: Renaissance Park Garage, 835 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02120. Just find one of the TOs and we'll arrange for your reimbursement. If taking the T, get off the orange line at Ruggles and the venue is right there. Alternatively, Northeastern University has a Green Line stop on the E branch. For more info, please check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1649613735316961/ (Event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/735833886518045/) Twitch stream: http://www.twitch.tv/bostonanimefgc Brackets: http://bostonanimefgc.challonge.com/ Discord chat: https://discord.gg/0fWopTJ9d0j5qoWE Twitter: https://twitter.com/BostonAnimeFGC and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYw8MvAnw7PH-XaEepHZTjQ
  2. Keep in mind that development is ongoing and there are bugs, most notably, projectiles and throws do not show hitboxes. Regardless, this is great to see! Thank Altimor when you get the chance!
  3. No mentions of preorder bonuses and special editions were announced, but we'll be sure to update when they give out more details!
  4. Lelouch84

    Boston Anime FGC Monthly

    The Boston Anime FGC's monthly tournament. Our main games are Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlue CPEX, and UNIEL. We may also have side events for Melty Blood and P4AU. If you're a Northeast area player, and want to join the group, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1649613735316961/ and ask to join. You'll be accepted almost instantly.
  5. Afterwards, they'll be releasing BBCPE in February, then UNIEL and MBAACC in "Spring 2016"! ASW haven't mentioned any prices or special extras for these games, but stay tuned!
  6. Henry Cen, co-owner of Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn, NY, has been garnering community interest in the past month to whether or not to include Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- in the weekly lineup of Battle Circuit. Luckily, the time has come for GGXrd to make its Battle Circuit debut. This is not the first time that Anime/Airdash fighters have been featured alongside the staple Ultra Street Fighter IV at the tournament, as titles such as UNIEL, Persona 4 Arena, KOFXIII, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, MKX, and Killer Instinct have also graced the tourney halls in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Expect players such as TSB|mynus, TS|NerdJosh, Lost Soul, Liston the Prince, PsychoDM, Blazeu25, Tinshi, Hard Bread, TS|XAQshinor, and other NYC competitors to make a showing to the kickoff. Hopefully GGXrd can keep up respectable entry numbers to make it a regular at the weekly tournament moving forward, so be sure to come out and lend your support of Guilty Gear Xrd! As always, Next Level Battle Circuit is streamed by Team Spooky and/or Arturo Sanchez (TS|Sabin).
  7. Long time no see. This is Nage again. It took a bit of time, but this article will also be about "What I Was Thinking During Toshin Gekitotsu" Please take a look at the videos below. (match videos linked) Today, I'll cover the second match. I already wrote about the first one, so please take a look at that one too. (blog post linked) *What I was thinking during the match I'll be using the Youtube video with the key display. The second match starts from around 2:50. 3:02 Blue burst -> Here I bursted against Volcanic Viper. I took damage, but I was being mindful of avoiding getting knocked down, so I used the burst here. 3:10 Drill cancel into drill -> To throw off his antiair timing, I used the drill cancel once here. Kazunoko's 6P ends up whiffing, and the drill hits him. Faust's ability to throw off antiair timings with moves like drill cancel and air bag throw (j.236P) is quite strong. After showing my opponents all these various air options, I'll even start going for things like jump forward j.P jumpins. 3:15 Dash blitz shield against the jump pad -> You can't throw items while the jump pad is active, so I used a dash blitz shield to get rid of it so I could throw items again. 3:16 Pogo -> It is a mystery... 3:20 Airtech j.K -> It's usually difficult getting return off of this, but you can use it to stop your opponent's dash like I did this time. 3:34 YRC -> Like I wrote in a past article, this was "inputting dead angle with 3 buttons." I ended up getting my turn back using this. (Link to article) 3:47 IAD j.K against Gunflame -> I feel like there are situations where you can react to Gunflame (not actually sure), but this situation was basically just a read. Faust can make Bandit Revolver whiff by crawling under it, but I think my reasoning is I felt sure he was going to do Gunflame, so I went for the IAD (not actually sure about this either lol) Usually I keep the IAD option in mind when my opponent has less than 25% meter, but this time he just barely got 25%. I didn't confirm it at all. After that, I was aiming for the [j.K > j.S > j.P > j.H > 2H > Pogo ... ] combo, but I was thinking I'd mess up, so I switched to an easier combo instead. 3:57 f.S into buffer YRC -> After I whiffed, I went for a 6P, but Kazunoko backed off. I feel like I overextended here and chased him too far. In the end he backdashed to put some distance between us and KO'd me. This was the first round. Overall, things weren't really working out, but I was able to do things that I'm usually able to do (like IADing over Gunflame), so I don't think I felt too nervous after that. 4:16 Burst -> Up until then, I was showing him that I burst after getting hit by certain moves [ed: he's talking about the Volcanic Viper burst point from earlier], so I foresaw that he wouldn't read my burst in that particular situation. (Link to another article: "Nage's Philosophy on Blue Burst") 4:32 Getting airthrown after airteching -> I knew this was a situation where he could pick me up with 5K after airthrowing me, but unfortunately I was just kinda mashing airtech here. Basically, since these two rounds weren't going so well and I was already up by a game, I wanted to see if I could challenge him with that airtech. These were a couple of reasons I did it. In this situation, I wanted to confirm if he could actually do the 5K pickup, but I wasn't looking at his meter, so it was a very "ah crap" moment when he did the RC. Seeing me suddenly stop spinning the stick around at 4:38 is kinda funny. The second match happened kinda like this. I got pushed into the corner, and even midscreen, I found myself kinda falling back and giving up my space. Bearing this in mind, I started the third match. I'll write about the third match onward in the next update. Until next time!
  8. ANBU_Drakeios

    GG XRD Live Stream

    Come join me, ANBU_Drakeios, and other ANBU club members for some Xrd action in 03 North America 2, District 9B (Pacific) # 1 [the lobby will be named ANBU]. I will be live streaming the matches and giving away Fighter Points to all participants, with a few bonuses going out to whoever perform certain feats on stream first (listed below). What are Fighter Points? Fighter Points is an in-site currency for ANBUFightClub.com. We give them out to anyone who participates in our clubs activities or interacts with our members. You can use the points to purchase a multitude of prizes off our Prize Wall (http://anbufightclub.com/prize-wall/). This is our way of encouraging more activity in the online fighting game community. Bonuses: 5 win streak - 50 points 10 win streak - 100 points 20 win streak - 200 points Instant Kill - 300 points Double Perfect - 300 points For more on Fighter Points watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKLX1i3AvAY Hope to see you all in the lobby. -Drakeios
  9. Alongside special consultant Ruu - Japanese GG legend and recent ambassador to the US regarding American Guilty Gear exposure in Japan, the series begins by starting at the most basic principle which is consistent across all games in the genre: Space Control. Also present is more of an interactive approach in which the watcher is encouraged to participate actively in the process by practicing alongside the video immediately after watching, and also to research high-level match videos and look specifically for the concept in which the video described at length. Reaching beginner and low-intermediate players has been largely relegated to tutorial videos, and/or short overviews, so this fresh approach of interactive research and application could breathe some fresh new life into the strategy of attracting and keeping new players interested, and helping them to bridge the gap as fast as possible without overlooking fundamental concepts and principles which are essential at all levels of gameplay. Finally, in an effort to reach as many players around the world as possible, the episode has been subtitled in French, as well as Japanese. You can toggle the subtitled transcripts from the YouTube options at the bottom-right of the video. Check out the first episode of the series below:
  10. View the full arcade opening and teaser for Jam below:
  11. Translated Document Re-post of Translated Document ** Editor's Note: Added pictures for each character. Translated by @GREATFERNMAN Translated pretty roughly just to get the info across so... also please forgive any possible mistakes I rushed through this kinda Pachi's comments on how each character would play if voted into Xrd. Everything stated by Pachi here is tentative A.B.AFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR ISUKA A character that uses both a weak normal mode and a strong, high-risk high-return Moroha mode. Blood packs are limited, so you have to decide when is a good time to use it and when it isn't. It might be interesting if her (or paracelsius'??) personality changed based on the blood type of the blood pack. IZUNAFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 A relatively all-rounded character, but because he has a special step called the Namba Step (I think this may be referencing Namba Aruki, which is a traditional Japanese walking style used in stage performances and martial arts etc.) and he has short range, he would probably be a character who uses his step to hit & run. I would like him to set a daruma on the opponent's wake up and get pressure that way. VALENTINEFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 She is originally a long ranged projectile character, the other Valentines took things like Zest and Calvados from her (lol), but if she is voted in I'd like to change her play style. She would have many aerial mobility options, so she would have a weak ground game and would specialize in the aerial game. KLIFF UNDERSNFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR He is a long ranged, high damage, slow movement character, and it might be interesting to give him a stamina meter. He is old after all. Personally, I'd like to add in more young Kliff moves because I'd like to see young Kliff in the new 3D graphics. ZAPPAFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX A tricky character who uses his 3 summons: triplets, dog and sword, with the objective of getting Raoh. I'm thinking that I'd like to maintain his trickiness, but I might redesign his three summons. JUSTICEFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR In GGACPR she was a pure projectile character, but if she is coming to Xrd, I'd like her to have a more mobile play style. She wouldn't have completely free movement, but it would be something like being able to pressure off N.B. HOLY ORDER SOLFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX SLASH A speedy character who continuously attacks with his specials powered up by his charge mechanic. While keeping his base that of a continuously offensive character, it would be interesting if his roman cancel made his charge bar reduction slower, so he could use more powered up moves. DIZZYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR X A character who has a variety of projectiles that are good are beginning pressure and who also has mobility. She has been a setplay character and she probably has good affinity with the roman cancel system, but rather than backing off, I want her playstyle to involve more aggression. Also, she's a mother now, and her move names are amazing (lol). TESTAMENTFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR A character who plays at his own pace using his various traps while throwing the opponent into disorder with poison and his crow summon. His complexity has increased with each new version, so I'd like to make him easier to understand, by doing things like making it easier to make a decision of what to do while working together with the crow. DR. PARADIGMFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 In GG2, he was a character that depended on his tribe to fight while he ran away, but it would be interesting for him to fight with his tribe. Something like a charging move with Roller, an anti-air with Bower, or a delayed attack with Bonnie would be interesting. BAIKENFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR Her range is short overall, but she can gain momentum off her strong guard cancel moves. I'd like to keep her base style the same, but it would be interesting to rework her approach, starting from her guard cancels. Something like instead of getting immediate return, just seizing the pace of the match. FANNYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR PETIT She is a character with similar style moves to Faust who fights up close. But if she was in Xrd she would have a full model change so she might become a completely different character. She has a lot of medical themed attacks so she could be a character that can make herself stronger or change her opponent with medicine. BRIDGETFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX A character who specializes in setting a yoyo, then, using that as an axis, running around the screen and playing a mid to long ranged hit & run game. While maintaining his mobility options, it would be interesting to give him more yoyo tricks. I'd like to give him options like more ways to call the yoyo back, and more Roger moves. ANJIFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR X His specialty is simultaneously defending and attacking with his guard point moves, and his followups from his rushing move. I would like to preserve his guard point followups like Kou, but change his style. A style that forces a close-ranged fight using guard points seems good. RAVENFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR 2 In GG2 he was a long ranged projectile character who slowed down his opponent. In Xrd, he'll probably be changed into a mid-ranged character. Additionally, because of his personality, I'd like to include a move where he purposely takes a hit. ROBO-KYFirst Appearance: GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD He has a character specific electricity gauge, and his special attacks get stronger with the gauge. He's a low mobility character, but it'll be interesting if he can get stronger with his gauge. Something like a temporary mobility increase.
  12. A loketest of 1.01 will take place starting September 9th and continue for one week at three Club Sega arcades: Akihabara New Wing, Kagurazaka, and Nishiguchi The official website has also posted patch notes for 1.01 along with Jam's movelist. 1.01 Patch Information and Jam Movelist 1.01 Patch Translation by SoWL 1.01 Patch Jam Loketest Info by GREATFERNMAN (Translated movelist by notBaf0) (Pictures taken by Famitsu) Source: Famitsu, Shoryuken
  13. 10/3 will truly be a TSB like no other. Fresh off Biscuits' T-Shirt campaign, along with a generous contribution from Hotashi, the people have selected several top players to fly out to NYC to participate in TSB. This TSB will also see $10 entry and several exhibitions to make it truly one to remember. The players flown out are.... NAKKIEL (Nu / Sol) GCYOSHI13 (Bedman) KID VIPER (Elphelt) BLACKSNAKE (Venom) In addition, several other out of state players are slated to come including THEBEAUTIFULDUDE, BRICE, HOTASHI, and rumor has it even LOST SOUL may make an appearance. Check out the full details here, and if you can't make it, watch it on TS Sabin's stream http://twitch.tv/NYCFurby
  14. mossclaw


    My online tournament "BackYard" will be starting back up on September 18. All the info is on the flyer and at the challonge link challonge.com/backyard918. If you have any questions please just ask me ether here or send me a tweet at @mossclawrrrr
  15. until
    10.09.2015 - GGXrd RUS vs Sweden OverKilL (SO) vs Fogelstrom (SL) #FT10 Without any break, we continue our battles. This Thursday, you will see a fight between me and Fogelstrom. Fogelstrom - 28 year old Sweden player that uses Slayer. He can be seen in a French lobby a lot and sometimes comes to our turf. Fogelstorm has been playing fighting games since GGXX(old sweet PAL version) about 10 years ago. His biggest achievement is a victory in a BlazBlue tournament at Red Fight District 2011. The tournament was held in Netherlands. Now he mainly plays online and in search for worthy opponents, studying matchups and simply enjoying the game itself. I think we have something for him, our Fafnir express is ready to go. The only thing we need is a signal for the start! restream - youtube.com/overkill013 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru
  16. until
    By tradition Tuesday and a new battles in the Guilty Gear Xrd! Welcome Kler - the best Russian Ramlethal player and Fidoskin - furious multifighter TOP 2 of MFA 2015 with his Leo Whitefang GGXrd - Kler (RA) vs Fidoskin (LE) [FT10] We giving away the game to 10 wins, the first scored 10 victories wins the battle. Kler and Fidoskin are not new to the fighting game scene. Kler was once get out of reload online (GGXXR) with his Jam and played pretty well in the tournaments, although the first serious results came to him in GGXrd then he choose Ramlethal awaiting for his character, the output of Jam is already planned in GGXrd Revalator. Fidoskin is multiple winner of various tournaments even of unknown to anyone fighting games and He has fame as the strongest multifighter of Russia for long time, who takes prizes at the newly emerged fighting disciplines. Both players know each other and live in Moscow, but in a serious battle, they will meet right here! Let us see who will win! stream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013
  17. HiagoX

    Heaven or Hell 2015

    Promotional poster drawn by NOi Main Information: Games: Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Street Fighter III: 3rd strike, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (side)Date: October 10th and 11thStream: X-RevolutionAddress: Av. Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira, 1370 — Jabaquara (São Paulo/SP)Early Registration: http://bit.do/hoh2015 (R$20 per game) Right now, the brazilian Melty Blood scene is still accepting donations to pay for Rakuchan's flight expenses. They've already compromised to pay for all of the remaining expenses, but the donation drive will still go on until 10/09 in order to mitigate the amount as much as possible. With that said, if you're interested in supporting us, check out this page for more details on the donation drive, or you can directly send the amount through PayPal. Contact: For any questions or further details you can contact me @HiagoXYZ on Twitter, or directly on Dustloop.
  18. The player order is as follows: NicoNico Stream Twitch Stream Source: Zidane