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Found 191 results

  1. Dallas Distortion [Changing Seasons] First Prize for Guilty Gear will be a classic holographic Guilty Gear X poster! (Pictures will be posted soon) When: Sunday, March 26th, 2017. 1:30pm to 8:00pm Where: Versus Gameplay Arcade in Collin Creek Mall, 2nd floor, near Mall entrance 2 811 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX Schedule: Casuals/friendly games/signup: 1:30PM BBCF: 3:00PM GGXRDR: around 5:00PM Dinner: around 8:00PM (We usually like to get something to eat as a group after the tournament, anyone is welcome to come along) Challonge: Stream: All games will be run on PS4 consoles. 10$ venue fee, 5$ entry for each game. Bring your own controller or arcade stick! The Challonge link in this post has been updated, I know that last time it was linking to the incorrect account for our tournament brackets but it should be okay now. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me here on Dustloop, we hope to see you there! Event page on Facebook for more details/RSVP: Texas Arcsys/Anime FGC Discord Server:
  2. (IN PROGRESS) Currently Ripped: Story Mode - Includes the Audio from the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes All the Sprites used on the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes Portraits / Names / Emblems / Drives / Misc of All Characters. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes the All the Images from In-Game Gallery Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Character Sprites / Effects / Color Palettes. ( IMPORTANT NOTE: CURRENTLY THERE'S NO WAY TO GET SUSANOO / ES / MAI / N.O.L. Noel SPRITES ) Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Background and Character Sprites that Appear on Story Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews
  3. until
    The premier online anime fighter tournament series returns once again this week with our 64th numbered event! Hot off the heels the AniClash 63, which proved to be one of the most insanely exciting events in the entire years-long AniClash canon, this promises to be yet another phenomenally entertaining outing rife with competition from some of netplay's finest. Don't miss out! Registration can be found on the tournament's designated Challonge page, and make sure to follow AniClash on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube to stay up to date with all the latest series happenings. See you Friday!
  4. Hello Dustloop! Well, it is about time to start a new and fresh thread to begin things anew, so I've decided to create this new thread to keep things easier and organized for everyone. Help yourself by looking at the updates below and links for downloading the tabs. You are in for a treat, because I just corrected all tracks of Gluttony Fang, plus, added the rest of the keyboards and drums, for the very first time. You deserve it for being so kind and patient. The tuning for guitars and 4-string bass is D standard tuning (1 step down). 'Till Next Time! -- Update History -- 2016-03-02: Thread update! The Man added! 2015-05-09: Thread update! Endless Despair II added! Thread Contributors updated! 2014-08-10: Thread update! Marionette Purple added! 2014-07-18: Thread update! Howling Moon II added! 2014-07-06: Thread update! SIX-HEROES added! Queue updated! 2014-04-08: Thread update! Under Heaven Destruction added! 2013-12-25: Thread update! Keep The Flag Flying added! 2013-01-05: Thread update! Thread Guidelines And Rules Section updated! 2013-01-03: Thread update! Fatal Duel added! 2012-12-23: Thread update! The Tyrant added! Queue updated! 2012-11-04: Thread update! Imperial Code added! 2012-02-11: Thread update! Blood Pain added! Queue updated! 2012-01-22: Thread update! Condemnation Wings added! 2012-01-08: Thread update! Plastic Night added! 2011-12-17: Thread update! Conclusion added! 2011-11-30: Thread update! Death and Republic added! 2011-11-27: Thread update! Childish Killer added! 2011-11-08: Thread update! Bullet Dance added! 2011-11-05: Thread update! Thin RED Line added! Queue updated! Off Topic And Misc Stuff Section Updated! 2011-05-25: Thread update! Sword of Doom added! 2011-05-07: Thread update! Still In The Dark added! Queue updated! 2011-04-27: Thread update! Lust SIN added! Queue updated! 2011-04-17: Thread started! Gluttony Fang updated! -- Thread Contributors -- Beast of Fire; sergerock; Seth_Slax; Maverick_Gear; -- Covered Songs -- 1998 - Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection Death And Republic | Requested By: sergesrock | Added In: 2011-11-30 | Download: [ Death And Republic] Conclusion ~ Theme of Sol Badguy vs Ky Kiske ~ | Requested By: Blade | Added In: 2011-12-17 | Download: [ Conclusion] 2001 - Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks Still In The Dark ~ Theme of Millia Rage vs Zato-1 ~ | Requested By: Roldy | Added In: 2011-05-07 | Download: [ Still In The Dark] Fatal Duel ~ Mirror Match Theme ~ | Requested By: Seth_Slax | Added In: 2013-01-03 | Download: [ Fatal Duel] 2008 - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: Secret Gig Keep The Flag Flying ~ Theme of Order Sol vs Ky Kiske ~ | Requested By: Dorro | Added In: 2013-12-25 | Download: [ Keep The Flag Flying] 2008 - Guilty Gear 2: Overture Original Soundtrack The Man ~ Theme of That Man ~ | Requested By: TemptingRose | Added In: 2016-03-02 | Download NEW! 2008 - Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Original Soundtrack Lust SIN ~ Theme of Jin Kisaragi ~ | Requested By: alvare, Zevali | Added In: 2011-04-27 | Download: [ Lust SIN] Bullet Dance ~ Theme of Noel Vermillion ~ | Requested By: Rehashed, Skullkrusher | Added In: 2011-11-08 | Download: [ Bullet Dance] Thin RED Line ~ Theme of Arakune ~ | Requested By: Rehashed | Added In: 2011-11-05 | Download: [ Thin RED Line] Marionette Purple ~ Theme of Carl Clover ~ | Requested By: B.O.A., Irikarul | Added In: 2014-08-10 | Download: [ Marionette Purple] Under Heaven Destruction ~ Theme of Ragna the Bloodedge vs Jin Kisaragi ~ | Requested By: Safetyman | Added In: 2010-06-19 | Download: [ Under Heaven Destruction] Imperial Code ~ Theme of Jin Kisaragi vs Noel Vermillion ~ | Requested By: Sucrilhus, zreb | Added In: 2012-11-04 | Download:[ Imperial Code] Blood Pain ~ Mirror Match Theme ~ | Requested By: Rehashed | Added In: 2012-02-11 | Download: [ Bullet Dance] 2009 - Blazblue Song Accord #1 with Continuum Shift Gluttony Fang ~ Theme of Hazama ~ | Requested By: Bjholmes2 | Added In: 2011-04-17 | Download: [ Gluttony Fang] Condemnation Wings ~ Theme of Tsubaki Yayoi ~ | Requested By: Defnist47 | Added In: 2012-01-22 | Download: [ Condemnation Wings] 2010 - Blazblue Song Accord #2 with Continuum Shift II Sword of Doom ~ Theme of Mu -No. 12- ~ | Requested By: TemptingRose | Added In: 2011-05-25 | Download: [ Sword of Doom] 2011 - Blazblue Song Interlude Plastic Night ~ Theme of Relius Clover ~ | Requested By: Seth_Slax, TTNH03 | Added In: 2012-01-08 | Download: [ Plastic Night] Childish Killer ~ Theme of Jin Kisaragi vs Tsubaki Yayoi ~ | Added In: 2011-11-27 | Download: [ Childish Killer] 2013 - Blazblue Phase III: Chrono Phantasma Original Soundtrack Howling Moon II ~ Theme of Valkenhayn R. Hellsing ~ | Added In: 2014-07-18 | Download: [ Howling Moon II] Endless Despair II ~ Theme of Unlimited Hazama ~ | Requested By: Tong, MinatoArisato, Neverender | Added In: 2015-05-09 | Download: [ Endless Despair II] The Tyrant ~ Theme of Azrael ~ | Added In: 2012-12-23 | Download: [ The Tyrant] SIX-HEROES ~ Theme of the Six Heroes ~ | Added In: 2014-07-06 | Download: [sharedmedia=core:atta Six Heroes] -- Requests -- Endless Despair (Tong, MinatoArisato, Neverender); The Midnight Carnival ~Korean OST~ (Rehashed); Continuum Shift (Shynkz); Get Down To Business (Abominable K, NoelRin); MOTOR HEAD (Poet_mit_Knall, NoelRin, redkakari, manicx782); The Road To Hope (katatafish); Needs verification Weak Executioner (Zounder); The Man (TemptingRose); Alexandrite (oda_gomnaga, Paprika); Queen of Rose (djKun); Stardust Memory (Mekillsum1); Active Angel (Mekillsum1, NoelRin); SUSANO'O (DemonEyesKyo, Arcsystemworks); Calamity Trigger (Arcsystemworks); Awakening The Chaos (Arcsystemworks, Sucrilhus); Nothing Out of The Ordinary (DeViLBrInGeR); Gale (Locke); Simple Life (Alexander~); Howling Moon (Burning Cocytus); Lady Fascination (DeViLBrInGeR); Ride On Time (Djentleman); Diva (Kanashimi); Ao-iconoclast (Ryter); X-Matic (Ryter, WSUNLIMITED); Chronophantasma (RockHoward2013); Black & White (RockHoward2013); in JUSTICE (RockHoward2013); Bullet Dance II (mugen); The Highlander (Lhancat); Childish Killer II (TTNH03); -- Thread Guidelines & Rules -- I will cover only Blazblue & Guilty Gear songs for now 'til most of them are complete, so please, consider before asking tabs of a different game for a while. The first post will contain the main updates to all tabs with links redirecting to the attachments and posts, as well the queue of requested songs. I will address every request in a random order, due to time constraints, so I can pick tabs accordingly to my free time and also not leave the thread without updates for a long time. Please understand. Every member of dustloop is free to make any comments, suggestions or contribute with this thread. I will post tabs exclusively @ Dustloop, if any member decides to use them elsewhere, please give credit to Beast of Fire or Paulo Wirth AND Seth_Slax. -- Software Requirements -- Guitar Pro, version 5.2 or above; Blood Pain
  5. until
    Following a short break, netplay's premier tournament series returns yet again this Friday with our 63rd numbered tournament! As is becoming increasingly more common with the plethora of exciting new advancements in the series, this tournament will be rife with a plethora of announcements of upcoming events such as our 2nd holiday event and our first ever AniClash Elite Exhibition, and--naturally--will also be packed with an intense suite of top tier BlazBlue netplay action. Registration can be found at the tournament's designated Challonge page--we hope to see you there! --- The stream itself located at our Official Twitch Channel; make sure you subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our Discord to stay up to date with all things AniClash!
  6. Hey guys I am planning to do seasonal Saturday anime/poverty games tournaments at my local venue Game Realms. The venue is a game store similar to game stop which has video game setup area in the back of the store for tournaments/events. The store allows me to run this tournament from 6pm-2am on March 18th 2017. For places to eat their is a subway, pizza place, burger joint, and 7-11 walking distance near the store. As of right now the current setup I have right now is 8 asus/benq monitors, 4 crts, two ps4s, two ps3s, two ps2s (please bring ps2s stick I currently own two lol), one copy of each game I will be running, and one laptop for MB lol. It will be helpful if anyone can bring setup which can reduce your venue fee by $2. For parking there plenty of spaces back of the store or you can park on street. Date: March 18th, 2017 tournament hour: 6pm-2am Address: 137 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502 Phone: (818) 841-1545 Hours: · 10AM–9PM Venue Fee:$8 Discount Venue Fee:$6 with a console setup with game Stream : Game Realms (XRDR or BBCF and GG+R) & Numakie (XRDR orBBCF, MBAACC, Mystery game, CVS2) Challonge Brackets: For the current line up we have: 7 30pm: Guilty Gear XRD Revelator (PS4/PS3) & Blazblue Central Fiction (PS4) 9 00pm: Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code 1.07 (PC) & Mystery Game Tournament (top 3 will get prizes) 10 00pm: Capcom VS SNK 2 (PS2) 10 30pm: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (PS3) For any questions you can contact me on Dustloop or my twitter @nostalgic_91 For contact information of the store Twitter: @Game_Realms Facebook Event Page:
  7. until
    After the phenomenal outing that was AniClash 61 saw the fall of a number of AniClash Gods and the rise of a number of new legends, netplay's premier tournament series returns once again this week with our 62nd numbered event! Register now to stake your claim in what may well be yet another historic showdown of monumental proportions! Sign-ups can be found at the tournament's designated registration page; hope to see you there! Stream located at our Official Twitch Channel; make sure you subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our Discord to stay up to date with all things AniClash!
  8. Dallas Distortion End of Winter Tournament This monthly is extra special; Houston players Hamad, Ghostbear, and ShinkuHunter, plus out of state competitors Havoc and ch_breadsticks should be in attendance! Top 3 for Guilty Gear will win one of these Sol Badguy figures + regular payout: When: Sunday, February 26th, 2017. 1:30pm to 7:00pm Where: Versus Gameplay Arcade in Collin Creek Mall, 2nd floor, near Mall entrance 2811 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX Schedule: Casuals/friendly games/signup: 1:30PM BBCF: 3:00PM GGXRDR: around 4:30PM Dinner: around 7:00PM (We usually like to get something to eat as a group after the tournament, anyone is welcome to come along) Challonge: Stream: All games will be run on PS4 consoles. 10$ venue fee, 5$ entry for each game. Bring your own controller or arcade stick! If you have any questions please feel free to PM me here on Dustloop, we hope to see you there! Event page on Facebook for more details:
  9. until
    AniClash returns yet again this week for our 61st numbered netplay tournament! Get caught up in the hype of the new hit AniClashBot and it's currency/betting features while enjoying a wonderful showcase of some of the best players the world of online BlazBlue has to offer. Registration can be found a t the event's designate challonge page, and friendlies will begin at 6PM EST on the day of the tournament on-stream. Hope to see you there! --- Stream located at our Official Twitch Channel; make sure you subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our Discord to stay up to date with all things AniClash!
  10. Hi! So, I'm a painter and for the longest time, I've been told I have talent, but I've never felt good enough know, actually sell stuff. '-' *ahem* Well, this year, I really started working harder on my art, and thought I'd try to sell at CEOtaku's artist alley, since I love a good Fighting game Tourney as much as art! I just started putting together some stuff I'd want to sell, and doing the math on production costs, etc, but I'm a novice as far as all of this is concerned, and there's barely any external coverage on "fighting game artist alleys" that I can find... I've talked with a certain plushie maker online about her experience, but that was some time ago, and she's a vendor, so she only sees one side of things. I'm just curious - has anyone here been to CEOtaku in the past, or events like it, with artists selling there? How was it? How many vendors were there, and how much did they have with them? Anything/one catch your eye while you were looking around? I never got the chance to go there personally, and like I said, it'd be my first try at one of these, so I'd love to hear about your experience there, or elsewhere! Thanks for reading!
  11. until
    Netplay's premier tournament series goes 60 numbered events strong with this week's AniClash 60! Heralding the arrival of expanded social options arriving to the Twitch and the Discord, as well undoubtedly being rife with a bevy of incredible competitive BlazBlue matches, you won't want to miss out on this event! Hit up the tournament's designated challonge page to register and stake your claim! --- The stream will be located at our Official Twitch Channel and friendlies will begin at 6PM EST on the day of the tournament; stop by to get some last minute practice in and chill with your fellow competitors. Also, make sure you subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our Discord to stay up to date with all things AniClash. Hope to see you there!
  12. I made a very shameful topic bb article. if you are chosen fighting player, please lead bb strategy and fighting crash diagram ,or overcome strong enemy. i'm seriously poor at english. it is hideous article. do not look closely keep safe.may cause heartattack. thank you.
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    After the glorious success and monumental announcements of AniClash 58, netplay's premier tournament series returns once more this Friday with yet another incredibly hype night of competitive BlazBlue action! Join in the fun and experience the next evolution of AniClash across all of our platforms! Registration for the tournament can be found on its corresponding Challonge Page. The event will be streamed on our Official Twitch Channel; a friendlies stream will begin at 6PM EST on the day of the tournament, make sure to stop by for some on-stream practice before the festivities commence. Also, don't forget to subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our join Discord to stay up to date with all aspects of the AniClash Experience! Hope to see you there!
  14. until
    AniClash 58 marks the 5th event of 2017 for the premier online anime fighter tournament series! With a number of huge announcements planned pertaining to the future of AniClash as a whole and a bevy of incredible BlazBlue action guaranteed to be on display, it's no doubt gonna be yet another event you won't want to miss! Registration for the tournament can be found on its corresponding Challonge Page. The event will be streamed on our Official Twitch Channel; a friendlies stream will begin at 6PM EST on the day of the tournament, make sure to stop by for some on-stream practice before the festivities commence. Also, don't forget to subscribe to that channel, our Official Youtube, Twitter, and our join Discord to stay up to date with all aspects of the AniClash Experience! Hope to see you there!
  15. Unfortunately, I'm going to be very busy for the next few months with personal issues, so I need help getting the frame data onto the character pages (the ones with the images), as they still have data from the old games. If you'd like to help, feel free to start updating the pages; you don't need an account to make edits on he wiki! If you have questions on how to edit the wiki or notice wrong values in the frame data, feel free to message me.
  16. Versus Gameplay Arcade in Collin Creek Mall811 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX This is the last monthly before Frosty Faustings, cheer on Pfhor, Voguekun, and Xen on stream this year! The Games: Casuals start at 2pm, Blazblue starts at 3pm!1) Blazblue Central Fiction @ 3pm2) Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- @ ~5pm Challonge Brackets: We now have a twitch channel where the games will be streamed: All games will be run on PS4's. 10$ venue fee, 5$ entry for each game If you have any questions please feel free to PM me here on Dustloop! We hope to see you there! Event page on Facebook for more details:
  17. In case of more additions. Overview: (Reposted from Combo Thread) Acknowledgements Move-list translations courteous of Tokkan Detailed descriptions thanks to Davo87 [Davo87 text in this font color] (various links to footage from his descriptions in Thanks to -Seo for info on what moves can be jump cancelled, confirmations on lows and overheads, and general hands on impressions. Thanks to Kiba for letting me know how I could add sexy boxes. Thanks to Suzaku for the inspiration for the Arcade Movelist Sheet Thanks to Myoro for the thoughts on ribcage and barrier management (expressed it better than I could) Thanks to bakahyl for changes to the ribcage section and the Bang guardpoint comparison Arcade Movelist Sheet Izanami CV: Yukana Nogami To all living things, Hades Izanami descended to bring death unto all equally. She is the younger sister of Ragna and Jin, while also the template for dimensional boundary interface units for the No.10 series and a "vessel". At one time she was known as the "Imperator" of the NOL, seeking to bring about Doomsday. Now, that goal is about to be fulfilled. A cold, heartless, ruthless girl. She believes the role of Hades Izanami is to view all of life as pointless as worms about to be snatched off the ground and to return all the world to nothing. However, she sometimes refers to Ragna as "Nii-sama", but it is unknown whether if she says that as only a taunt or to truly reflect the "vessel" Saya's feelings She wields the Yasakani no Magatama in battle. Profile: Height: Unknown Body Weight: Unknown Blood type: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Hobbies:Jigsaw puzzles Likes: The world Dislikes: Ragna the Bloodedge Drive Name: Exodus Arc Specials Float ------------ + -> Float Cancel - F. (Float) + Tengai no Hi ----- + ,[] (chargeable) Tourai no Hoko --- + or + Gaihou no Geki --- + Renge no Kai ----- + Jiai no Yuu ------ + Mujuu no Tate ---- + -> Mujuu no Gou - + during Mujuu no Tate Shizuku ---------- + ,[] (chargeable) Araragi ---------- + ,[] (chargeable / can manipulate by pressing or while charging) Distortion Drives Hazen no Kui ----- + Kyomu no Koku ---- + Jindou no Koku --- 720A (100 meter) Astral Finish -----720D Notes: In normal mode her C attacks have followups when pressing C again. In Magatama mode she loses the followup C attacks and the ability to block but in their place gains 4D, 2D and 6D as projectile attacks. 5D switches between modes. Exceed Accel is called "Nayuta <Arc Drive>". Overview : A very offensive orientated character that struggles in neutral but has high damage potential. Relies on Exceed Accel or DD on defense, with little else to counteract the opponent's momentum. Her projectiles are used more to give her a chance to open up the opponent rather than to zone, but she can also use the slide version of her teleport to get in on opponents. A unique technique allows her to use barrier meter for temporary defense, but is more an offensive tool against Abare rather than a true defensive option due to start up and a window of only 4 seconds. Izanami also has many moves with lots of recovery, so she needs to be cautious on offense. In summation, she has a multitude of offensive options, but lacks meterless defensive options. Modes: Normal/"Ring" Mode (non-projectile mode,N-mode) -In normal mode her C attacks have followups when pressing C again. eg 6CC, 5CC Active/Magatama/"Deployed" Mode (projectile mode, P-mode) -In Magatama mode she loses the followup C attacks and the ability to block but in their place gains 4D, 2D and 6D as projectile attacks. 5D switches between modes. 5D/ j.5D: Toggles Normal and Active mode. 2D Fires spread outwards. 4D/ j.4D Fires magatama straight forward. 1 top 2 below. Frametrap. 6D Fires cluster at 20 degrees upwards. j.1D Fires spread of magatama covering 45 degrees downwards. j.6D Overdrive: Lets Izanami use both modes simultaneously. Strategies include using projectiles (XD) on whiffed distortions or specials. Filler Filler Normals: 5A (standing jab) 6A (sweet chin music) (rising jump kick) Anti-air. Can float on hit/block. 2A (crouching jab) Gatling to 5B, 2B, 6B 5B (poking kick) Advancing kick. Gatling to 5B, 5C, 2C and 6B 6B (forward twirl) (overhead strike) hits overhead and kd. special cancelled. float version falls downwards in steep angle. airthrow>float>6B. 2B (slide kick) low profile and advances. Gatling to 5C, 2C. 2C (black swipe; causes fatal on counter hit) (claw swipe) Fatal counter properties. Gatling to 6C and 6A. 2CC (magatama followup to 2C) causes spin on stagger. can followup with 214B. on juggle causes upward spin. 3C (needle strike sweep) unsafe on whiff/block. covers range and advances in float combos. float version jump cancellable. 5C (black palm thrust) (palm thrust) jump cancellable. on juggle causes upward spin. Gatling to 6A, 2C, 3C and 6B. 5CC (magatama followup) causes standing stagger. can followup with 214A. 6C (alley oop) (2-hit hammer strike) slams opponent to ground. followup with 236C in corner. On juggle causes ground bounce. 6CC (ring mode bits go down diagonally to attack like Izayoi's bits) (magatama followup) groundbound. can followup with 5B. JA (air jab) JB (jumping kick) Hitbox can crossup. JC (downward strike) vertical hitbox. cancellable to j2C. combo filler after jump cancel from f.3C and f.5C. JCC (magatama followup) spikes opponent downwards. J2C (spazzy bit swarm) (magatama swarm) multi-hitting attack. jump cancellable into float 5B from trailer. CT Wall bounces on hit. Filler Exceed Accel Combo from 214A or f.214A. Specials: Float - Input “Jump” in midair (J8) -> Float Cancel - Input “Jump” while floating Regarding Float its possible to do the following: double jump = float airdash to float superjump then airdash to float float to jump cancel then airdash -basically lets you do standing normals in the air (circle under feet tells when float state is active) -circle flashes red to indicate float state is about to end Tengai no Hi - 41236C (chargeable) -fireball with 3 different levels that travels in downward arc like Kokonoe's fireballs 3 chargeable levels. fireball can descend 45 degrees or 30 degrees. --corner combos from 6C or 2C on juggle. On fireball oki, Drive > Ribcage gives access to Araragi - 63214D during the startup of ribcage. Corner setup Hitting sleepers. On 3C On 5C On 5C On j5D> 214B 63214D puts Izanami back into normal mode so its good. Tourai no Hoko - 214A or B A Version: cause wall bounce. on corner its wall combo. float j.214A remains in float --Fatal counters lead to ground bound. Combos into 5C. B Version: (slide kick) on knockdown, combos into 5B or 5C. j.214B teleports to ground. -Has a teleport to activate move and then one of two strikes based on input that is required after activation -A hits chest height +If used during float, maintains height, attacking directly in front of opponent -B hits low (ala Ky's Stun Dipper ) +If used during float, teleports Izanami to the ground Gaihou no Geki - 236A (dino skull) cause blow back. Followup after 6B. Combos into 5B on corner. On counterhit forces standing stagger. -Deadspike Renge no Kai - j.63214B (aerial skull) ground bounce on juggle. combo filler after 6A launch. -Floaty Belial Edge (RIP ) Jiai no Yuu - 63214C (command grab) drain opponent's barrier and adds to Izanami. In active mode can followup with 214D. -Command Grab -Adds to health as well on hit Mujuu no Tate - 623B -> Mujuu no Gou - 623B during Mujuu no Tate (ribcage) strike invulnerable. depletes barrier to 50% before deactivates. depletes faster while absorbing hits. ->>(623B after 623B followup) launches on hit. deactivates ribcage. -Protective ribcage guard point -can be used at end of combos to shutdown wake up DPs -4 Seconds of duration (if enough barrier at time of activation) -guard point is time based not hit based; ribcage can take as many hits the opponent can dish out for the whole window -like Bang's gudard point can't block unblockables (Hakumen's Yukizake counter/Naoto's Phantom Pain UB) or throws Shizuku - 41236D (chargeable) (homing triad laser) tracks to target and pins with laser. throw>236D>2B is combo. -In active mode/overdrive can be called anytime without special cancel. -Delayed projectile (can move as they circle and strike) -Opponents can jump out of it to avoid the hit -More of a pressure tool than a zoning tool Araragi - 63214D (chargeable / can manipulate by pressing 2 or 8 while charging) (spinning magatama) use after fireball oki. 5D>ribcage>214D immediately. - -In active mode/overdrive can be called anytime without special cancel. Returns to normal mode. -spinning projectile wheel like Noel's 6C in Chain Revolver -after use, puts you in ring mode Filler Distortion Drives: Hazen no Kui - 236236B (rising kick) reversal/combo filler. -Flashy "combo" distortion like Bang's Four Seal FRKZ DD (in terms of tempo) -Pre-"combo" is like Hazama's Houtenjin Kyomu no Koku - 214214C No Meter Gain During Timestop (timestop throw) Lasts 3 seconds. Izanami gains no meter during this period. Can be extended with another 214214C. Note: Overdrive count down stops but you still gain active flow. Meaning you can do a longer combo to activate active flow regardless of the span of your Overdrive gauge. -Command Grab Timestop -Allows for a free combo(s) after hit for several seconds (length scales with damage? need verification) -Can follow up with itself to increase duration (has heavy proration) Jintou no Koku - 720A (consumes 100 meter) No Meter Gain During Timestop (fullscreen timestop) 5 seconds startup. Costs 100 meter. Lasts <10 seconds. Note: Overdrive count down stops but you still gain active flow. Meaning you can do a longer combo to activate active flow regardless of the span of your Overdrive gauge. -~2-4 seconds of startup -~7 seconds of beating on the opponent (can't gatling attacks though?) -Za Warudo (read: timestop super with shit tons of startup) -OD timer does not move during timestop Astral: 720D Move Proration and Base Damage Gimmicks: A coy use of Izanami's float is to use it to pan the camera up and then use 41236D to force the opponent to block or jump (the move has a about 1-2 seconds after activation to actually fire). The Izanami can then use 214B to teleport to the opponent on the ground if they didn't jump or float cancel (8 in float) to then attack. Another tactic involves using 63214D (with some charge to increase duration) on float above the ground to create a hurtbox above the opponent and then to move in to use her command grabs. Very telegraphed, but forces the opponent to tech since jumping leads to damage via the projectile hurtbox above. A safe cross up involves using 63214D to attack on the ground and then jumping behind the blocking opponent. Another tactic involves using the hurtbox of 41236D to move in on the opponent as some air normals and anti airs can't punish the dash in without getting hit on their start up frames. When Izanami has a health lead against a non-zoning character, she can consider halting an opponents with 41236D done on the ground to either force the opponent to block and risk chip damage, go into the air and compete with Izanami's float normals, or stand back away from the hurtbox. Useful for recharging barrier for ribcage armor combo setups. You can use JD to mess with your momentum in the air to punish the opponent or to avoid damage. Float can be used to a similar effect. Similar to UNIEL Nanase tech. D-Move Buffering: Izanami has a powerful buffering technique involving 63214D, 41236D, and all Active Mode D-attacks. Normally, this move is easily blocked in neutral, however, Izanami can buffer 63214D during the startup of moves like her CT to extend the length of her strings. What this allows you to do is to create time to go for other options you normally couldn't do relying on your normals alone. You want to deploy the move early, since her "bits" circle the opponent for a little while, but go for the combo on or slightly before hit. In Active/Projectile/Bit/Ring Mode, Izanami can buffer with any of her projectile attacks. We'll use comma notation to show you want to input the projectile attack relatively close to the attack you want to buffer and to distinguish from the fact the move does not flow to it. Rather, the projectile and the buffered attack occur simultaneously. Izanami exchanges the right to block for this technique, so be careful and knowledgeable about the times required for the bits to have an active hitbox. Buffering Examples: You'll want to buffer to make your moves safer and open up new combo opportunities by lengthening the combo timer. 63214D is notable because it can be buffered outside of Active mode unlike the rest. The price for that is that it has about a second of delay as the bits circle the opponent making it extremely telegraphed. 6A,6D->... 6A,4D->... 6A,1D->... 6A.2D->... 41236D hits later than when you input it so not a good ender but extender Throw,41236D->... 6B,41236D->... CT,41236D->... 3C,41236D->.... 3C,6D->... 3C,4D->... 3C,1D->... 3C.2D->... 214B,6D->... 214B,4D->... 214B,1D->... 214B.2D->... Knockdown Pressure: Use 623B,63214D (buffer 63214D during 623B's activation) on knockdown in the corner to put yourself at an advantage after a successful combo. The opponent will be forced to either block on wake up or delay their wake up if they can't safely roll behind Izanami out of the corner. A good option is to go for 214C if they block to restore some barrier and deplete their barrier gauge. Ribcage Impressions Float Mixup: One tactic Izanami can use her float mode for is to float at just the right height to end float mode and go for one of two options: Overhead jump normal Landing low Inputting the attack right before she lands enables the 50/50 mixup. Similar to Swallow Moon tech. Float "Soft" Loop: Float looping/resetting involves float cancelling (8 during float mode) to extend combo potential similar to how jump cancelling allows you to extend a string by taking to the air. Example ...(float mode)->float 5C->float 2C->8 in float mode (float cancel)->ground 5C->(jump into float cancel)88->float 5C->float 2C->float 236A->float 5C->float 2C->float 6C->8(float cancel)->...(ground enders etc) The idea is to install float after a launcher, do a float string (usually float 5C->float 2C) then to uninstall float mode with a float cancel (8 in float mode) to do a minor reset to extend the combo. The timing and moves vary based on what point in the combo you are in, and where you focusing your string at (you can go for float cancels for float->ground mentality to focus strings on the ground or jump cancels for a ground->float mentality to focus on strings while floating). Combo Theory: Misc (50% meter)...,41236D->(on 41236D hit) 236236B (During OD)...214A->ABCD(EA) [go to in active flow with OD meter stocked] ...->5B->5C->2C->6C->... (corner) ...->5C->2C->63214C->6CC->... 214X ...->214B->5B->... ...->214B->5B->.... ...->214A->5C->... 2A ...->2A->5B->.... ....->2A->2B... ....->2A->6B->... 5B ...->5B->5C->.... ...->5B->2C->... ...->5B->3C->... ...->5B->6B->... ...->5B->5C-> jump cancel-> J2C 2B ...->2B->5B->... ...->2B->5C->... ...->2B->2C->... 2C ...->2C->6C->... ...->2C->6A->... ...->2CC->214B->... 2C (fatal counter)-> CT,41236D->.... 2C (fatal counter)->CT->6B,41236D->.... (corner) 2C->63214C->... 5C ...->5C->6A->... ...->5C->6A->... ...->5C->6B->... ...->5C->2C->... ...->5C->3C->... ....->5CC->214A->... ...->5C->2C->6C->41236C->... 6B (corner)...->6B->236A->5B->... 6B->214A->5B->5C->.... 6C (corner) 6C->63214C->.... ....->6CC->5B->... Mix-up Tools, Jump Cancels, and Notes: Ribcage/susanoo presents good oki on knockdown 6B,6CC are overheads normally 6B is an overhead in float mode as well 6C(1) hits low float 6B ends float mode Jump cancels: 5A->Jump cancel on block 2A->Jump cancel on hit and block 5A->Jump cancel on hit and block 2A->Jump cancel on hit 5B->Jump cancel on hit only 5C->Jump cancel on hit only 6C(1)->Jump cancel on hit 3C->5D works on block but 3C->Specials doesn't work on block Float Throw has normal throw animation but catch airborne. Airdash>float to continue pressure strings. Float auto correct in combo strings. Float strings for mixing up. (from f.3C jump cancel to jB or just land 2B) Empty Box: Jubei
  18. Note: This is also the new Q&A thread, if you wish to view our boards previous game versions Q&A thread you can find it here: Link Discuss and ask Questions about the latest version of Rachel here: I thought it was time to add this now as the US also has BBCF on arcade machines this time around. With this version Rachel has has had some rather big changes and how we tackle playing her will also a change a bit, so don't hesitate to ask questions to the answers you seek. You can also find general Rachel information further below. Notable Changes: - Pumpkin has been removed and replaced by the poisoning Ivy (214B) - Lotus will be our new Pseudo Pumpkin (22A Lotus was removed and we keep 22B) - Wind Regeneration has slightly improved compared to CPEX (It also recovers slowly in the air) - George Shock Time is less but has no cool down. - Tempest Dahlia falls in at an angle and greatly recovers wind. Any info you believe is wrong or should be added. Just let me know and I'll sort it out. However you can find a full run down on Final Changes and discussion on the following thread: Contents: - Character Profile: - Gameplay Summary: - Move List: - Commonly asked Q&A: - Notable Links & Resources: Character Profile: Rachel=Alucard ( レイチェル゠アルカード ) Head of the infamous Alucard vampire family, Rachel has spent countless years watching as the world repeated the same 100 years over and over. However, the world has finally broken free of the bonds that held it for so long, and Rachel is determined to put an end to Terumi with her own hands. In the BlazBlue universe, Rachel is an extremely powerful individual, controlling wind and lightning. While she will rarely directly interfere with the events that surround Kagutsuchi, her primary goal is as an observer, and gently (or less so) nudges the pieces into their places. She has several servants under her command; Nago, a cat familiar, and Gii, a bat familiar, which serve as her weapons, furniture, and anger relief. Her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, is also notable for being a werewolf, as well as one of the Six Heroes. Height: 4'7" Weight: 68 lbs Blood Type: Unknown Birthday: October 31 Birthplace: Transylvania Hobby: Tea Time Likes: Sweet Things Dislikes: Being bored, Bell peppers and Tomato Juice JP Voice Actress: Ueda Kana Gameplay Summary: Health: 11,000 HP Overdrive: Elfried - Speeds up Wind Recovery. - Damage increase on Baden Baden Lily and adds extra projectiles to Tempest Dahlia. Rachel is a very unique character who specializes in keeping her opponent at a distance with a variety of projectiles and traps that make it difficult for opponents to approach her safely. She is also extremely effective at keeping the opponent in the corner, and has very intimidating corner mix-up. Her Drive, Sylpheed, makes her one of the most mobile characters in the game. On the flip side, Rachel has very few ways to escape pressure, a very fat OTG hitbox, and most of her normals have fairly short range. She is definitely not a beginner level character and her play style may prove difficult to learn for people new to fighting games. However, her unique play style and charm cannot be found anywhere else in BlazBlue. With a little patience and perseverance, she can be one of the most exciting and fun characters to play. Move List: Slypheed: Any Direction + Rachel's Drive summons a gust of wind that pushes in the direction pressed. Wind is held in the Sylpheed Gauge above Rachel's heat bar. There are 4 Wind Stocks; using her Drive will consume 1 stock. Consumed wind will regenerate slowly while Rachel is on the ground. Wind (Slypheed) does a variety of things: Affects Rachel's movement greatly Affects Opponents movement greatly and to further effect with Lotus attached. Affects the movement of Tiny Lobelia trajectory, Ivy Blossom, Barrel Lotus and George the XIII. You can use Wind when Rachel is not being hit or blocking. Exceed Accel: Rachel's Exceed Accel can only be used when you have earned Active Flow Status. Usually used as a combo ender it can add on around an extra xxxx damage or if it is blocked will push the opponent away from you. Special Moves: Tiny Lobelia: + / / (Can be used mid-air) Rachel launches a seed projectile, which will turn into a rod upon hitting the ground/opponent. The trajectory depends on the button pressed; A fires the lowest, B fires somewhat upwards, C fires even higher. In the air, this is reversed; A fires the highest, and C fires the lowest. A maximum of 3 rods can be placed at once on screen, with the oldest disappearing if more are placed and you can also use Slypheed (Wind) to change the trajectory of a Lobelia's you fire. Sword Iris: + (Can be used mid-air) The rods placed by Tiny Lobelia and/or any Lotus Bats attached to an opponent are struck by lightning, damaging the opponent and shocking them on hit. Extends to the entire height of the screen. Seeds that have hit the opponent but not turned into visual rods yet will also be struck. You can also TK (Tiger Knee) Sword Iris in the motion when on the ground: + which allows for faster recovery which you can follow up with a quick dash to continue a combo or pressure on the opponent. Ivy Blossom: + (Can be used mid-air) Ivy Blossom is where 10 small bats come out and will latch onto the opponent to drain away their Health, by using Slypheed (Wind) to move the bats around they spread into a fan or if used in oki, the opponent can wake up standing into all 10 of them. If 1 or 2 bats attaches during Slypheed (Wind) use it can do hardly anything, but if all 10 bats are attached they will do consistent poison like damage. Ivy has no hit box so summon carefully during mid combo and for oki. George the XIII: + (Can be used mid-air) Summons a frog in front of Rachel. George will slowly crawl towards the direction of the opponent, and can be pushed towards the enemy with Sylpheed (Wind). Upon contact, George will start shocking the opponent (6 hits total). George will disappear if Rachel is hit by an attack, if he takes 700+ damage (George HP). [NEED TO SEE ABOUT GAUGE INFO] George is one of Rachel's most important tools. An opponent blocking or getting hit by George is one ripe for mix-up/combos. On the defensive, if George is out on screen, Rachel can wind him towards her to escape block strings and punish overzealous opponents. He's also great to throw out after a knockdown, and contributes heavily to Rachel's corner game. Barrel Lotus: + (Can be used mid-air) Transforms Rachel's rods into bats that will track the opponent. If they touch the opponent (hit or block), all wind effects will be increased against the opponent. Useful for combos and controlling space. Any bats attached to the opponent can be struck with Sword Iris. Distortion Drives (DD) and Astral Heat (AH): (DD) Baden Baden Lily: + (Can be used mid-air) A bigger, badder, stronger version of Sword Iris. In addition to striking all Lobelia rods, lightning also surrounds Rachel, essentially turning herself into one. Corner combos in CF often involve setting up multiple rods before combo-ing the opponent into a Baden Baden Lily for large amounts of damage. The damage can be further increased with the effect of activating Overdrive. (DD) Tempest Dahlia: + (Can be used mid-air) When used, Rachel summons gigantic projectiles from behind her that gust towards the opponent at an angle. The number and type of projectiles thrown out depend on how many stocks of Wind there is in the Slypheed Gauge Rachel had when she used the move; there are a total of five levels. 0 Wind (lvl 1) = Less projectiles and 4 Wind (lvl 5) = More projectiles. Tempest Dahlia is used as a defensive DD. It is mainly used to stall for time or regain a lot of wind. It can be used to punish opponents who are recklessly jumping or air dashing in, but (due to heavy proration on the last projectile) Rachel cannot get much damage from it. The closer Rachel's back is to the corner, the faster the projectiles will appear on screen. Also, once a projectile appears on screen, it's active frames are guaranteed. All versions/levels are plus on block and Rachel is able to move while the super is still in progress. Thus, she can get in mix ups where both she and her opponent are obscured by King George or King Pumpkin. (AH) Clownish Calendula: + Rachel's Astral Heat. She pulls down her umbrella and summons a giant red pillar. Any contact the opponent makes with this pillar is game over for them. Guard point from the freeze until the end of the move. Wind can still be used during the animation to draw the opponent closer towards the pillar but the opponent can block the attack, however you can combo into this Astral Heat in many ways. Normals: A: - Rachel slaps the opponent with Nago's tail. Hits twice. Jump Cancel-able. 2A: - Rachel jabs with Nago's tail. 6A: - Rachel's cat uppercut. Has a short upper body guard point and a solid Anti-Air move. Air unblock-able. j.A: . - Mid-air cat paw. Very fast and sneaky overhead. B: - Rachel summons a small vortex of Wind in front of her. Air unblock-able. Jump Cancel-able. 2B: - Similar to above. Opponent must block low. 4B: - Rachel swings back and stabs her opponent with a bat wing from her dress. Opponent must block high. Air unblock-able. 6B: - Rachel stabs forward with a knife and fork made from her dress. Longest reaching normal, staggers on Counter Hit. On a normal hit it can be used for mix up. Air unblock-able. Jump Cancel-able. j.B: . - Rachel stabs with a part of her dress. Opponent must block high. Part of her Mix Up game. C: - Short Umbrella Sword stab. Fatal Counter Hit. Air Unblock-able. CC: - Follow up from (press again). Second hit opens up the Umbrella Sword and blows back the opponent a great distance. Used in Corner Combos and/or to hit the opponent into the corner. Wall-sticks near corner. Air Unblock-able. 2C: - Rachel's Cat Chair shocking Nago. Guard Point for about half a second. Very important to note, it can be very risky but can be very necessary at times as it can be used to escape pressure at times. Air Unblock-able. 3C: (can hold [] for an additional 3 hits) - Rachel spins on the ground that hits 3 times. Opponent must block low. Mostly used for Knock-down to set up George Oki, but can also be used in mix up to go into a BnB. You can manipulate movement and combos with Slypheed (Wind) 6C: - Rachel spins around in mid-air towards her opponent, hitting many times. Used with Slypheed (Wind) to push Rachel forward for more hits and Corner Carry. Can be cancelled into . or a low hitting . Keep in mind this is Rachel's only Plus normal (+4) j.C: . - Rachel's Umbrella Nago produces spikes. Opponent must block high. Decent Air to Air normal. If the button is held down it transitions into j.[C] as shown below. j.[C]: .[] - Rachel then sits upon a swing and floats slowly down on her Umbrella. Descends slowly and can move her around with Slypheed (Wind) in a variety of directions. j.2C: . Rachel crashes down to the ground with sitting on a spiked platform beneath her. There are Three Levels to this move. lvl 1: Standard Hit. lvl 2: Caused Ground Bounce on hit. lvl 3: Causes greater Ground Bounce and has the Fatal Counter property even on a normal hit. The j.2C levels are determined by Rachel's and the opponents momentum. You can increase this with 2D when coming down, with 8D when jumping upwards or even both. It allows you to chain into other Normals when landing so it can be used for a lot of things. Commonly Asked Q&A: Question: Answer: Question: Answer: Notable Links & Resources: - Rachel (Currently BBCP) Gameplay Guide - BBCF (Needs Updating) Rachel Alucard Wiki - CPEX - CF Transition Guide - Rachel Discord Group - Twitter BBCF Rachel Hashtag - BBCF Rachel Combo Theory/Discussion Thread - BBCF Rachel Mix Up, Pressure and Oki Thread - BBCF (Needs Updating) Rachel Alucard Frame Data - Rachel Video and Analysis Thread - Rachel International Video Posting and Critique (Yours Videos Matter!) - JP Rachel Player Rankings Link: - JP Wiki Link: - Previous (CPEX) General Discussion Thread - Previous (CT - CPEX) Gameplay Q&A Thread
  19. Thanks Kurushii for the Header! Previous BBCF Video Thread (ver.1) Notes: - If you would like to view matches from BlazBlue Chrono Phantasama Extend, here is a link to the previous thread: - Since this is the 2.0 Video Thread for BBCF, here is the link to the original BBCF Video Thread if you feel you need to find something in particular: - You can also view videos on the JP Video Database (Nico Videos) here: - Also we have KeepOnBlazing. This is the most likely future of video threads and anyone can chip in and help add matches, as well as watch them. Feel free to check it out and explore: - Disclaimer: Can't guarantee to update the Main Match Up post every week but will do as often as possible. I also don't understand JP Text but if you do could I ask for the player names, info and even their pallet colour, feel free to post the details as it will help me greatly and hopefully you guys searching for specific players. This is probably going to be my last video thread, if another game is announced and people want me to keep it going for old times sake then I will consider as I have enjoyed doing this over the years from time to time lol. - Any feedback or problems you encounter please do not hesitate to contact me here and/or on Twitter: Japanese Video Posting Thread only for BlazBlue Central Fiction (BBCF) Videos and Analysis Discussion General Guidelines for this thread: - Here we encourage the posting of Match Video links and even Combo Videos. Feel free to analyse videos of low or high levelled players and talk about what you feel is notable, like what the Rachel may have done right or wrong, what did you learn from watching the video in question. Break it down and describe your thoughts. - The purpose of the above is to learn how we take information from these videos and implement our shared findings into our own game through discussion. Here is an example to give you an idea of Video Analysis: InsterLinkHere (Need CF Videos) - When Posting Video Links please be sure to mention player names as well as the characters they play, the date of the video and for the link itself, the point where the match starts: If you are posting a link that is a Netplay (Online PSN/XBL) match, just add a star/asterisk " * " next to the date like this *[MM/DD/YY]. - Videos can also be found and watched on NicoNico Douga itself. To watch these videos you can use the Nico Re-director link here: You can now also create an English Account here: Thread Content: - Notable Players (Keep an eye on these guys) - List of Analysed Videos (Links to the main post analysing the video in question) - CMVs (Combo Videos) - Vs. Match Ups (In alphabetical order across 5 posts) Notable Players: List of notable Japanese Rachel Players and their Players Guild Profiles (NESiCA): - Rin-Hime / Link / Pallet Colours - Momoiro / Link / Pallet Colours - N-O / Link / Pallet Colours: (Standard/1) - Tenkyo / Link / Pallet Colours - Ino / Link / Pallet Colours (Purple/) - Player 6 Name / Link / Pallet Colours List Analysed Videos: Here is a reference list to all posts that have analysed videos: (By Post Date Older - Newer) - Example Reference Post: InsertLinkHere (Need CF Videos) - Example Older Dated Post Link - Example In-Between from oldest to newest Post links go here - Example Newer Dated Post Link CMVs (Combo Videos) : Combo Video Listings: (By Date Oldest - Newest) - [11/19/2015] Nico: YouTube: (By Vartra) - [11/28/2015] YouTube: - [12/10/2015] Nico: YouTube: (By Vartra) - [09/14/2016] Nico: YouTube: (By Vartra) - [MM/DD/YY] CMV link
  20. Use this thread for discussing BBCF Hakumen gameplay, videos, combos, new tech, general analysis, setting up games with other Hakumen players, your tournament performances, swapping tips, etc.
  21. So i have been playing BB for a while now and i can confidently say that im a decent player but, there was always one one matchup with ANY character that id 9/10 always en up loosing. Iron Tager. now i know ove seen the old forums saying stuff like "hes a walking giant hitbox" but that giant sack of scraps somehow has the invincibility frames to go through anything i throw at him. add the magnetism and you have the perfect 100% guaranteed your fucked command grab. anyways if you guys could help that would be super. thanks
  22. I'm relatively new to Blaz Blue and I purchased BBCF yesterday, but not at all new to playing competitively with fighting games (basically I compete at majors for other games). I've found that this is pretty much the only forum that supports Blaz Blue, but there is a lot of information missing that would make learning to find the way to play this game at a high level incredibly difficult. The only consistent information I find is combos and move by move frame data, but there is so much more information to a fighting game that isn't easy to find here. A lot of the character forums are wastelands where barely anyone says anything, and the few info posts are mostly placeholders. I can't find anything on match ups, basic string defense, or even punishment for my character and the game has been out for almost a month. Am I just not looking in the right places for this information? I've even looked at the wiki and its basically just the same info in the forums just in a different package (at least for the character I am interested in playing). I am a member to other fighting game forums and would love to contribute to these forums, but as a beginner there is an overwhelming amount of information I don't have that I need to even try to play this game. Edit: To provide even more information, the character I have chosen to play is Naoto. In the forums all I can find are his combos. Other than that, his forum is empty as far as info goes. His wiki is even worse where there is pretty much no info for him other than his overview page which is overly basic stuff such as all of his movelist with very few pieces of info about each move. I get that he is not considered to be one of the better characters in the game, but I didn't think that this little information was available for him. Why is it there are tier lists I can find on here, but the information available for characters is so bare, there shouldn't even be enough to form a tier list?
  23. General Overview: Many people look at Litchi and instantly ask themselves and others, "How do I use this character" straight from the get-go. To be honest, she does look crazy to use but as a general overview. She is not that bad but does require a lot of practice (like all characters) and you must understand how to use both her and her staff in harmony in order to truly use her as a character. She is overall, a very versatile character who can transition very well between applying heavy pressure, being a zoner and playing keep away because of the nature of her move-set. On top of this she has great Okizeme and can convert many of her hits in to long corner carry and side switching combos ending with the staff sitting beside the knocked down opponents. In addition to how versatile she can be, you will also find yourself ad-libbing and improvising quite often because of the nature of move-set. Her style of fighting includes a staff that can be thrown for being both offensive or defensive, leading to the opponent possibly getting hit at times you wouldn't expect. So this means you have to be aware of the options and routes you can use when the staff opens the opponent up at unpredictable times. With a good reaction and a nice hit confirm, you can convert an odd hit in to a full combo + a hard knockdown hence the reason why you must on your toes and be ready to perform ad-lib combos. Screen Positioning Explanation: Midscreen: These combos may vary, and not all of them will end in the corner. However, these are combos that can be done around the fullscreen-ish/midscreen-ish area without the need of the corner. Midscreen to Corner: These combos start around the midscreen-ish area and require the corner for full completion. Combos found in this sub-section will mostly end in human strings and are solid for regenerating wolf meter. Near Fullscreen: These combo's start around the 1/3rd-ish stage mark and will mostly end in the opposite corner. Combos found in this sub-section will mostly start from strong starters and have very good corner carry. Back to Corner: These combos start with your back being extremely close towards the corner. Combos found in this sub-section will mainly focus around bringing your opponent back into the corner behind you. Corner: These combos mostly start with your opponent being directly in the corner, but it is important to note that some work relatively close/near to the corner and have slight corner carry. Combos found in this sub-section have many different purposes, and Valkenhayn's most damaging combos can be found here. General Screen Positioning: - Notations j - Jump dj - Double Jump sj - Super Jump AD - Airdash IAD - Instant Air Dash jc - Jump Cancel sjc - Super Jump Cancel CH - Counter Hit FC - Fatal Counter RC - Rapid Cancel OD - Overdrive 6C(1) - First Hit Of 6C Staffless (This is followed by a move that will cancel the 2nd hit from coming out) 6D(1) - First hit of 6D when the staff is equipped (Same Side note as 6C[1] ) TK - Tiger Knee (Example: Litchi doing TK.Chun would be 2367C) CT - Crush Trigger D - for Setting the staff or Launching it (No Hold) [D] - Holding the D button for a certain amount of time. ]D[ - Releasing the D button from holding it for a certain amount of time. Staff 2 - 2nd hit of the staff after it has been thrown from a 5D staff set (The returning hit from the staff that goes up and over) Daisangen - 236A/B/C (Litchi's Rekkas) DMG - Damage - -Basic Combo Theory- In this version the main staple combos or combo theory tends to be the following:- (These are combos you're most likely to use most of the time because of the nature of her BnB) (Midscreen) xx > > Renchan B > Haku > Hatsu > RiichiA > IppatsuB > 6C(1) > [D] > 6C(2) > Hatsu > ]D[ > Chun > Staff 2 > 6C(1) > Tsubame (Corner) xx > Daisangen > 5B > 6C(1) > [D] > Kanchan > ]D[ > Chun > Staff 2 > Ender (Corner) 5B > 2C > ItsuuA > xx (Her new Itsuu A staple for the corner) -Combos via Different Starters (Normal Moves & Specials) - NOTE: Combos highlighted in RED are Fatal Counters OR Counters (FC / CH) -----Midscreen----- 5A/2A: 2A > 5B[m] > 5C[1] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A >236B > 214A~B > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2961 DMG] 5B[m]: 5B[m] > 5C[2] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3869 DMG] 5B[m] > 2C[m] > 6D[1] > 214B[m] > 236B[e] > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3060 dmg] 6B[m]: CH 6B > j.IAD > j.B > J.A > 5A > 5B > 2C > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.8k dmg][3.8k w/ 6C[1]>Super] CH 6B > j.IAD > j.B > J.C > 5B > 2C > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3.5k dmg][4.4k with 6C[1]>Super] CH 6B > 6C > 2D > dash j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > j.236B ]D[ > 236C > 6C[1] > 623D [3.9k dmg] 6C[m]: 6C[m] > 5D > Dash 5B[e] > 2C > 6c[1] > [D] > 5B > >236A > 236b > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3448 DMG] 6C[m] > 5D > Dash 5B[e] > 2C > 6c[1] > [D] > 5B > >236A > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 41236A > Wall Bounce > 6D[1] > Tsubame > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] [3659 DMG] NOTE: 6C[m] > 2D > Dash 6B[e] > 2C > 6C[2] > j.5D > dash j.b > J.C > j.b[m] > dash 5B[m] > 4B > Tsubame [3815 DMG] 6C[m] > 2D > 6B > 2C > 6C[2] > J.D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 2C[m] > Tsubame [3710 DMG] FC 6C > Dash 6C > 2D > Dash 3C > 5D > j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C ]D[ > j.236B > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [4.5k DMG] NOTE: During the "214B > 236B > 63214A~B" part. You should have the opponent in the corner but sometimes the "63214A~B" Hits them the opposite direction if you do it too fast. It doesn't mess with the combo route though. 4D: 4D > Dash 5B > 6C[1] > 5D > 3C > 236A > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [5D] > 6C > J.236B > ]D[ > J.236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3k dmg] 6D: FC 6D > 5D > Dash > j.BCB > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3.5K dmg][4.4K dmg W/ 6c[1] >632146D] J.2D: J.2D > 5B > 3C > 5D > Dash 5B > 6C > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.8k dmg] j.2D > 5B > 3C > 5D > 6C[1] > 236C > staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [2.7k dmg] ----Back to Corner---- 4D: 4D > Dash 5B > 6C[1] > 5D > 3C > 236A > Staff 2 > 214B > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [5D] > 6C > J.236B > ]D[ > J.236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > 623D [3k dmg] ----Facing the Corner----- 2A: 2A > 5B[m] > 2C > 6D[2] > 6C[2] > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6C > [D] > 6C[2] > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > Tsubame > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] [3K DMG] 2A > 5B[m] > 2C > 4D > 2C > 6C(2) > Hatsu > Chun > 5B > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > ]D[ > Chun > 6C(1) > 623D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C [2.8k dmg] 6A: 6A (w/ 2D set near):6A > 5D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 6D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > j.236c ]D[ > 4b/6C[1] > 623D [3.2k dmg] 6A (w/ 5D set close to opponent): 6A > 5D >5B > 6B > 5C > 2C(m) > 6D > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C(2) > j.236c > ]D[ > 4B/6C > 623D [2.8k dmg] 5B[M]: 5B[m] > 2C > 6D > 236A > 236C > 236B > 43216A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236C > 6C > 623D [3.5K DMG] [4.4k with "6C(1) > 632146D" ender] 5B[m] > 2C > Itsuu A > 6D > 214B > 236A > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236c > 6C[1] > 623D [3.3K dmg / 4.2k with "6C[1] > 632146D" Ender] 6C[m]: FC 6C > dash 6C > 2D > 6C[2] > 236A > 236B > 236C > 5B > 6C > J.236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > 5[D] > 6C > ]D[ > Staff 1 > 4B[e] > 623D [5.4K] 4D[m]: 4D[m] > 2C > 6C(1) > 5[D] > 6C > J.236b > ]D[ > 236c > 6C[1] > 623D [2.9k] [3.9k dmg w/ 6C(1) > 63214D) Throw Combos ---------Litchi's Main Universal Throw combo (Ground and Air Throw Possible)--------- B+C > Dash 5B[m] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2981 DMG] (Adding 6C[1] > 63214D = 3.8K Dmg) This combo works in the Corner/ Midscreen and Back to Corner Only difference is that the ""6C[2] >j236B and j236c" Part of the combo has to be done faster when doing it in the corner. While midscreen, the combo is normal to do , just like in all her main BnBs Ground Throws -----Midscreen----- B+C > Dash 5C[2] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3102 DMG] ----Back to Corner---- B+C > 6D[1] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [5D] > 6C > ]D[ > 236C > Staff 2 > 6C > 623D [2.7k dmg] (Add this on end for oki + 2.8kdmg:"6C[1] > [5D] > 6C" ----Corner Throws----- B+C > Dash 5B[m] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2981 DMG] Air Throws -----Back to Corner after Air Throw:------- 2B[m] > 6D > 214B[m]> 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2884 DMG] 2B[m] > 4B > 6Bf > Dash Under > 5B > 4B > 6Bf > 5B[m] > 4B > Tsubame [2578 DMG] [Puts opponent in the Corner] ---Mid-Screen Air Throw:---- 5C[2] > 214B[m] > 236B > 63214A~B > 6c[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [3102 DMG] [May Side Switch during the 63214A~B but continue the combo as usual] ---Facing the Corner after Air Throw-- OverDrive Combos -----Midscreen----- 6C[m] 6C[m] > 2D > 6B > 2C > 6C[2] > J.D > 6C[1] > 236C > 5B[m] > 6B > ODC > All Green > Dash forward > 632146C [5.7K DMG] ----Back to Corner---- ----Facing the Corner----- Combo / Tech Videos BBCF Litchi Faye Ling Combos By Geroshabu [Part 1] BBCF Litchi Faye Ling Combos By Geroshabu [Part 2] BBCF LITCHI COMBO VIDEO HD : KEY PLUS WORLD By Auredo BBCF LITCHI CMV BY MOLOKHIA BBCF: Litchi Combo (w/ active flow too) By EeveeFly BBCF - Litchi Option Selecting Nine's Wakeup By Uri_Woz BBCF - Litchi: FC 6D Corner Combo by Uri_Woz
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